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Chemical Family: Polyolefins
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INCI Name: Tetradecyloctadecanol
Chemical Name: Tetradecyloctadecanol
Function: Coupling Agent, Solubilizer, Slip Agent
CAS Number: 32582-32-4
Chemical Family: Polyolefins, Polyethylenes, Alcohols
Ingredient Origin: Petrochemical, Synthetic

ISOFOL 32 Alcohol is a primary, saturated alcohol with defined branching of the carbon chain. It can be chemically described as 2-tetradecyl-1-octadecanol and is also referred to as C32 Guerbet alcohol. It is used in personal care as consistency regulator and rich emollient basic material for the production of emollient esters. For documents specific to a region, please contact Sasol using the 'Request Document' button.

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Topas® 8007F-04

Polymer Name: Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC)
Processing Methods: Thermoforming, Film Extrusion, Sheet, Plaques & Profiles Extrusion

TOPAS® 8007F-04Product DescriptionTOPAS 8007F-04 is a general purpose film extrusion grade. It is a high clarity amorphous resin with high stiffness, moisture barrier, chemical resistance, thermoformability and purity for food and healthcare applications. It is used in monolayer cast applications, and in coextrusions in both cast and blown processes, for a wide variety of film and sheet products requiring excellent optics in applications such as blister, twist, barrier, shrink and easy tear packaging. Industrial uses include formed decorative sheet products. For property enhancement at elevated temperatures, higher glass transition temperature (Tg) grades of TOPAS are recommended.Selected Applications Pharmaceutical blisters Deep draw barrier trays Shrink films and labels Twist films Decorative sheet Food packaging Healthcare and food contact Leading Attributes Clarity, forming, barrier, purity, halogen-free Excellent deep forming, unlike other barriers High shrink, low stress, gloss, clarity, toughness High gloss, outstanding deadfold, clean cutting Gloss, hardness, chemical resistance, forming Not manufactured with BPA, phthalates, or halogens Broad regulatory compliance Related Grades for Packaging and Film Extrusion TOPAS 8007F-600 - robust clarity extrusion grade especially for PE blends TOPAS® 8007F-04TOPAS® 8007F-04 is a Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) product. It is available in Asia Pacific. Typical application: Film. Primary characteristic: copolymer.

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