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Chi Mei Corporation banner
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Chi Mei Corporation

Kibiton® PB-5903

Applications: Sports & Recreation
Product Families: Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-S), Thermoplastic Elastomers
Polymer Name: Styrene Butadiene Block Copolymer
End Uses: Sporting Goods
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3D Systems

DuraForm® FR 100

Polymer Name: Thermoplastic (unspecified)
Processing Methods: Selective Laser Sintering, 3D Printing
End Uses: Engineering Parts, Prototyping, Housings

DuraForm® FR 100 is halogen-free flame retardant plastic is suitable for Rapid Manufacturing of Aerospace and consumer products where flame retardancy and reduced smoke toxicity is required.In addition to meeting the flame retardancy necessary for many potential aerospace applications, DuraForm® FR100 has been formulated to reduce production of smoke and related toxic byproducts of combustion and achieve UL94 V-0 rating to meet the needs of today's human environmental safety for many other consumer applications.Applications Aerospace and aircraft cabin, compartment & cargo Computers Business equipment Electrical appliances Telecommunications equipment Building and structural components Transportation Complex, thin-walled ductwork Unmanned air vehicles (UAV's) Housings and enclosures Connectors Consumer goods and sporting products Vehicle dashboards and grilles Bumpers Rapid manufacturing Features Flame retardant Halogen and Antimony free FAR 25.853 (non-drip) compliant UL94 V-0 compliant Low smoke density and toxicity Excellent toughness and with good impact resistance Easy to process No emission of corrosive gasses Meets aerospace smoke density and toxicity requirements Benefits Offers toughness of injection molded plastics Build prototypes that withstand functional testing Produce durable end-use parts without tooling Create accurate and repeatable custom parts Increase market opportunities through flame retardancy.

Momentive Performance Materials banner
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Momentive Performance Materials

LIM™ 6050-D2

Applications: Agricultural Films, Appliances & Electronics, Automotive
Product Families: Silicone Elastomers, Specialty Elastomers
Chemical Family: Silicones
Polymer Name: Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
End Uses: Camera Applications, Connectors, Medical Devices

LIM™ 6050-D2 liquid silicone rubber is a 2-component product formulated for use in liquid injection molding to high performance elastomeric parts. It is clear, but easily pigmentable with Momentive Performance Materials masterbatch colors. LIM6050-D2 offers convenient 1:1 mix ratio, high tear strength, and easy release from molds. Cure time is rapid, generally 10 to 40 seconds (@ 150-205°C) depending upon part size, configuration, and molding temperature.Key Features and BenefitsLIM6050-D2 liquid silicone rubber is distinguished by the following properties: High clarity for excellent visibility Excellent tear strength Convenient 1:1 mix ratio for use with automatic equipment Rapid cure time: 10 to 40 seconds depending upon part size, configuration, and molding temperature Wide range of molding temperatures: 150°C (302°F) to 205°C (400°F) Excellent release from metal molds Potential ApplicationsThe combination of excellent clarity, tear strength and very high tensile strength makes this product suitable for a wide variety of applications. Baby bottle nipples Connector inserts Seals Flexible mounts Valves Sports goggles Masks Health care equipment Camera parts Coating metal rolls.

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