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Find polyethylene compounds, PVC, XLPE & other resins, as well as flame retardants & other additives on Knowde for jacketing & insulation and other wire & cable applications.

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Flame Retardant




Filler & Extender


Lubricant (Internal)

Smoke Suppressant

HQ Country: United States
Product Families: AP/Deo Actives, Additives, Additives, Adjuvants & Formulation Ingredients, Amphoteric Surfactants, Amphoteric Surfactants, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Antioxidants & Preservatives, Aroma Ingredients, Aroma Ingredients, Biocides & Enzymes, Botanical Ingredients & Extracts, Carriers & Supports, Catalyst Ingredients, Cationic Surfactants, Cationic Surfactants, Cleaners, Cleaning Aids, Color & Effects, Commercial Cleaners, Conditioners & Emollients, Construction Chemicals, Cosmetic Actives, Elastomer Additives, Emulsifiers & Demulsifiers, Emulsifiers & Demulsifiers, Emulsifiers, Solubilizers & Dispersants, Film Formers, Finishing Additives & Treatments, Foam Control Agents, Food Grade Cleaners, Functional Additives, Functional Additives, Functionals, Hair Actives, Industrial Cleaners, Lubricant Protective Additives, Marine Extracts, Microbial Control, Microbial Control, Microbial Control & Preservation, Microbial Control & Preservations, Microbial Control & Preservatives, Mortar & Gypsum Additives, Nonionic Surfactants, Oral Care Agents, Other Cleansers, Other Disinfectants & Antimicrobials, Other Functional Additives, Other Functional Additives, Other Functional Additives, Other OTC Actives, Other Surfactants, Performance Additives, Polymer Additives, Polymerization Additives, Preservatives, Preservatives & Antimicrobials, Processing Additives, Rheology Modifiers, Rheology Modifiers, Sensory Modifiers, Skin Actives, Soaps & Soap Bases, Soaps & Surfactants, Solvents & Carriers, Stabilizers, Sunscreen Agents, Surface Modifiers, Surfactants, Surfactants & Cleansers, Textile & Leather Chemicals, Texturizers & Fillers, Visual Modifiers, Vitamins & Derivatives, Vitamins, Extracts & Oils, Water Treatment Additives, Water Treatment Chemicals , Wetting & Dispersion Aids, Wetting & Dispersion Aids
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United States

AP/Deo Actives, Additives, Additives, Adjuvants & Formulation Ingredients, Amphoteric Surfactants, Amphoteric Surfactants, ...
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Partners in Chemicals


Additives, Antioxidants & Stabilizers, Antioxidants & Stabilizers, Dyes, Elastomer Additives, Functional Additives, ...
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Mitsubishi Chemical Group


Acrylates & Methacrylates, Acrylics, Additive Masterbatches, Additives, Additives, Base Coats & Undercoats, ...
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Blends & Alloys, Engineering & Specialty Polymers, High Performance Thermoplastics, Polyacetals, Polyamides, Polycarbonates, ...
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AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

APIs & Raw Materials, Additive Masterbatches, Additives, Additives, Antioxidants & Stabilizers, Carriers & Supports, ...
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Orion Engineered Carbons

Antioxidants & Stabilizers, Antioxidants & Stabilizers, Color Pigments, Color Pigments, Elastomer Additives, Fillers & Extenders, ...
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Additives, Antioxidants & Stabilizers, Antioxidants & Stabilizers, Elastomer Additives, Fillers & Extenders, Fillers & Extenders, ...
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Earth Glass

Additives, Dispersing & Wetting Additives, Functional Additives, Polymer Additives, Processing Aids
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20 Microns

Additive Masterbatches, Additives, Antioxidants & Stabilizers, Catalysts, Initiators & Crosslinkers, Cement & Concrete Additives, Color & Effects, ...
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Electric Cable Compounds

EP Rubbers (EPDM), Other Thermoset Elastomers, Thermoplastic Elastomers, Thermoplastic Olefin Elastomers (TPO), Thermoset Elastomers
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EpoxySet Inc.

Adhesives & Sealants, Conductive Adhesives, Encapsulants, Foams, Other Adhesives & Sealants, Structural Adhesives
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Parts, Shapes & Films
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Brands: 36
Products: 196
HQ: United States

Arxada is a global specialty chemicals business with leading positions in Microbial Control Solutions (MCS) and Specialty Products Solutions (SPS). MCS is a world leader addressing six target markets: hygiene, home & personal care, paints and coatings, crop protection, material protection and wood protection. MCS offers industry-leading regulatory expertise, a comprehensive portfolio together with a broad range of registrations, which are critical to maintaining the integrity of its customers’ products.

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