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Tuchel & Sohn
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"Tuchel & Sohn GmbH is an international manufacturer and supplier of natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry, as well as the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector. Furthermore we supply the food retailing industry with our private label products. Founded by Gustav Tuchel in 1898 under the name “Tuchel & Haensel”, the company traded in its early years mainly in spices, herbs and dried fruits. In 1903 the worldwide trade in honey began, as one of the first importers of Mexican honey in Europe. In the 1970s, the value chain was expanded from an import and trading business to a production business. Today the company is active as importer, dealer, distributor, refiner and bottler. Since 2017 the company is managed by Peter Tuchel and Mirko Tuchel in fourth and fifth generation. The headquarters, with a stock of up to 2,000 tons of raw material and a production capacity of 7,200 tons p.a., has been in Hamburg since the company was founded. The product range consists mainly of natural sweeteners, which are offered as natural as possible. These include viscous sweeteners such as bee honey, various syrups such as maple syrup, agave syrup, rice syrup, date syrup or coconut syrup, as well as sweeteners in granular form, such as honey powder, maple sugar/flakes, inulin of the agave, rice sweetness/powder, coconut blossom sugar, raw cane sugar or beet sugar, all in organic quality. Thanks to a worldwide presence and cross-generational supplier relationships, Tuchel & Sohn can offer sustainable goods of the highest quality directly from the origins. This commitment is appreciated by customers in a wide range of industries and they place their trust in us."
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Proti-Farm Holding NV
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"We are Ÿnsect Human Nutrition & Health: the food branch of Ÿnsect, world leader in the production of natural insect ingredients. Founded in 2011 in Paris, France by scientists and environmental activists, B Corp-certified Ÿnsect works with the very best food scientists and experts to offer a sustainable, healthy, and plentiful solution to feed the world without consuming the planet. By 2050, we need to increase our food production by 70% to meet the need of people globally. And this, with only 5% extra arable land. At Ynsect, we use 98% less land and 50% fewer resources than traditional livestock farming, combatting climate change and biodiversity degradation, while still offering a healthy, premium, and plentiful protein. How? With three facilities, Ÿnsect is the global leader in insect ingredients. Our company has developed the vertical farm concept which allow us to cultivate our mealworms (yellow and lesser) in a zero waste circular economy model. Today, our vertical farms are fully automated by robots which feed, harvest and process the insects. Ÿnsect has developed AI models as well as computer vision to create the optimal environment for insect production. Thanks to these innovative proprietary technologies, we will be able to produce some 230 000 tons of ingredients by 2022 and so to meet a growing demand. With our functional, nutritious, and sustainable ingredient range, AdalbaPro, Ÿnsect Human Nutrition & Health is feeding the world today and nourishing the world of tomorrow. In the years to come, eating insects will be the new normal for a healthy lifestyle. And we believe that the future begins today. Together with an international team of passionate people and partners, including the Wageningen University, Ÿnsect Human Nutrition & Health produces effective, nutritious, and functional ingredients for bakery, sports nutrition, pasta, meat alternatives, and more."
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Maker’s Malt
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  • HQ:Canada
At Maker’s Malt, we are Canadian craft maltsters with our origin in farming. As expert malt barley farmers we are passionate and connected to our land. The concept of doing a start-up craft malting operation was born out of the success of the recent Craft Beer movement. We saw a disconnect between the needs of the local Craft Brewer/Distiller and the typical source of their malt supply. The typical malt source is a large multinational company. They source grain from many farmers (with considerable agronomic differences), blend it, and malt it to meet a standard acceptable to the large corporate brewers that are their main customers. Maker’s Malts only target audience is the Craft Brewer/Distiller and we create malt crafted to our customer’s needs. From brewers to bakers, beers to bagels, our malt brings life to the products our partners create. The technology we have employed to ensure our core concepts are met is cutting-edge, but the philosophical ideals also have roots in the past. It harkens back to the day when grain was grown and then processed locally by another small business. Wheat was harvested, ground to flour, baked to bread and consumed locally. Barley was grown on small farms, malted and brewed and enjoyed never having traveled more than a few miles. There has been a shift back from the massive consolidation of the previous decades to this local approach that we stand behind. Our unique vertical integration (growing and malting) allows us full control of the process and incentivizes Maker’s Malts to grow for quality over quantity. We believe that craft malting is a natural extension of the craft beer/distilling and the local food movements and that our core values are aligned.


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