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Function: Anti-Foaming Agent, Odor Neutralizing Agent, Surface Protectant
CAS Number: 1662663-05-9
Chemical Family: Potassium Salts, Zinc & Zinc Compounds, Sodium Salts
Features: Water Soluble For Easy Cleaning, Excellent Solubility, Hard Water Tolerance
End Uses: Fabric Cleaners, Multisurface Polishes, Polishes

ZINADOR™ 22L is a 100% bio-based odor neutraliser that has proven to be effective against a broad range of household and industrial odors. Independent testing by trained panelists has demonstrated the effectiveness of ZINADOR™ 22L as an odor eliminator against most common malodors. It requires no emulsifiers or chelators to formulate and can be solubilized in water, making it cost effective and very easy-to-use. Developed and produced using Itaconix polymer technology.

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DANTOGARD® Plus Liquid

Function: Preservative
Chemical Family: Heterocyclic Compounds, Chemical Mixtures & Blends
Features: Cost Effective, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal
Certifications & Compliance: EPA Registered, Design for Environment (DfE)
End Uses: Cleaners, Household Cleaners, Cleaning Wipes

Dantogard® Plus Liquid is an established preservative blend based on well-known preservatives DMDMH (DMDM Hydantoin, CAS:6440-58-0) and IPBC (lodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, CAS: 55406-53-6).It is commonly used within a wide range of aqueous formulations including those based on anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants as well as various polar organic solvents, all components typically used within most household and industrial cleaning products. Compared to other competitive DMDMH products, Arxada's Dantogard® Plus Liquid’s advanced technology not only provides the lowest free-formaldehyde available to the industry, which results in greater safety and reduced regulatory issues, but also has improved temperature stability.Features and Benefits of Dantogard® Plus Liquid:Ultra-Low Free-Formaldehyde (<0.1%)Broad Spectrum ActivityMaximum Cost-Effective PreservationWater-White ClarityColor Stability in FormulationsRegulatory, Certifications & Compliance:Dantogard® Plus Liquid is registered with the US EPA (6836-271) and within a number of EU Member States.Applications Include:SurfactantsDish CareLaundry & Fabric CareSurface CareIndustrial CleaningCompatibility of Dantogard® Plus Liquid:Compatible with most raw materials used in household and industrial formulations including anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants, thickening agents, chelating agents, dyes and fragrances.

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