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Chemical Name: 9-Decenamide, N,N-dimethyl-
Function: Solvent, Surfactant (Nonionic), Degreaser
CAS Number: 1356964-77-6
Ready to Use Product Type: Cleaner
Labeling Claims: Plant-Based, Bio-based, Natural

STEPOSOL® MET-10U utilizes the cleaning properties of a surfactant to outperform many common solvents. It fulfills the role of both a low HLB surfactant and a powerful solvent, which allows it to be highly effective against a broad range of soils. STEPOSOL® MET-10U can be used in formulations ranging from pH 3–12 while achieving viscosities from water-thin to gel. It provides superior cleaning performance and is environmentally friendly due to low vapor pressure, high boiling point, and Biorenewable Carbon Index (BCI) of 75%.

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Kuraray Poval™ 8-88

Polymer Name: Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH)
Function: Binder
Chemical Family: Vinyls, Vinylics & Vinyl Derivatives, Polyvinyl Alcohols & Esters

KURARAY POVAL™ 8-88 by Kuraray is a polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) having varying degree of polymerization and hydrolysis. It is a water-soluble polymer manufactured by alcoholysis of polyvinyl acetate. It is notable for its good bonding strength and pigment binding capacity because PVAs have such good cohesion and good adhesion to fibers, fillers as well as pigments. KURARAY POVAL™ 8-88 is used in a similar manner as natural products such as casein as well as starch and its degraded derivatives (for example dextrin) as raw material for the production of aqueous adhesive solution. In comparison to dextrin and casein it has the advantage of a more uniform chemical structure and greater adhesion, being obtained with minimum raw material requirements. It features water-solubility, excellent film forming characteristics, high tensile strength and elasticity, as well as resistance against organic solvents and dispersing power. For the modification of aqueous adhesives its aqueous solution can be added to polymer emulsions already stabilized with polyvinyl alcohol which affects the extension of the open time, increase of the setting speed and influence on the rheology. It is biodegradable and recyclable. KURARAY POVAL™ 8-88 is used in producing silicon base paper that are further used as release paper for PSA labels and also in remoistenable adhesives which are employed mainly in the paper processing industry, films applications.

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