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Divinycell® PY105

Function: Core Material
Chemical Family: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Divinycell PY is Diab’s newest addition to the PET family. All our PET materials are recyclable and are excellent thermoplastic sandwich core materials. The material is suitable for a variety of processes including infusion, prepreg and press bonding. Divinycell PY provides high shear strain and a very low resin consumption. The core material has been desgned and developed to meet blade designs in an optimal manner.

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Polynt Group


Function: Surface Finishes
End Uses: Pipes & Liners, Tanks
Color: White
Features: Chemical Resistance, Other Composite Materials Features, Chemical Resistant

Polynt Composites’ ArmorFlex® 953 Series gel coats are high performance products formulated for the fiberglass industry. They are primarily formulated for marine and sanitary applications,but should be used in any application where water and chemical resistance are needed. ArmorFlex® 953 Series also have exceptional gloss and buffing characteristics. While offering these benefits,the ArmorFlex® 953 Series gel coats have retained the important construction application qualities expected from Polynt Composites gel coats,such as resistance to porosity,tearing,and color separation; sag resistance; consistent liquid properties; excellent patchability; and more. These all add up to higher quality appeal in FRP parts made from Polynt’s ArmorFlex® HIGH GLOSS BUFFBACK® gel coats. ArmorFlex® 953 Series gel coats have enabled customers to meet and surpass all requirements of the American National Standard for plastic bathtubs,shower receptors and shower stalls,ANSI Z124.1,.2 and .3 –1995,Sec. 6.1.1. Gel coats in the 953 Series require only the addition of the proper amount of the appropriate methyl ethyl ketone peroxide to cure. ArmorFlex® HIGH GLOSS BUFFBACK® gel coats are available in the same wide range of colors as other POLYCOR® gel coats. Refer to Polynt’s POLYCOR® Color Card for color selection. Standard base white ArmorFlex® is 953WJ340.

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