Browsing Knowde’s Menu

The Menu was created so that customers on Knowde can browse categories that are most relevant to their Industry.

Our Menu is broken down into four different groups: Markets, Technologies, Suppliers and Sustainability.


Placing Requests

Find the right ingredient, polymer or chemistry for your specific application by choosing your market focus on Knowde


Within the Markets category, customers can browse products relevant to different applications. Customers have the opportunity to browse and search for products based on what those products can go into or what they can be used to make.

The Menu has a hierarchical structure where submarkets are nested under broader Markets categories.


Within the Technologies category, customers can browse for products based on their functions and identity.

The Menu has a hierarchical structure where Product Families are nested under broader groupings of products.

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There is also a section within the Menu that displays all Suppliers on Knowde. If you have a Supplier you have worked with before or want to browse other Suppliers within a Market or Technology, go to the Supplier tab to check out one of our thousands of Suppliers on Knowde!

When browsing by Supplier, you will be taken directly to their storefront and be able to view all of their products, brands, and formulations!


Lastly, Knowde has released a new Sustainability category to the Menu as of December 2021! Knowde's new Sustainability category of the Menu helps customers browse for products that are sustainably sourced and safer for humans and the environment, helping make our planet a better place.

This is a great benefit for Suppliers who actively manufacture and market sustainable products, as well as customers making contentious choices when selecting raw materials.