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Applications: Building Materials, Appliances & Electronics, Other Consumer Goods Applications

Product Families: Engineering & Specialty Polymers, Polyacetals

Chemical Family: Acetals

Polymer Name: Polyacetal Homopolymer (POM), Polyacetal Copolymer (POM)

End Uses: Safety Equipment, Bearings, Automotive Safety Pushbutton

Leading companies across the globe specify Delrin® acetal resin from Dupont for high-load mechanical applications, including gears, safety restraints, door systems, conveyor belts, healthcare delivery devices, and other demanding products and parts. Delrin® acetal (Polyoxymethylene POM) is an ideal ingredient in parts designed to replace metal. It combines low-friction and high-wear resistance with the stiffness and strength such applications require. It provides a wide operating temperature range (-40° C to 120° C) and exceptional colorability. It also mates well with metal and other polymers, and it offers dimensional stability in precision molding. Compared to acetal copolymer, Delrin® acetal homopolymer offers higher tensile strength, stiffness, creep and fatigue resistance, and significantly higher impact resistance. The combination of these excellent mechanical properties in a single material allows for thinner, lighter-weight parts, shorter molding cycles, and potential cost savings thanks to its higher impact resistance. Authentic Delrin® acetal resin is available exclusively from DuPont distributors, in stock shapes (sheets, rods, tubes).



Applications: Other Consumer Goods Applications, Other Automotive Applications, Other Devices & Assemblies

Product Families: Engineering & Specialty Polymers, Polyamides

Chemical Family: Polyamides, Nylons

Polymer Name: Polyamide 66 (PA 66), Polyamide (unspecified), Polyamide 6 (PA 6)

End Uses: Electrical/Electronic Applications, Automotive Applications, General Purpose

For manufacturers across a number of industries, Zytel® HTN high-performance polyamide resin is the choice for reducing weight, improving strength, enhancing durability, increasing thermal performance, and simplifying processing. The Zytel® family of products is available in a variety of grades that sustain high strength and stiffness over a wide range of temperatures, chemicals, and moisture exposure. Zytel® HTN is widely used to replace metal parts that must withstand high temperature tolerances (such as engine cooling, handheld devices, and non-halogenated connectors), while reducing cost and weight. In both PPA grades and structural grades, Zytel® HTN solutions enhance performance in a diverse array of applications.



Applications: Other Consumer Goods Applications, Packaging & Assembly, Parts & Components

Product Families: Parts & Shapes, Specialty Elastomers, Fluoroelastomers

Chemical Family: Fluoropolymers

Polymer Name: Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

End Uses: O Rings, Semiconductor Applications, General Purpose

From aerospace and chemical processing to chip manufacturing and oil and gas applications, DuPont™ Kalrez® elastomers are engineered to provide more stability, more resistance, and more effective sealing. Period. While DuPont didn't invent o-rings or specialty sealants, it has a 40-year track record of innovation and development, creating sealants that stand up to the most challenging operating environments. Aside from its cleanliness and purity, Kalrez® polymer chains are engineered to be one of the most inert polymer structures available, standing up to more than 1,800 different chemicals while offering high-temperature stability.Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Every part has documented traceability, and these parts provide one of the longest, most predictable lifespans in industry. The long-term, proven performance of Kalrez® parts can mean less frequent seal changes, repairs, and inspections, increasing process and equipment uptime for greater productivity and yield.



Applications: Appliances & Electronics, Sports & Recreation, Other Automotive Applications

Product Families: Thermoplastic Elastomers, Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomers (TPE-E), Masterbatches

Chemical Family: Polyesters

Polymer Name: Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomer (TPC-ET), Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer, Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)

End Uses: Electrical/Electronic Applications, Automotive Applications, Appliances

Labeling Claims: Food Contact Acceptable, Plasticizer-free, Halogen-free

DuPont™ Hytrel® TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomer combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength and processability of thermoplastics. Manufacturers prefer parts made with Hytrel® for their resilience, heat and chemical resistance, as well as their strength and durability. Hytrel® drives innovative design, enabling the development of unique parts with multiple performance characteristics. This versatile thermoplastic elastomer resin can flex in multiple directions, cycle after cycle, long after rubber would break. Its durability has made it an essential ingredient in automotive components such as the Constant Velocity Joint (CVJ) boot, which must endure an average of 150,000 miles of pounding over a wide range of temperatures. DuPont™ Hytrel® RS delivers all of the benefits of Hytrel®, yet it contains up to 60 percent renewably sourced materials from biomass, making it an excellent product for applications demanding renewably sourced options

Musim Mas Group


Applications: Beauty & Care, Bath & Shower, Skin Care

Product Families: Cosmetic Actives, Functionals, Surfactants & Cleansers

Chemical Family: Fatty Acids, Acids, Organic Acids

INCI Name: Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Oleic Acid

End Uses: Shampoos & Rinses, Bar Soaps, Baby Sunscreen

MASCID® products are Fatty Acid derivatives widely used in the Home and Personal Care industries. They can also be used as a raw material or as an intermediate for pharmaceutical, rubber, plastic, paint and lubricant industries. They are an effective high-quality substitute for many petroleum-based products.


NUTRIOSE Soluble Fiber

Applications: Food, Bakery, Cereals & Snacks

Product Families: Nutrition & Fortification, Dietary Fiber, Nutrient Premixes

Chemical Family: Carbohydrates

End Uses: Bread, Chocolate Bars, Ice Cream

Labeling Claims: Non-GMO, Sugar-free, Halal

NUTRIOSE® is a range of plant-based soluble fibers obtained from non-GMO raw materials (wheat, corn, or pea). NUTRIOSE® offers a reliable high fiber level that’s easy to use with good solubility and dispersibility. Benefits include outstanding digestive tolerance and friendly labeling. NUTRIOSE® is Low FODMAP certified and Non-GMO Project verified.

Dynasol Elastomers


Applications: Other Devices & Assemblies, Medical Devices & Assemblies, Other Consumer Goods Applications

Product Families: Nitrile Rubbers, Specialty Elastomers, Other Resins & Binders

Chemical Family: Nitrile Rubbers, Vinyls, Vinylics & Vinyl Derivatives

Polymer Name: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR), NBR Latex, NBR/PVC

End Uses: Grommets, O Rings, Footwear

Paracril NBR grades are produced by cold and hot polymerization process. The cold process yields linear polymers with good processing characteristics and solubility in polar solvents. The hot polymerization process leads to more branching. Branching in the hot Paracril grades is more developed in the higher viscosity grades. The hot polymers offer improved green strength. &rosslinNed 3aracril N%5 grades are unique in processing and function.

Musim Mas Group


Applications: AP/Deo, Baby Care, Color Cosmetics

Product Families: Aroma Ingredients, Other Functional Additives, Solvents & Carriers

Chemical Family: Esters, Glycerides, Fatty Acid Esters

INCI Name: Isopropyl Myristate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

End Uses: Foot Moisturizer, Body Firming Lotion, Cuticle Oils, Creams & Lotions

Produced at the highest quality, our Esters serve as versatile ingredients in your formulations. The product range includes emollients, skin conditioners, emulsifiers, stabilizer, opacifiers and viscosity modifiers.Our MASESTER™ Medium Chain Triglycerides are, next to it's use in personal care, great ingredients for flavor, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry. The versatile oil with helath benefits functions as solubilizer, clouding agent, excipient and wetting agent.MASESTER™ Functional Products are: PHO-free (Partially Hydrogenated Oil), non-GMO and nonallergenic derived from sustainable palm oil grown within Musim Mas plantations.All products are HALAL and KOSHER certified.



Applications: Beauty & Care, Skin Care, Chemical Manufacturing

Product Families: Functionals, Sensory Modifiers, Intermediates

Chemical Family: Waxes, Mineral Oils, Alkanes

End Uses: Lip Care Products, Food Coatings, Lipstick

Musim Mas Group

MASCEROL Refined Glycerine

Applications: Beauty & Care, Color Cosmetics, Other Beauty & Care

Product Families: Functionals, Conditioners & Emollients, Rheology Modifiers

Chemical Family: Triols, Polyols

INCI Name: Glycerin

End Uses: Bar Soaps, Alkyd Resins, Anti-Aging Products

Inter-Continental Oils & Fats (ICOF), a member of Musim Mas Group, serves vegetable refined Glycerine of various grades and feed-stocks backed by our Asian oleochemical production facilities as well as our European refinery Dutch Glycerin Refinery B.V. (DGR) located within Delfzijl Chemical Park providing easy logistical access to major European, Middle East, African and American end markets via road, rail, barge and sea. The material can be packed in drums or IBC as per request.



Applications: Food, Confectionery, Other Food Applications

Product Families: Taste & Flavor, Sweeteners & Syrups, Excipients

End Uses: Confectionery Products, Chewing Gum, Chewy Sweets

XYLISORB® Xylitol sugar-free sweetener with a high cooling effect.



Applications: Other Consumer Goods Applications, Other Adhesives & Sealants Applications, Other Agriculture & Feed Applications

Product Families: Additives, Surface Protective Additives, Surfactants & Cleansers

Chemical Family: Alcohol Ethoxylates, Non-Ionics, Aluminum Compounds

INCI Name: Laureth-10, Laureth-2, Laureth-3

End Uses: Detergents, Metalworking Fluids, Industrial Cleaners

Stearinerie Dubois


Applications: Drug Delivery & Care Solutions, Vaginal, Beauty & Care

Product Families: Functionals, Excipients, Solvents & Solubilizers

Chemical Family: Waxes, Acids, Fatty Acids

INCI Name: PEG-6 Stearate, PEG-32 Stearate, Glycol Stearate

End Uses: After Sun Products, Hair Styling Products, Mascara

National Petrochemical Industrial Company (NATPET)


Applications: Batteries, Battery Packaging, Battery Materials

Product Families: Polyolefins, Basic Thermoplastics

Chemical Family: Polyolefins, Polypropylenes (PP)

Polymer Name: Polypropylene Impact Copolymer (ICP), Polypropylene Homopolymer (HPP), Polypropylene Random Copolymer (RCP)

End Uses: Containers, Battery Cases, Flexible Packaging


NEOSORB® P Sorbitol

Applications: Food, Confectionery, Meat Substitutes

Product Families: Taste & Flavor, Functional Additives, Other Functional Additives

Chemical Family: Sugars, Sugar Alcohols

End Uses: Meat Substitutes, Confectionery Products, Chewing Gum

Labeling Claims: Sugar-free, Halal, TSE-free

Benefit Claims: Non-Acidogenic, Excellent Tabletting Properties, Low Hygroscopicity

NEOSORB® are sugar-free, low caloric bulk sweeteners providing a variety of functional properties in confectionery and seafood products, offering a wide range of textures for tooth-friendly chewing-gums contributing to oral health. Dental plaque, a sticky bacterial film that develops on dental enamel, reoccurs after every meal. Those microorganisms feed on sugar fermentation, produced by destructive acids attacking the teeth's enamel. NEOSORB® sorbitol powder does not produce acids or cause tooth decay as they are not metabolized by the oral bacteria.



Applications: AP/Deo, Baby Care, Bath & Shower

Product Families: Other Functional Additives, Rheology Modifiers, Functionals

Chemical Family: Organoclays, Bentonite, Hydrocarbon Derivatives

INCI Name: Stearalkonium Hectorite, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Hectorite

End Uses: Baby Sunscreen, Eyebrow Enhancers, Around Eye Creams & Gels

A range of efficient and high performance organoclays used as viscosifiers, rheology modifiers and suspension aids in a variety of markets.

NuSil Technology


Applications: Industrial & Assembly Adhesives, Appliances & Electronics, Packaging & Assembly

Product Families: Adhesives & Sealants, Encapsulants, Specialty Elastomers

Chemical Family: Silicones, Fluoropolymers, Fluorosilicones

Polymer Name: Fluorosilicone, Silicone Elastomer

End Uses: Electrical Components, O Rings, Aerospace Applications

High-purity silicone adhesives offer efficiencies in manufacturing by maximizing throughput. From biocompatible adhesives to high-temperature space-grade adhesives, NuSil® high-performance silicones from Avantor® are formulated to provide the strongest bond for a wide range of substrates in the most demanding environments.

Radici Group


Applications: Bonding & Assembly, Appliances & Electronics, Parts & Components

Product Families: Engineering & Specialty Polymers, Polyamides

Chemical Family: Polyamides, Sulfonic Acids & Derivatives

Polymer Name: Polyamide 66 (PA 66), Polyamide 6 (PA 6), Polyamide 6/66 (PA 6/66)

End Uses: Automotive Applications, Wires, Cables

Radilon® Polyamide engineering thermoplastics (PA6, PA6.6, copolymers, PA6.10, PA6.12, speciality PAs for high temperature applications) for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. The Radilon® brand comprises a wide range of polyamide engineering thermoplastics used in a great variety of automotive, electrical/electronics, industrial and consumer goods applications. Traditional and speciality polyamides Radilon® polyamides include both traditional products and highly innovative specialities, such as materials suitable for continuous service at high temperatures, grades specifically designed for metal replacement, and others with superior resistance to chemical agents. The Radilon® families of speciality engineering plastics feature products with enhanced heat resistance and high service temperatures (Radilon® A HHR and Radilon XTreme), fiber-reinforced grades for metal replacement (high-fluidity Radilon® A RW and Radilon® S URV) and long-chain polyamides (PA6.10 Radilon® D, partly made with renewable source materials, and PA6.12 Radilon® DT). Radilon® product characteristics Radilon® offers one of the largest selections of polyamides on the market, encompassing thermoplastics based on PA6, PA6.6, copolymers, PA6.10 and PA6.12, as well as high-temperature speciality PAs. Radilon® polyamides are available in various grades: unreinforced, reinforced with glass fiber or mineral fillers, impact modified or specially formulated for specific uses. Radilon® products combine the exceptional properties inherent in polyamides – high stiffness, mechanical resistance, impact strength (particularly in the conditioned state), excellent flowability, wear resistance, good electrical insulation properties and high chemical resistance – with ease of processing when using the most widespread technologies. The versatility of polyamides provides the potential to expand their properties and adapt them to a broad range of needs by designing and developing new speciality formulations and, in some cases, tailor-made products to meet application specifications. Radilon® plastics processing The Radilon® product range includes materials suitable for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding for the manufacture of components for the electrical, electronics, industrial, construction and automotive industries


MICROCEL Microcrystalline Cellulose

Applications: Beverage, Food, Nutrition & Well Being

Product Families: Functional Additives, Other Functional Additives, Binders & Disintegrants

End Uses: Mints, Chocolates, Cheese

Labeling Claims: Gluten-free, Sugar-free, TSE-free

MICROCEL® is the pure form of Microcrystalline Cellulose, serving as insoluble fiber, extrusion auxiliary, anti-caking and compression agent. It’s a physiologically inert, safe, sugar and gluten-free. Microcrystalline Cellulose is obtained through acid hydrolysis of cellulose, a substance naturally present in plants, fruits, and vegetables. Roquette sells these products under the MICROCEL® brand. MICRCOCEL® is a 100% insoluble fiber, physiologically inert, safe, sugar and gluten-free. Roquette’s team of experts – backed by its application lab and pilot equipment – is always ready to help you make the most of the benefits you are looking for in your development project or to help you meet your product optimization targets. Contact us to discuss your needs!

CP Kelco


Applications: Beauty & Care, Baby Care, Bath & Shower

Product Families: Functionals, Texturizers & Fillers, Rheology Modifiers

INCI Name: Cellulose Gum

End Uses: Foundation, Baby Sunscreen, Body Lotion

Cekol or sodium CMC, is a water soluble polymer derived from wood and cotton cellulose by introducing carboxymethyl groups on the cellulose backbone. The formed anionic cellulose molecule hydrates and dissolves readily in water. Cekol is one of the most versatile water soluble colloids and has the ability to form viscous solutions in both cold and warm water.



Applications: Other Consumer Goods Applications, Other Adhesives & Sealants Applications, Other Agriculture & Feed Applications

Product Families: Additives, Surface Protective Additives, Surfactants & Cleansers

Chemical Family: Polyethylene Glycols, Polyglycols, Polyols

INCI Name: PEG-18 Castor Oil Dioleate

End Uses: Industrial Applications, Detergents, Metalworking Fluids

MARLOWET ether carboxylic acids are low foaming anionic surfactants. They are based on alcohols from C9 to C18, with different alkoxylation degrees. The MARLOWET product range is a water soluble lubricant efficient in hard water and active at extreme pH. It can be used in various applications including as a corrosion inhibitor (organic anti-corrosion agent), wetting agent, defoamer, hydrophilic emulsifier for water based metalworking fluids and exhibits high lime soap dispersing properties.



Applications: Appliances & Electronics, Furniture, Sports & Recreation

Product Families: Engineering & Specialty Polymers, Polyesters & Copolyesters, Blends & Alloys

Chemical Family: Polyesters, Styrenics

Polymer Name: Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), Thermoplastic Polyester, PBT/ASA Alloy

End Uses: Cosmetic Packaging, Medical Devices, Appliances

With more than 100 grades, Crastin® PBT is the resin of choice for cost-effective high-performance across a wide range of industrial applications. Designers, engineers, and manufacturers rely on Crastin® PBT for stiffness and toughness, superior electrical insulation pr operties, and exceptional surface finishes. Crastin® is also preferred for its excellent dimensional properties and stability versus moisture as well as its heat resistance. Crastin® is extremely versatile. It's available in FDA and EU approved grades for food and cosmetics applications, and it meets the most-stringent electrical insulation standards. It enables DuPont to offer the industry's largest portfolio of EIS pre-approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) grades and recognized to IEC standards. DuPont™ Crastin® PBT offers manufacturers the advantage of superior flow qualities. It's easy to process on conventional injection molding machines. It is available in a wide range of grades designed for low-warpage, hydrolysis resistance, and for blow-molding and extrusion. With Crastin®, DuPont materials science experts help customers gain cost efficiency without compromising on performance.



Applications: Industrial & Assembly Adhesives, Coatings & Finishes, Flooring & Surfaces

Product Families: Thermoplastic Elastomers, Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-S), Additives

Chemical Family: Styrene Copolymers, Styrenics, Styrenic Block Copolymers

Polymer Name: Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene (SEBS), Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), Styrene Butadiene Block Copolymer

End Uses: Solventborne Coating, Solventborne Sealant, Hot-Melt Adhesive


PolyMirae Moplen

Applications: Packaging, Industrial & Transport Packaging, Other Consumer Goods Applications

Product Families: Basic Thermoplastics, Polyolefins, Thermoset Elastomers

Chemical Family: Polypropylenes (PP), Polyolefins, Ethylene-Propylene Copolymers (EPR)

Polymer Name: Polypropylene Block Copolymer (PP Block Copolymer), Ethylene Propylene Copolymer, Polypropylene Homopolymer (HPP)

End Uses: Corrugated Sheet, Trays, Toys

LG Chem


Applications: Other Consumer Goods Applications, Interior, Other Automotive Applications

Product Families: Thermoplastic Elastomers, Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomers (TPE-E)

Chemical Family: Polyesters

Polymer Name: Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomer (TPC-ET)

End Uses: Automotive Applications, Automotive Interior Parts, Flexible Grips

KEYFLEX-BT is a thermoplastic elastomer that LG Chem developed based on its plastic compounding technology and synthetic rubber polymerization technology. It maintains outstanding mechanical strength and flexibility even at low temperature. It also has heat resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance. KEYFLEX-TO is a thermoplastic elastomer containing olefin resin as the main ingredient. It performs properties similar to those of rubber and excellent process-ability and is used to manufacture automotive parts and electric/electronic components.



Applications: Drug Delivery & Care Solutions, Oral, Food

Product Families: Excipients, Flavors & Taste Maskers, Formulation & Processing Aids

End Uses: Confectionery Products, Mints, Tablets

NEOSORB® XTAB are a range of tooth friendly and versatile powder sorbitol for creative sugar-free tablets. Directly compressible, it provides good flowability and productivity to your mints and tablet production. It can help deliver a smooth, hard and uniform colored surface as well as a clean, cooling effect. NEOSORB® XTAB sorbitol powder does not produce acids or cause tooth decay as they are not metabolized by oral bacteria. Additionally, European regulation recognizes the nutritional benefits of polyols (Maintenance of Tooth Mineralization, Toothfriendly generic EU claims).



Applications: Food, Drug Delivery & Care Solutions, Other Food Applications

Product Families: Nutrition & Fortification, Nutraceuticals & Supplements, Antioxidants

End Uses: Tablets, Dietary Supplements

Bioriginal’s Novusetin® is sourced from the Japanese fruit wax tree, which features the naturally sourced fisetin flavonol nootropics ingredient known to support and maintain healthy brain function.Novusetin® is ideal for dietary supplements in two-piece capsules or tablet formats and can be blended with other nutraceuticals for synergistic benefits.



Applications: Exploration & Upstream, Oil, Gas & Mining, Chemical Manufacturing

Product Families: Solvents & Carriers, Additives, Diols & Polyols

Chemical Family: Polyols, Polyethylene Glycols, Polyglycols

INCI Name: PEG-20, PEG-32, PEG-8

End Uses: Oil & Gas Applications, Esters, Lubricants

LIPOXOL, polyethylene glycol (PEGs), are essential auxiliaries in numerous application fields like household products and also serve as intermediates for the manufacture of emulsifiers. LIPOXOL grades provide a unique property profile, combining high water solubility, lubricity and low toxicity with excellent solvent properties. Our LIPOXOL products have various functions in various industries including acting as a solvent in cleaners and a binder in detergents and tablets.

Momentive Performance Materials

Silopren Liquid Silicone Rubber

Applications: Wire & Cable, Jacketing & Insulation, Building Materials

Product Families: Specialty Elastomers, Silicone Elastomers, Thermoset Elastomers

Chemical Family: Silicones, Fluoropolymers

Polymer Name: Silicone Elastomer, Synthetic Rubber (unspecified), Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

End Uses: High Voltage Insulation, Electrical/Electronic Applications, Fittings

Silopren* Liquid Silicone Rubber - Momentive’s extensive Silopren liquid silicone rubber is a portfolio of platinum catalyzed materials designed to cure rapidly by heating in standard injection molding equipment. This versatile family of elastomers can deliver solutions to a wide range of applications across multiple industries ranging from automotive to energy and consumer goods to health care.

AB Specialty Silicones


Applications: Beauty & Care, AP/Deo, Hair Care

Product Families: Functionals, Solvents & Carriers, Visual Modifiers

Chemical Family: Silicones, Siloxanes, Polyethers

INCI Name: Cyclotetrasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane

Polymer Name: Siloxane Polymer

End Uses: Skin Cleanser, Body Cream, Skin Serums

Our core brand is Andisil®, representing high quality materials and encompassing a broad product catalog serving many industries: Personal Care, Roof Coatings, Chemical Manufacturing, Dental & Medical, Mold Making, Electronic Encapsulation, Adhesives & Sealants, Coatings, Gypsum, Mineral & Fiber Treatment, Pulp Manufacturing, Pressroom. At the heart of our company is our vision Enthusiasm & Innovation Create Success. Our team works hard to let our customers know how important they are. Present us with your needs, and we will figure out the possibilities. » Product Quality » Customer Service » Technical Expertise

Teijin Limited


Applications: Other Devices & Assemblies, Other Consumer Goods Applications, Devices & Assemblies

Product Families: Polycarbonates, Engineering & Specialty Polymers, Blends & Alloys

Chemical Family: Polycarbonate (PC), Polyesters

Polymer Name: Polycarbonate (PC), Polycarbonate Alloy (PC Alloy), PC/Polyester Alloy

End Uses: General Purpose, Lenses, Appliances

Panlite SP-1516 and SP-3810 are developed for use in plastic lens. Ideal for use thin lens and lightweight lens thanks to their high refractive index and low birefringence.



Applications: Medical, Laboratory & Diagnostics, Medical Devices & Assemblies

Product Families: Medical Grade Lubricants, Fluids & Lubricants, Adhesives & Sealants

Chemical Family: Silicones, Siloxanes, Silanes

INCI Name: Disiloxane, Dimethicone, Trisiloxane

Polymer Name: Silicone Elastomer, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

End Uses: Medical Devices, Medical/Healthcare Applications, Body Implants

Inspired by the terms "live" and "to be alive," Liveo™ reflects our drive to create innovative next-generation solutions that can help patients live life to the fullest. Built on a strong foundation and unmatched heritage from Dow Corning, Liveo™ medical-grade silicone solutions provide safety and patient benefits and help customers address a wide range of healthcare challenges. The broad Liveo™ product portfolio of performance materials is supported by DuPont Healthcare’s legendary expertise, transformational science and competencies in connected solutions.



Applications: Performance Flooring, Flooring & Surfaces, Sports & Recreation

Product Families: Vinyl Polymers, Basic Thermoplastics

Chemical Family: Vinyls, Vinylics & Vinyl Derivatives

Polymer Name: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

End Uses: Flooring, Cables, Tubing

VynoKlear is a high molecular weight vinyl chloride homopolymer produced by a suspension process with no addition of antioxidant. After mixing with appropriate additives, VynoKlear is suitable for extrusion, calendering or injection molding of semirigid and flexible PVC. Its superior porosity, compatibility, and transparency make it ideal for clear medical products, waterproofing membranes, and innovative flexible consumer goods and cables.

United-Guardian, Inc.


Applications: Beauty & Care, Oral Care, Bath & Shower

Product Families: Cosmetic Actives, Oral Care Agents, Other OTC Actives

Chemical Family: Heterocyclic Compounds

INCI Name: Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Glyceryl Polyacrylate, Beta-Glucan

End Uses: Hair Styling Products, Moisturizers, Concealer

Lubrajel hydrogels offer wide ranges of enhancing technologies to make products feel more elegant, deliver a multitude of functions and aid ease of formulation. Lubrajel hydrogels are hydrophilic and consist of water, humectants and a polymer as a thickening agent. The solvent and humectant molecules are bound to the polymeric network, resulting in a structured system with increased viscosity. As a rheology modifier, Lubrajel hydrogels

Corel Pharma Chem


Applications: Drug Delivery & Care Solutions, Oral

Product Families: Excipients, Pharmaceutical Coatings, Binders & Disintegrants

Chemical Family: Acrylics, Acrylates & Methacrylates

Acrycoat series comprise of Methylarylic acid copolymers which is used in film coating, Enteric coating, sustain release, moisture barrier, taste masking, colon target, binders, matrix forming, trasndermal-therapeutic system etc, in all oral solid dosage forms including multi particulates, regular or matrix tablets, patches and hard or soft-gel capsules.

LG Chem


Applications: Other Consumer Goods Applications, Medical Devices & Assemblies, Automotive

Product Families: Engineering & Specialty Polymers, Polycarbonates, Blends & Alloys

Chemical Family: Polycarbonate (PC), Polyesters, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Polymer Name: Polycarbonate (PC), PC/ABS Alloy, PC/ASA Alloy

End Uses: Optical Data Storage, Disposable Tableware, Film

LUPOY is an engineering plastic made with LG Chem's PC(Polycarbonate) or PC/ABS alloy.