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Home & Personal Care

3,434 brands found in Home & Personal Care



Applications: Connectors, Other Devices & Assemblies, Other Automotive Applications

Product Families: Polyamides

Chemical Family: Polyamides

Polymer Name: Polyamide 66 (PA 66)

End Uses: Electrical Connectors, Electrical/Electronic Applications, Automotive Applications

For manufacturers across a number of industries, Zytel® HTN high-performance polyamide resin is the choice for reducing weight, improving strength, enhancing durability, increasing thermal performance, and simplifying processing. The Zytel® family of products is available in a variety of grades that sustain high strength and stiffness over a wide range of temperatures, chemicals, and moisture exposure. Zytel® HTN is widely used to replace metal parts that must withstand high temperature tolerances (such as engine cooling, handheld devices, and non-halogenated connectors), while reducing cost and weight. In both PPA grades and structural grades, Zytel® HTN solutions enhance performance in a diverse array of applications.

Braskem North America


Applications: Interior, Exterior & Body, Cosmetic Packaging

Product Families: Recycled Polymers, Polyolefins

Chemical Family: Polypropylenes (PP), Polyolefins, Polyethylenes

Polymer Name: Polypropylene Homopolymer (HPP), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

End Uses: Automotive Interior Parts, Automotive Exterior Parts, Industrial Containers



Applications: Applicators & Accessories, Cosmetic Packaging, Cleaning Accessories

Product Families: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomers (TPE-E)

Chemical Family: Polyesters

Polymer Name: Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomer (TPC-ET)

End Uses: Appliances, Sporting Goods, Office Automation Equipment

DuPont™ Hytrel® TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomer combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength and processability of thermoplastics. Manufacturers prefer parts made with Hytrel® for their resilience, heat and chemical resistance, as well as their strength and durability. Hytrel® drives innovative design, enabling the development of unique parts with multiple performance characteristics. This versatile thermoplastic elastomer resin can flex in multiple directions, cycle after cycle, long after rubber would break. Its durability has made it an essential ingredient in automotive components such as the Constant Velocity Joint (CVJ) boot, which must endure an average of 150,000 miles of pounding over a wide range of temperatures. DuPont™ Hytrel® RS delivers all of the benefits of Hytrel®, yet it contains up to 60 percent renewably sourced materials from biomass, making it an excellent product for applications demanding renewably sourced options

FMC Corporation


Applications: Sun Care, Skin Care

Product Families: Stabilizers, Rheology Modifiers, Other Functional Additives

INCI Name: Cellulose, Cellulose Gum, Microcrystalline Cellulose



Applications: Skin Care

Product Families: Conditioners & Emollients, Film Formers

INCI Name: Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate

End Uses: Rinse Off Products, Anti-Aging Products

The Hyaluronic acid line for the ultimate beauty boost. Hyaluronic acid, also referred to in skincare as hyaluronate or HA, is a water-loving polysaccharide already present in the skin. With age, hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases quite sharply, resulting in a loss of hydration, volume and plumpness. Lines and wrinkles also appear, and skin is left looking dull and lackluster. Usually, when hyaluronic acid is added to skincare products, its humectant properties draw moisture into the skin, helping to combat dryness and dullness. What many people don’t realize is that hyaluronic acid comes in various molecular sizes. Larger molecules stay on the surface and give the skin a ‘dewy’ look, while smaller molecules penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver their hydration benefits.

Interpolymer Corporation

SYNTRAN® Polymers

Applications: Surface Care, Industrial Cleaning, Color Cosmetics

Product Families: Other Surfactants, Performance Additives, Other Functional Additives

Chemical Family: Acrylics, Acrylates & Methacrylates

INCI Name: Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer, Acrylates/Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer

End Uses: Wax Polishes, Floor Polishes, Floor Waxes

SYNTRAN® branded consumer specialty polymers are designed so that formulators may create value and differentiate their products within the Personal Care marketplace including Sun Care, Skin Care, Hair Care, Cosmetics and Toiletries. Syntran Polymeric Opacifiers have been specifically designed for use in personal care products. They impart a milky white appearance in products such as shampoos and conditioners, and bath and shower gels. They deliver improved performance and convenience at a lower total formulation cost. Syntran Opacifiers offer formulators increased flexibility to produce a superior end product with a balance between appearance and cost.


PARSOL® Uv Filters

Applications: Skin Care, Hand Hygiene, Bath & Shower

Product Families: Other Functional Additives, Sunscreen Agents, Rheology Modifiers

INCI Name: Dimethicone, Titanium Dioxide, Silica

End Uses: Hand Soap, Body Creams & Lotions, Baby Sunscreen

Labeling Claims: Natural, Naturally Derived, TSE-free

Benefit Claims: Good Transparency, Formula Stability, Blue Light Protection

At DSM we believe that selecting and combining UV filters to deliver targeted sun protection together with a pleasant skin sensation is an art in itself, and one that requires the collaboration of highly experienced scientists and formulators to meet people’s sun care needs for today and tomorrow. Crafted by our bright science, the PARSOL® portfolio offers a broad range of high performing UV-A and UV-B filters for skin and hair applications. We place our technical expertise at the disposal of our customers so that together we can create and optimize sunscreen and day care formulations with PARSOL® UV filters to fulfill people’s needs.


SYN® Peptides

Applications: Skin Care, Other Beauty & Care, Sun Care

Product Families: Other Functional Additives, Skin Actives

Chemical Family: Proteins, Peptides & Amino Acid Derivatives

INCI Name: Aqua, Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate, Glycerin

End Uses: Masks & Facial Treatment, Sunscreen Sprays, Sunscreen Lotions

Labeling Claims: Preservative-free, Porcine-free, Non-GMO

Benefit Claims: Collagen Boosting, Fine Lines Reduction, Skin Protection

At DSM we believe that the quest for perfect skin is a powerful driver for scientific research. And we are convinced that our small synthetic peptide molecules are making a big difference, opening up new dimensions in skin care to deliver ultimate results. DSM has developed a unique and proprietary portfolio of synthetic molecules with low molecular weight and high efficacy – the SYN®-Peptides range. Each individual SYN®-Peptide offers a specific skin benefit based on substantiated efficacy. The range is proven to be highly effective in the fight against even pronounced skin aging concerns.


ALPAFLOR® Organic Bioactives

Applications: AP/Deo, Hand Hygiene, Bath & Shower

Product Families: Antioxidants & Preservatives, Other Functional Additives, Skin Actives

Chemical Family: Botanical Derivatives

INCI Name: Aqua, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

End Uses: Hand Soap, Body Creams & Lotions, Antiperspirants & Deodorants

Labeling Claims: Natural, Naturally Derived, TSE-free

Benefit Claims: Anti-Acne, Free Radical Scavenging, Sebum Control

ALPAFLOR® is a natural product line known for its high-efficacy actives derived from plants grown in the Swiss Alps. It was also the first plant-extract-based range produced from 100% organically cultivated source plants. With socially and environmentally responsible production methods all along its supply chain, ALPAFLOR® is a beacon of traceability and fair trade within the personal care industry.

Stepan Company


Applications: Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Institutional & Catering, Industrial Cleaning

Product Families: Dispersing & Wetting Additives, Solvents & Carriers, Other Surfactants

Chemical Family: Amides, Chemical Mixtures & Blends

End Uses: Floor Cleaners, Automotive Cleaners, Oven Cleaners

Braskem North America

INSPIRE Polypropylene

Applications: Cosmetic Packaging, Lids, Other Rigid Packaging

Product Families: Polyolefins

Chemical Family: Polypropylenes (PP), Polyolefins

Polymer Name: Polypropylene Random Copolymer (RCP), Polypropylene Homopolymer (HPP), Polypropylene Impact Copolymer (ICP)

End Uses: Lids, Film, Automotive Applications

INSPIRE Polymers are propylene based resins built on molecular architecture, that takes performance and processing ability beyond conventional polypropylene resins. INSPIRE polypropylene deliver products with high output rates and significantly improved bubble stability and drawdown capabilities. These products are well-suited for air-quench blown film process.


CARIFLEX™ Isoprene Rubber

Applications: Other Medical & Pharma Packaging, Other Consumer Goods Applications, Food Films & Packaging

Product Families: Isoprene Rubbers (IR)

Chemical Family: Polyisoprenes

Polymer Name: Polyisoprene (IR)

End Uses: Film, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Pacifiers

Cariflex™ isoprene rubbers (IR) are high molecular weight, anionically polymerized polyisoprene that can be processed in the same way as a natural rubber, including vulcanization. They combine the key qualities of natural rubber such as good mechanical properties and hysteresis with superior features such as high purity, excellent clarity, good flow, low gel content, no nitrosamines, and no natural rubber proteins. Cariflex IR polymers are available as bales of rubber or as a latex. Use of IR polymers is beneficial for the production of gloves, medical products, adhesives, tackifiers, paints, coatings, and photoresistors.


Genapol® Emulsifier

Applications: AP/Deo, Baby Care, Bath & Shower

Product Families: Other Cleansers, Rheology Modifiers, Emulsifiers, Solubilizers & Dispersants

Chemical Family: Polyethers, Blends & Combinations

INCI Name: Laureth-23, Coceth-20

End Uses: Antiperspirants & Deodorants, Anti-Dandruff Products, Facial Cleanser

Genapol® is a nonionic emulsifier for the chemical industry. This colorless, turbid liquid is compatible with anionic, cationic and other nonionic surfactants and is resistant against strong alkaline and acid solutions. Genapol® is used as a wetting agent, emulsifier and dispersing agent e.g. in detergents, industrial & institutional cleaners, in emulsion polymerization or in wax and silicon emulsions.


Praepagen® Cationic Surfactant

Applications: Laundry & Fabric Care, Other Home Care Applications, Other Home Care

Product Families: Performance Additives, Other Surfactants

End Uses: Fabric Softeners, Multipurpose Surface Cleaners, Hard Surface Cleaners

 typical cationic surfactant whose solubility or hydrophilic characteristics are improved by the presence of a hydroxyl group in its structure.


Licowax® Amide Wax

Applications: AP/Deo, Baby Care, Bath & Shower

Product Families: Aroma Ingredients, Conditioners & Emollients, Texturizers & Fillers

Chemical Family: Waxes

INCI Name: Polyethylene

End Uses: Foot Cleansers, Antiperspirants & Deodorants, Cradle Cap Treatment

Licowax C powder is an amide wax of type N,N-bis-stearyl ethylenediamine with particularly good thermostability. It provides typical slip and anti blocking characteristics to all polymers e.g. in films. Licowax C powder does not affect the transparency of polymers and acts as lubricant in a wide variety of polymers like PVC, PO, PS and engineering plastics.


Nipaguard® Preservative Blend

Applications: Bath & Shower, Skin Care, Sun Care

Product Families: Antioxidants & Preservatives

INCI Name: Sorbitan Caprylate, Propanediol, Benzoic Acid

End Uses: Hand Soap, Fragrances & Perfumes, Body Creams & Lotions

Nipaguard SCE is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent comprised of a synergistic blend of benzoic acid in Velsan SC (INCI: Sorbitan Caprylate) and propanediol. The product exhibits microbial activity against a wide range of bacteria, yeast and molds. Nipaguard SCE is Ecocert certified, which makes it ideal for preservation of cosmetic products with “natural”claims.



Applications: Air Care, Laundry & Fabric Care, Surface Care

Product Families: Cationic Surfactants, Performance Additives

End Uses: Institutional Cleaners, Industrial Cleaners, Hard Surface Cleaners

Forestall™ is a unique cationic surfactant proven to neutralise a wide range of malodours. Its low active level and full solubility in water makes it ideal for use in most air and fabric spray applications for de-odourisation. It is effective against odours caused by tobacco, vegetable smells, body odour and cooking fat.

Musim Mas Group


Applications: Hair Care, Chemical Building Blocks & Intermediates, Skin Care

Product Families: Other Cleansers, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers, Solubilizers & Dispersants

Chemical Family: Fatty Acids, Acids

INCI Name: Stearic Acid, Oleic Acid

End Uses: Body Creams & Lotions, Baby Sunscreen, Baby Wipes

MASCID® products are Fatty Acid derivatives widely used in the Home and Personal Care industries. They can also be used as a raw material or as an intermediate for pharmaceutical, rubber, plastic, paint and lubricant industries. They are an effective high-quality substitute for many petroleum-based products.



Applications: Laundry & Fabric Care, Other Beauty & Care, Hair Care

Product Families: Performance Additives, Builders & Chelators, Other Functional Additives

Chemical Family: Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

INCI Name: Quaternium-18, Behentrimonium Chloride

End Uses: Fabric Softeners, Skin Conditioner, Hair Conditioner

Stearinerie Dubois


Applications: AP/Deo, Hair Care, Skin Care

Product Families: Emulsifiers, Solubilizers & Dispersants, Conditioners & Emollients, Solvents & Carriers

Chemical Family: Esters, Polyols

INCI Name: Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Methylpropanediol

End Uses: Fragrances & Perfumes, Antiperspirants & Deodorants, Shampoos & Rinses

3V Sigma


Applications: Baby Care, Bath & Shower, Color Cosmetics

Product Families: Stabilizers, Rheology Modifiers, Other Functional Additives

INCI Name: Carbomer, Acrylates/Palmeth-25 Acrylate Copolymer

End Uses: Foot Cleansers, Body Firming Lotion, Baby Sunscreen



Applications: Cosmetic Packaging, Bottles & Jars, Bottles & Vials

Product Families: Polyolefins

Chemical Family: Polypropylenes (PP), Polyolefins

Polymer Name: Polypropylene Random Copolymer (RCP), Polypropylene Homopolymer (HPP)

End Uses: Thermoforming Applications, Bottles, Food Containers

Our COPYLENE® polypropylene plant at the Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery in Linden, New Jersey utilizes native propylene feedstock to produce up to 775 million pounds-per-year of polypropylene. From homopolymers to impact copolymers, Phillips 66 offers high quality polypropylene for a variety of consumer and industrial applications. There is a grade of COPYLENE® polypropylene for all your PP needs: blow molding, injection molding, thermoforming and film. Phillips 66 has the newest and most modern polypropylene plant in the U.S. The location at the Bayway Refinery allows for a direct link from the integrated feedstocks to processing, packaging and shipping to customers around the globe. Our location on the East Coast enjoys a secure and mature infrastructure with easy access by truck or rail to our customer base. This strategic location allows our customers peace of mind for potential supply issues. Phillips 66 is a UNIPOL™ PP licensee, an advanced technology of Dow. The UNIPOL™ PP process is highly reliable and provides high product consistency. Licensees of UNIPOL™ PP offer a superior combination of wide product capability and high process flexibility.

Musim Mas Group

MASCEROL™ Refined Glycerine

Applications: Bath & Shower, Hair Care, Skin Care

Product Families: Rheology Modifiers, Performance Additives, Lubricant Protective Additives

Chemical Family: Triols, Polyols

INCI Name: Glycerin

End Uses: Soap Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Personal Care Products

Inter-Continental Oils & Fats (ICOF), a member of Musim Mas Group, serves vegetable refined Glycerine of various grades and feed-stocks backed by our Asian oleochemical production facilities as well as our European refinery Dutch Glycerin Refinery B.V. (DGR) located within Delfzijl Chemical Park providing easy logistical access to major European, Middle East, African and American end markets via road, rail, barge and sea. The material can be packed in drums or IBC as per request.


Zytel® LCPA

Applications: Packaging & Assembly Materials, Other Packaging & Assembly Applications, Displays

Product Families: Polyamides

Chemical Family: Polyamides

Polymer Name: Polyamide 612 (PA 612)

End Uses: Encapsulant, Electronic Displays, Electrical/Electronic Applications

Zytel® LCPA flexible polymer materials provide an innovative and growing portfolio of long-chain polyamides with excellent thermal, chemical, and hydrolysis resistance. The various grades of Zytel® LCPA are designed to meet specific performance needs, including everything from high temperature resistance and stiffness to lower fuel and gas permeability. This important product family continues to expand. With science-driven innovation, DuPont has chemically modified PA610 and PA612 products, adding two new polymer series to the Zytel® LCPA portfolio. Zytel® RSLC 4000 and Zytel® LC 7000 offer a step change improvement over existing grades, both products meet customer needs for salt resistance and increased flexibility. The expanded portfolio provides increased resistance to chemicals and cracking, excellent yield and stiffness balance, and blow-molding compatibility. The Zytel® LCPA line also includes one of the industry and rsquo's widest arrays of innovative, renewably sourced (RS) materials. The RSLC grades are partially or entirely derived from non-food biomass. They provide performance properties that enable companies to reduce the use of fossil fuels in polymer feedstock, even in demanding applications.



Applications: AP/Deo, Bath & Shower, Skin Care

Product Families: Antioxidants & Preservatives, Conditioners & Emollients, Botanicals

INCI Name: Bifida Ferment Lysate, Hydrolyzed Horse Placenta Extract, Dioscorea Oppositifolia (Wild Yam) Root Extract

End Uses: Antiperspirants & Deodorants, Foot Powders & Sprays, Anti-Aging Products



Applications: Other Printing & Packaging Applications, Other Paints & Coatings Applications, Other Industrial Applications

Product Families: Stabilizers, Solvents & Carriers, Rheology Modifiers

Chemical Family: Polyglycols, Amines, Polyols

INCI Name: PEG-6, PEG-150, PEG-8

End Uses: Industrial Cleaners, Cosmetics, Textile Applications

LIPOXOL, polyethylene glycol (PEGs), are essential auxiliaries in numerous application fields like household products and also serve as intermediates for the manufacture of emulsifiers. LIPOXOL grades provide a unique property profile, combining high water solubility, lubricity and low toxicity with excellent solvent properties. Our LIPOXOL products have various functions in various industries including acting as a solvent in cleaners and a binder in detergents and tablets.



Applications: Wipes, Tissue & Towel, Bath & Shower, Hair Care

Product Families: Anionic Surfactants, Other Cleansers, Emulsifiers, Solubilizers & Dispersants

INCI Name: Disodium Ethylene Dicocamide PEG-15 Disulfate, Ceteareth-25, Glyceryl Stearate

End Uses: Body Creams & Lotions, Rinse Off Products


COSMACOL Emollients And Waxes

Applications: AP/Deo, Baby Care, Bath & Shower

Product Families: Conditioners & Emollients, Rheology Modifiers, Other Functional Additives

Chemical Family: Esters, Alkyl Ether Sulfates

INCI Name: C12-13 Alkyl Lactate, Di-C12-13 Alkyl Malate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate

End Uses: Body Creams & Lotions, Antiperspirants & Deodorants, Baby Bubble Bath

COSMACOL emollients and waxes are high purity lipophilic emollients based on linear and monobranched primary fatty alcohols. They show important dermatological properties and exhibit also a gentle, non-greasy feel. Due to their peculiar hydrophilic characteristics, COSMACOL products like COSMACOL OE or COSMACOL Esters exhibit also excellent spreadability. COSMACOL Esters are ideal formulation components for modern, high quality cosmetics. Due to their high incorporation ability of powders and pigments they are also recommended for make-up products.



Applications: Color Cosmetics, Skin Care, Sun Care

Product Families: Rheology Modifiers, Emulsifiers, Solubilizers & Dispersants

Chemical Family: Glycerides

INCI Name: Disteardimonium Hectorite, Polyglyceryl-2 Isostearate, Polyglyceryl-6 Polyricinoleate

End Uses: Body Creams & Lotions, After Sun Products, Lip Care Products

A range of efficient and high performance organoclays used as viscosifiers, rheology modifiers and suspension aids in a variety of markets.

Northstar Lipids


Applications: Hair Care, Nail Care, Skin Care

Product Families: Antioxidants & Preservatives, Botanicals, Sensory Modifiers

INCI Name: Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract

End Uses: Hand Cream, Hair Conditioner, Manicure & Pedicure Products


Geogard® Preservatives

Applications: Skin Care, Baby Care, Bath & Shower

Product Families: Antioxidants & Preservatives

INCI Name: Aqua, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid

End Uses: Hair Conditioner, Shampoos & Rinses, Body Creams & Lotions

Lonza’s Geogard® line is a product platform, offering a variety of single-active and blended preservatives capable of providing effective product protection whilst avoiding use of traditional and/or more controversial chemistries. The line is further characterised by its provision of products with acceptance by organisations such as ECOCERT, COSMOS, the Soil Association and NATRUE.

Elkem Silicones


Applications: Skin Care, Sun Care, Color Cosmetics

Product Families: Rheology Modifiers, Sensory Modifiers, Visual Modifiers

INCI Name: C13-15 Alkane, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone

End Uses: After Sun Products, Sunscreen Lotions & Sprays, Anti-Aging Products

PURESIL™ Elastomer Gels Series offers a wide range of sensory and performance-enhancing ingredients designed for skin, hair, sun care and color cosmetics applications. The elastomer gels are crosslinked silicone polymer swollen in a variety of carrier fluids. They are clear to translucent gels or pastes depending on the degree of compatibility of the silicone elastomers and the carrier fluids. The elastomer blends are of delicate textures, easy to spread under light shear. They render a range of silky, soft, powdery skin feel, a matte finish with wrinkle masking effect, and other formulation and efficacy enhancing benefits.

Biocogent LLC


Applications: Skin Care

Product Families: Marine Extracts, Other Functional Additives, Conditioners & Emollients

Chemical Family: Plant Extracts

INCI Name: Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Chondrus Crispus Extract

End Uses: Moisturizers

Lamberti Personal Care


Applications: Hair Care, Other Beauty & Care, Skin Care

Product Families: Stabilizers, Rheology Modifiers, Emulsifiers, Solubilizers & Dispersants

INCI Name: Hydrogenated Polydecene, Sodium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate, Trideceth-10

End Uses: Body Creams & Lotions, Corn & Callus Treatment, Sunscreen Lotions & Sprays



Applications: Institutional & Catering, Other Institutional & Industrial Care, Surface Care

Product Families: Antioxidants & Preservatives, Other Disinfectants & Antimicrobials

Chemical Family: Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

End Uses: Biocidal Products, Disinfectant Products

Barquat® Antimicrobials contain the active substance Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC). The active is a cationic molecule offering good surfactant properties and can be formulated together with non-ionic and/or amphoteric surfactants. ADBAC has a broad antimicrobial efficacy against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast, and enveloped viruses. ADBAC maintains its efficacy across a broad pH-range. Single-active ADBAC products are available at different active concentrations, C-chain distributions and solvent combinations.



Applications: Auto Care, Carpet & Upholstery, Dish Care

Product Families: Anionic Surfactants, Wetting & Dispersion Aids, Foam Control Agents

Chemical Family: Sarcosines & Derivatives

End Uses: Industrial Cleaners, Oven Cleaners, Liquid Soap

The Crodasinics are a range of biodegradable anionic surfactants consisting of acyl sarcosines and their sodium salts, sarcosinates. Produced from natural fatty acids and the amino acid derivative, sarcosine, the Crodasinics offer a number of functional benefits in a wide variety of personal care, home care and I&I applications.