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Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation

jER™ Epoxy

Applications: Electronics Adhesives, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Appliances & Electronics

Product Families: Functional Additives, Epoxies, Thermoset Resins

Chemical Family: Bisphenol Epoxy Resins, Bisphenol A Type Epoxy, Epoxy & Epoxy Derivatives

Polymer Name: Epoxy Resins & Compounds

End Uses: Underfill, Semiconductor Applications, Conformal Coating

jER™ is an epoxy resin brand with the longest history in Japan. Based on decades of research and accumulated technology, we are offering a wide range of epoxy resin grades with characteristic properties, such as low chlorine, low viscosity, transparency, flexibility, photo-curability, high molecular weight type, and specialized molecular structure type, to meet diverse needs of our customers.   *jER™ is provided by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group

Perstorp AB


Applications: Textile Manufacturing, Resin Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing

Product Families: Diols & Polyols, Monomers, Dispersing & Wetting Additives

Chemical Family: Polyols, Polyglycols, Polyethylene Glycols

End Uses: Cosmetics, Resins, Waterborne Coating

Waterborne solvent free PUDs need to deliver not just low/no VOC solutions for coatings and adhesives but stable and precise performance properties within cost requirements. Our PUD building block products, such as Oxymer™, Ymer™ and Bis-MPA™ plus renewable polyalcohols give resin producers the flexibility to choose the exact properties they require be they hard to soft, rigid to flexible but always sustainable.



Applications: Fluids & Lubricants, Footwear, Pipes & Hoses

Product Families: Surface Modifiers, Additives, Finishing Additives & Treatments

Chemical Family: Waxes, Fischer Tropsch Waxes, Mineral Oils

End Uses: Wires, Cables, Footwear


EBECRYL Acrylic Resins

Applications: Screen Printing, Gravure Printing, Offset & Lithographic Printing

Product Families: Monomers, Diluents, Rheology Modifiers & Stabilizers

Chemical Family: Aliphatics, Acrylics & Acrylates, Urethane Acrylates

End Uses: Lithographic Ink, Screen Printing Ink, Gravure Ink

Labeling Claims: Solvent-free, Low Carbon Footprint (PCF), VOC-free

100% solids UV curable resins monomers and oligomers, including a wide range of urethane acrylates, polyester acrylates, amino acrylates and epoxy acrylates.


Dytek Intermediates

Applications: Building & Construction, Coatings & Finishes, Building Materials

Product Families: Additives, Performance Additives, Surface Protective Additives

Chemical Family: Amines, Diamines, Hydrocarbons

End Uses: Metalworking Fluids, Hot Melt Adhesive, Epoxy Coating

Dytek® Specialty Intermediates are a family of multifunctional amine and nitrile chemical intermediates developed to inspire R&D chemists and formulators/product developers. With Dytek® Specialty Intermediates, chemists can introduce new and differentiated products, discover new routes in organic synthesis, and advance new chemistry.

Sapici Spa


Applications: Other Paints & Coatings Applications, Building & Construction, Wood Coatings & Finishes

Product Families: Additives, Functional Additives, Paints & Coatings

Chemical Family: Polyisocyanates, Polyurethanes (PU), Aromatics

End Uses: Solventborne Coating, Primer, Top Coat

Korea Petrochemicals


Applications: Industrial & Transport Packaging, Other Packaging Materials, Other Consumer Goods Applications

Product Families: Polyolefins, Basic Thermoplastics

Chemical Family: Polyolefins, Polyethylenes

Polymer Name: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

End Uses: Rigid Films, Rigid Packaging, Thin Walled Containers



Applications: Industrial Manufacturing, Electronics Adhesives, Industrial Adhesives & Sealants

Product Families: Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-S), Thermoplastic Elastomers, Rheology Modifiers & Stabilizers

Chemical Family: Styrenics, Styrene Copolymers, Styrenic Block Copolymers

Polymer Name: Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene (SEBS), Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), Styrene Butadiene Block Copolymer

End Uses: Solventborne Sealant, Solventborne Adhesive, Asphalt Modification

Patcham FZC


Applications: Coatings & Finishes, Automotive & Transportation, Building & Construction

Product Families: Additives, Rheology Modifiers & Stabilizers, Surface Modifiers

Chemical Family: Mineral Oils, Silicones, Polyesters

End Uses: Waterborne Ink, Waterborne Coating, Primer



Applications: Pavement, Highways, Roads & Bridges, Infrastructure, Roads & Paving, Roof Coatings

Product Families: Asphalt Additives, Construction Chemicals, Functional Additives

Chemical Family: Fatty Amines, Cationics, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

End Uses: Asphalt, Tack Coat, Penetration Macadam

Stepan Company


Applications: Textile Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Fluids & Lubricants

Product Families: Pre-Treatment Auxiliaries, Recycling Aids, Surface Protective Additives

Chemical Family: Ethoxylates, Polyols, Polyglycols

INCI Name: Poloxamer 181, Poloxamer 184, Poloxamer 331

End Uses: Hair Conditioner, Metalworking Fluids, Cutting Oils

MAKON® UD-Series of products are fast wetters due to their C11 branched carbon chain. They are faster wetters than nonylphenol ethoxylates (NP) and tridecyl alcohol ethoxylates (TDA). They also have good initial foam height with fast foam break, useful in applications like industrial clean-in-place and laundry.

Dura Chemicals


Applications: Other Paints & Coatings Applications, Printing & Inks, Other Printing & Packaging Applications

Product Families: Additives, Functional Additives

Chemical Family: Organometallics, Barium Salts, Calcium & Calcium Compounds

End Uses: Waterborne Coating

PCC Chemax


Applications: Textile Manufacturing, Textiles & Nonwovens, Leather & Textiles

Product Families: Pre-Treatment Auxiliaries, Textile & Leather Chemicals, Dispersing & Wetting Additives

Chemical Family: Non-Ionics, Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohols, Anionics

End Uses: Textiles, Varnishes, Metalworking Fluids

Non-ionic surfactant used mainly in formulations designed cleaning, washing or laundering, both for industrial and institutional applications as well as in households. Low foaming ingredient of washing and cleaning agents also dedicated to industrial applications. It is well blendable with other auxiliary non-ionic agents, and in mixtures with anionic and cationic surface active agents. It can be used as an additive for production of food packaging or food contacting materials.

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals


Applications: Flooring & Surfaces, Battery Materials, Packaging & Assembly

Product Families: Additives, Functional Additives, Other Resins & Binders

Chemical Family: Novolac Phenolic, Phenols & Phenolics, Phenols

End Uses: Waterborne Coating, Primer, Powder Coating



Applications: Exploration & Upstream, Chemical Manufacturing, Chemical & Industrial Manufacturing

Product Families: Solvents & Carriers, Additives, Diols & Polyols

Chemical Family: Polyethylene Glycols, Polyols, Polyglycols

INCI Name: PEG-20, PEG-32, PEG-8

End Uses: Oil & Gas Applications, Lubricants, Esters

LIPOXOL, polyethylene glycol (PEGs), are essential auxiliaries in numerous application fields like household products and also serve as intermediates for the manufacture of emulsifiers. LIPOXOL grades provide a unique property profile, combining high water solubility, lubricity and low toxicity with excellent solvent properties. Our LIPOXOL products have various functions in various industries including acting as a solvent in cleaners and a binder in detergents and tablets.

AB Specialty Silicones


Applications: AP/Deo, Hair Care, Skin Care

Product Families: Solvents & Carriers, Functionals, Visual Modifiers

Chemical Family: Siloxanes, Silicones, Polyethers

INCI Name: Cyclotetrasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane

Polymer Name: Siloxane Polymer

End Uses: Body Lotion, Body Cream, Shaving Cream

Our core brand is Andisil®, representing high quality materials and encompassing a broad product catalog serving many industries: Personal Care, Roof Coatings, Chemical Manufacturing, Dental & Medical, Mold Making, Electronic Encapsulation, Adhesives & Sealants, Coatings, Gypsum, Mineral & Fiber Treatment, Pulp Manufacturing, Pressroom. At the heart of our company is our vision Enthusiasm & Innovation Create Success. Our team works hard to let our customers know how important they are. Present us with your needs, and we will figure out the possibilities. » Product Quality » Customer Service » Technical Expertise


ADDITOL Specialty Additives For Coatings And Inks

Applications: Marine Coatings, Marine, Coatings & Finishes

Product Families: Dispersing & Wetting Additives, Additives, Foam Control

Chemical Family: Anhydrides, Polyesters, Urethanes

End Uses: Primer, Inkjet Ink, Waterborne Coating

Labeling Claims: Tin-free, Monomer-free, APEO-free

Coating additives help formulators optimize paint processing, appearance, application and stability.

Active Minerals


Applications: Building Materials, Flooring & Surfaces, Tile & Grout

Product Families: Polymer Additives, Rheology Modifiers, Additives

Chemical Family: Attapulgite

End Uses: Waterborne Adhesive, Plastisol Coating, Latex

MIN-U-GEL® attapulgite mineral products are used in liquid-based systems to stabilize the media, control flow and leveling, improve film build without sagging, and prevent settling and syneresis. It is a rheology modifier with thixotropic thickening. It also aids in the suspension of pigments to help prevent flooding and floating.


CYMEL Amino Crosslinkers

Applications: Industrial Coatings, Coatings & Finishes, Automotive & Transportation

Product Families: Monomers & Intermediates, Chain Extenders & Crosslinkers

Chemical Family: Polyesters, Glycolurils, Amino Resins

End Uses: Primer, Top Coat, Waterborne Coating

CYMEL® amino crosslinkers have been used for over 50 years in metal, wood and rubber coating applications, including automotive OEM, kitchen cabinets, metal food and beverage packaging, metal building products, tire and general metal finishing. The crosslinkers are used with epoxy, polyester, acrylic and alkyd resins and provide the desired balance of flexibility, exterior durability, chemical resistance and film toughness. Our new CYMEL® NF formaldehyde-free crosslinkers are ideal for applications where formaldehyde emissions are a concern. The CYMEL® amino resin crosslinker line includes: Methylated and butylated melamines Alkylated and imino mixed ether melamines Alkylated ureas Formaldehyde-free modified ureas Benzoguanamine Glycoluril

Lockhart Chemical


Applications: Other Industrial Applications, Fluids & Lubricants, Chemical & Industrial Manufacturing

Product Families: Surface Protective Additives, Additives, Other Processing Additives

Chemical Family: Sulfonic Acids & Derivatives, Sulfonates, Boron-based Compounds

End Uses: Soaps, Quenching Fluids, Metalworking Fluids

Kao Chemicals


Applications: Other Beauty & Care, Beauty & Care, Auto Care

Product Families: Emulsifiers, Solubilizers & Dispersants, Functionals, Emulsifiers & Demulsifiers

Chemical Family: Ethers

INCI Name: PPG-15 Stearyl Ether

End Uses: Facial Cleanser, Anti-Aging Products, CC Cream



Applications: Chemical Manufacturing, Ceramics & Refractory, Primers & Lacquers

Product Families: Inorganics, Functional Additives, Surface Modifiers

End Uses: Polymer Additives, Photo, Paper Chemicals

DISPAL is the trademark for Sasol's high-purity, highly dispersible boehmite powders and sols/dispersions manufactured in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.These boehmites, which are nano-sized in the dispersed phase, exhibit a unique combination of purity, consistency and dispersibility that make them excellent materials for use in colloidal applications.The Sasol range of dispersible boehmites has traditionally been used in applications such as sol-gel ceramics, catalysis, refractory materials, rheology control and surface frictionizing.Other applications include surface coating as well as paint detackification, polymeradditives and functional fillers.This portfolio is complemented by additional products trademarked under the name DISPERAL, which are produced by Sasol in Brunsbüttel, Germany.

The Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO)


Applications: Food & Beverage Packaging, Healthcare Packaging, Industrial & Transport Packaging

Product Families: Polyolefins, Basic Thermoplastics

Chemical Family: Polyolefins, Polyethylenes

Polymer Name: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE)

End Uses: Rigid Films, Bottles, Cosmetic Packaging

IGM Resins


Applications: Other Adhesives & Sealants Applications, Appliances & Electronics, Metal Coatings

Product Families: Chain Extenders & Crosslinkers, Monomers & Intermediates, Acrylics, Acrylates & Methacrylates

Chemical Family: Acrylics, Acrylates & Methacrylates, Methacrylates, Acrylics & Acrylates

End Uses: Reactive Adhesive, Screen Printing Ink, Other Ink Types

IGM Resins


Applications: Industrial Manufacturing, Electronics Adhesives, Furniture Adhesives

Product Families: Catalysts & Initiators, Additives, Functional Additives

Chemical Family: Acrylics, Acrylates & Methacrylates, Ketones, Blends & Combinations

End Uses: Waterborne Adhesive, Waterborne Coating, Radiation Curable Coating



Applications: Decorative Paints, Coatings & Stains, Decorative Paints, Overprint Varnishes

Product Families: Foam Control, Additives, Performance Additives

Chemical Family: Silicones, Blends & Combinations, Silica

End Uses: Solventborne Adhesive, Solventborne Ink, Solventborne Coating



Applications: Bookbinding, Disposable Hygiene Adhesives, Other Packaging & Paper Applications

Product Families: Functional Additives, Rheology Modifiers & Stabilizers, Additives

Chemical Family: Sodium Salts, Pectins, Cellulose & Cellulosics



Applications: Coatings & Finishes, Automotive & Transportation, Automotive OEM Coatings

Product Families: Additives, Catalysts & Initiators, Polyesters

Chemical Family: Polyesters, Polyester Acrylates

End Uses: 2K (2 component) Coating, Solventborne Coating, Top Coat

Chemiewerk Bad Kostritz


Applications: Overprint Varnishes, Wood Coatings & Finishes, Other Paints & Coatings Applications

Product Families: Cement & Concrete Additives, Oilfield & Transport Chemicals, Other Resins & Binders

Chemical Family: Silica

End Uses: Oil & Gas Applications, Electronics, Varnishes



Applications: Other Adhesives & Sealants Applications, Other Paints & Coatings Applications, Resin Manufacturing

Product Families: Intermediates, Monomers & Intermediates, Prepolymers & Polyols

Chemical Family: Polyols, Polyols (Polyether), Triols

End Uses: Polyurethane Foams, 2K (2 component) Coating, 1K (1 component) Coating

Jesons Industries Ltd


Applications: Tapes & Labels, Packaging & Paper, Leather

Product Families: Resins & Binders, Acrylics, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives & Tapes

Chemical Family: Acrylics & Acrylates, Acrylics, Acrylates & Methacrylates

End Uses: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Solvent Free (100% Solids) Adhesive, Lead-Acid

Kaneka North America LLC


Applications: Sealants & Caulks, Construction Adhesives, Building & Construction

Product Families: Acrylics, Resins & Binders, Other Resins & Binders

Chemical Family: Acrylics & Acrylates, Polyethers



Applications: Chemical Manufacturing, Textile Manufacturing, Vehicle & Machinery

Product Families: Finishing Additives & Treatments, Metal Processing Additives, Wetting & Dispersion Aids

Chemical Family: Alcohol Ethoxylates, Non-Ionics, Alcohols

INCI Name: C12-13 Pareth-5, Laureth-10, Laureth-7

End Uses: Textiles, Leather, Oil & Gas Applications

Megara Resins - Fanis Anastassios


Applications: Building & Construction, Architectural Coatings, Building Envelope & Roofing

Product Families: Polyesters, Resins & Binders

Chemical Family: Polyesters

End Uses: Powder Coating, Clearcoat

PUDRALAC low temperature Megamid XL curing resins, offer great benefits in the automotive industry, especially when applying to sensitive OEM parts. We market a special PUDRALAC range for formulating coatings for car wheels. For car repair finishes we offer Megalkyd a wide range of medium oil alkyd resins. Car body fillers can now be easily formulated based on our special unsaturated polyester resin UPR 300.



Applications: Coatings & Finishes, Automotive & Transportation, Industrial Coatings

Product Families: Resins & Binders, Acrylics, Alkyds

Chemical Family: Acrylics & Acrylates, Styrene-Acrylic Copolymer, Acrylic Polyols

End Uses: Waterborne Coating, Base Coat, Top Coat

Labeling Claims: VOC-free, Bio-based, APEO-free



Applications: Overprint Varnishes, Packaging Coatings, Wood Coatings & Finishes

Product Families: Functional Additives, Dispersing & Wetting Additives, Additives

Chemical Family: Esters, Polyamines, Fatty Alcohols

End Uses: Waterborne Adhesive, Waterborne Ink, Waterborne Coating