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Nipacide® Ci 15 product card banner


Nipacide® CI 15

Function: Anti-Microbial Agent, Biocide, Fungicide, Bactericide

Chemical Family: Blends & Combinations

End Uses: Waterborne Coating, Waterborne Ink

Labeling Claims: Formaldehyde-free

Nipacide® CI 15 is a water based biocide, developed for the complete in-can protection of water based products including water based / Latex/PVA adhesives, PVA / acrylic polymer emulsions, water based decorative paints, printing inks, metal working fluids and construction admixtures.Nipacide® CI is effective against a wide range of microorganisms including gram positive and gram negative bacteria, yeast and fungi. Thermal and pH stability for Nipacide® CI is a critical consideration and it should not be used for products with pH >8.5 or production temperatures of >40°C.

Setaqua® 6515 product card banner



Chemical Family: Acrylic Polyols

End Uses: 2K (2 component) Coating, Clearcoat, Top Coat, Waterborne Coating

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal, Wood

SETAQUA® 6515 is an acrylic polyol emulsion with 3.3% OH (calculated on non-volatiles). An acrylic polyol emulsion suitable for high durable, abrasion- and chemical resistant two-component waterborne PUR paint systems.

Silyl® Sax260 product card banner

Kaneka North America


Chemical Family: Polyethers

KANEKA SILYL® SAX260 is a Silyl-Terminated Polyether (STPE) used as a base resin for producing high performance moisture cure sealants, adhesives, and coatings. SILYL SAX260™ has performed successfully in various industrial applications and provides well-balanced properties such as durability, reactivity, and storage stability. This unique and highly valued balance of attributes is derived from the polyether polymer backbone coupled with the methyldimethoxysilane functional groups.

Vertecbio™ Elsol® Nmpr3 product card banner

Vertec BioSolvents

VertecBio™ ELSOL® NMPR3

Function: Solvent

VertecBio™ ELSOL® NMPR3 is a bio-based replacement for N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP), with a versatile solvent blend for formulating, and an ideal solvency for paint, coating, and ink formations.

Nipacide® Cfx 5 product card banner


Nipacide® CFX 5

Function: Biocide, Anti-Microbial Agent, Fungicide, Bactericide

Chemical Family: Blends & Combinations

End Uses: Waterborne Coating

Nipacide® CFX 5 is an in-can biocide based on formaldehyde + chloromethyl and methylisothiazolinone. Nipacide® CFX 5 is a low toxicity biocide, developed for the complete protection of water based products. Nipacide® CFX 5 is effective against bacteria, yeast and fungi. Nipacide® CFX 5 is recommended for a wide range of applications including preservation of paints and varnishes, adhesives, emulsions polymer , cutting fluids, where protection against bacteria and fungi is required in the wet state In can protection .Nipacide® CFX 5 is stable in the temperature range of 5°C to 40 °C and in the range of pH 4 to 10.0.

Ebecryl® 8296 product card banner



End Uses: Radiation Curable Coating

Molecular Weight: 2400.0 - 2400.0 g/mol

EBECRYL® 8296 is an undiluted aliphatic urethane acrylate oligomer developed for energy curable systems. It can contribute to unique performance in formulations for haptic coatings. It is recommended for use in: flexible coatings, haptic coating on plastics and films, and in mold decoration.

Nipacide® Tbx product card banner


Nipacide® TBX

Function: Anti-Microbial Agent, Biocide, Fungicide, Bactericide

Chemical Family: Blends & Combinations

End Uses: Waterborne Coating, Waterborne Adhesive & Sealant

Labeling Claims: Other Labeling Claims

Nipacide® TBX is a low toxicity biocide intended for industrial use only as a microbiostat preservative for aqueous compositions such as adhesives or tackifiers, polymer emulsions and lattices, natural and synthetic thickeners, aqueous slurries, construction compounds, metal working fluids and paints & coatings.

Shamrock Technologies Inc. Spp-25 product card banner

Shamrock Technologies Inc.

Shamrock Technologies Inc. SPP-25

Function: Texturizing Agent

Chemical Family: Polyolefins, Polypropylenes (PP)

End Uses: Waterborne Ink, Waterborne Coating

SPP-25 is a low molecular weight polypropylene texturing agent. The SPP Series consists of polypropylene powders in a controlled range of particle sizes. These products are stir-in powders that can be easily dispersed under high-speed mixing in solvent, UV, or water-based inks & coatings.

Allnex Pc 1244 Defoamer product card banner


allnex PC 1244 Defoamer

Applications: Coatings & Finishes, Automotive & Transportation, Automotive OEM Coatings

Product Families: Additives, Foam Control

PC-1244 Defoamer is a solution of organic polymer in a petroleum solvent. It enhances air release properties and prevents foam formation in acidic or neutral organic fluids at temperatures up to 400 °F. It also performs in some alkaline systems. It has demonstrated an ability to retain its defoaming capacity over extended periods of time. It works without materially affecting the surface tension of the media. PC-1244 contains no silicone. PC-1244 Defoamer applications include usage in gear oils, specialty lubricants, and hydraulic, turbine and transmission oils.

Emulsogen® Lcn 158 product card banner


Emulsogen® LCN 158

Function: Compatibilizer, Dispersant & Wetting Agent, Emulsifier

Chemical Family: Diols, Glycols

End Uses: Waterborne Coating

Labeling Claims: APEO-free, Bio-based, Low VOC

Features: Easy Handling, Low Viscosity, Excellent Adhesion

Emulsogen® LCN 158 is used as a nonionic emulsifier for emulsion polymerization improving the shear, temperature and electrolyte stability of polymer dispersions. The recommended usage is 2% active based on monomers.In waterborne and solvent-borne lacquers low PVC , Emulsogen® LCN 118 can be used as a compatibilizer to improve tinting strength and to reduce rub-out, water absorption, and haze effects. Dosage recommendation supply form in waterborne acrylic lacquers is 1.3-1.9% and in solvent-borne alkyd lacquers 0.33-0.66%.When used during the premixing phase in the production of waterborne emulsion paints high PVC , Emulsogen® LCN 118 also acts as a processing aid and helps to reduce the grinding time by faster deagglomeration of TiO2 and fillers. This is especially of interest in areas of hard water. The general dosage recommendation supply form for this purpose is 0.3%.

Beckocure® Eh 2260w/41wa product card banner



End Uses: Waterborne Coating, Primer

BECKOCURE® EH 2260w/41WA is a hydrophobic amine hardener recommended for the formulation of waterborne metal coatings, free of volatile basic amines and solvents. In combination with epoxy dispersions, fast drying primers and monocoats with excellent corrosion protection and very good non-sagging properties can be formulated. This product shows excellent application behavior and very robust performance even on poorly prepared surfaces.

Ebecryl® 600/30dp product card banner



End Uses: Radiation Curable Coating

EBECRYL® 600/30DP is a di functional epoxyacrylate diluted with 30% of dipropyleneglycol diacrylate (DPGDA). This resin is characterized by its low odor, light color, low irritancy and fast cure response.

Polurene Okds product card banner

Sapici Spa


Chemical Family: Aromatics, Isocyanates, Aliphatics

End Uses: Other Ink Types, Solventborne Coating, Enamel

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Nitrocellulose, Vinyls

POLURENE OK. D. S is recommended for the formulation of matt and semigloss topcoats or sealers, clear and pigmented color retention and yellowing resistance are required. Due to its slightly yellowing property POLURENE OK. D. S is suitable for light pigmented paints. As well, the paint hardened with POLURENE OK. D. S has good flexibility and mechanical resistance. Due to its reactivity and its compatibility to nitrocellulose,

Polurene T 70 product card banner

Sapici Spa


Chemical Family: Isocyanates, Aliphatics

End Uses: Top Coat, Powder Coating

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Alkyds, Polyesters

POLURENE T70 can be used in combination with tested hydroxylated components for the formulation of 2K non-yellowing topcoats with good resistance to chemical agents. POLURENE T70 can be diluted with esters and aromatic solvents up to 10-15%, without any precipitation process, whereas with aliphatic solvents like white spiritit is recommended not to dilute the product below 30% solid content.

Polurene Bk 1175 product card banner

Sapici Spa


Chemical Family: Isocyanates, Aliphatics

End Uses: Coil Coating, Solventborne Coating

Viscosity: 24000.0 - 36000.0 cps

Features: Excellent Adhesion, Improved Flexibility

POLURENE BK 1175 is a blocked isocyanate suitable for the formulation of non-yellowing IK stoving enamels; it can be used in traditional stoving enamels to flexibilize and to increase adhesion.

D.e.r.™ 321 product card banner

Olin Corporation

D.E.R.™ 321

Chemical Family: Epoxy & Epoxy Derivatives, Bisphenol A Type Epoxy

End Uses: Epoxy Adhesive & Sealant

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Composites, Concrete & Masonry

Features: Low Viscosity

D.E.R.TM 321 Liquid Epoxy Resin is a reaction product of epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A modified with an aromatic mono-functional reactive diluent. D.E.R. 321 Liquid Epoxy Resin is ortho-cresyl glycidyl ether diluted standard bisphenol A based liquid epoxy resin, of extremely low viscosity. The low viscosity is advantageous in compounds containing large amounts of filler. D.E.R. 321 Resin has a cure rate similar to unmodified bisphenol A based liquid epoxy resins. The reactive diluent contained in D.E.R. 321 Epoxy Resin limits somewhat the solvent resistance, however, an improved acid resistance can be observed using D.E.R. 321 Epoxy Resin in stead of D.E.R.TM 331 T Liquid Epoxy Resin. D.E.R. 321 Liquid Epoxy Resin exhibits a very low tendency to crystallize. D.E.R. 321 Epoxy Resin can be hot or cold cured by blending with polyamine, polyamide and modified versions of these. Elevated temperature cures are necessary and post-cures required to develop full end properties if anhydride or catalytic curing agents are employed.

Amirez 148/010 product card banner

Incorez Ltd

Amirez 148/010

Chemical Family: Polyamines

End Uses: Primer, Cement, Waterborne Coating

Features: Low Viscosity

On the surface of it, Amirez® 148/10 is amazing. On closer inspection, it gets even better; a waterborne reactive polyamine adduct, with long pot life and low viscosity, zero VOC, and the ability to offer good freeze/thaw stability, which gives an excellent workability in a high temperature climate. All of which makes it perfectly suited to a diverse range of applications, from hygiene coatings to concrete primers, and coatings for green concrete.

D.e.r.™ 325 product card banner

Olin Corporation

D.E.R.™ 325

Applications: Building & Construction, Coatings & Finishes, Building Materials

Product Families: Resins & Binders, Epoxies

Chemical Family: Epoxy & Epoxy Derivatives, Bisphenol A Type Epoxy

End Uses: Epoxy Adhesive & Sealant

D.E.R.™ 325 Liquid Epoxy Resin is a mono-functional reactive diluent modified reaction product of epichlorohydrin with bisphenol-A. D.E.R. 325 Liquid Epoxy Resin is a low viscosity, C12-C14 aliphatic glycidyl ether diluted standard bisphenol-A based liquid epoxy resin. Its surface tension is lower than other reactive diluent diluted epoxy resins and results in better surface wetting, better adhesion, and will have slightly lower viscosity at any given filler loading. The lower surface tension also results in better filler acceptance, reduced odor, lower vapor pressure, and less potential for handling hazards. The reactive diluent in this epoxy resin blend will increase the pot-life as well as the flexibility (impact resistance). The reactive diluent also limits the solvent resistance somewhat. D.E.R. 325 Epoxy Resin offers improved acid resistance versus standard epoxy resins such as D.E.R.™ 331™ Liquid Epoxy Resin.

Cliqsperse® 126 product card banner

CLiQ SwissTech


Function: Dispersant & Wetting Agent

End Uses: Waterborne Coating

Labeling Claims: Environmentally Friendly

Solid Content: 100.0 - 100.0 %

CLiQSPERSE126 is a highly efficient non-ionic pigment wetting agent for aqueous systems. The additiveis an environmentally friendly labelling-free replacement to alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE)and used in modern VOC-compliant formulations.

Pt Asahimas Chemical (Asc) Caustic Soda (Naoh) product card banner

PT Asahimas Chemical (ASC)

PT Asahimas Chemical (ASC) Caustic Soda (NaOH)

Applications: Chemical & Industrial Manufacturing, Oil, Gas & Mining, Paper & Pulp

Product Families: Technical Salts & Inorganics, Alkalis & Bases

Chemical Family: Sodium Salts, Alkalis, Bases

Caustic soda is an essential raw material and process chemical in many industrial operations. ASC delivers Caustic Soda in 48% solution (Liquid Caustic Soda) and in solid form (Flake Caustic Soda, 98%).

Kradasol™ product card banner

TBF Environmental Technology Inc.


Purity (Assay): 99.5 - 99.5 %

Labeling Claims: Environmentally Friendly, Other Labeling Claims, Non-Carcinogenic, VOC-free, Benzene-free, HAPs-free, Recyclable, Low VOC

Features: Low Toxicity

KradaSol is a VOC-compliant, safe, low toxicity solvent that is an efficient, cost effective alternative to Hexane, Xylene, Cyclohexane, Toluene and Perchloroethylene

Capcure® 3830-81 product card banner

Gabriel Performance Products

CAPCURE® 3830-81

Function: Curing & Hardening Agent

Chemical Family: Sulfur-based Compounds

End Uses: 1K (1 component) Adhesive & Sealant

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Epoxies (EP)

Features: Low Toxicity

CAPCURE® 3830-81 is a medium viscosity, catalyzed mercaptan epoxy curing agent designed specifically for rapid cure in the 3 to 5 minute range at room temperature. CAPCURE® 3830-81 may be used both, as a sole curing agent or as an accelerator for amine and amide or amido-amine curative chemistries. The fast-set characteristics of this product over a wide temperature range (30 °F to 100 °F) offers utility in industrial, coatings, civil engineering and fast-set adhesive application areas.

Mpc-prokim Chemicals Agsl70 product card banner

MPC-PROKIM Chemicals


Chemical Family: Alkyds (Long Oil)

End Uses: Varnishes

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal, Wood

Features: Good Gloss Retention, High Durability, Good Color Stability, Good Wettability, Non-Yellowing Grade, Brushability, Improved Ageing Resistance

AGSL 70 is an air drying long oil alkyd resin based on soya bean fatty acid. It provides a very clear varnish. It presents a good gloss retention, a good durability, a good color stability, a good wettability, a good high-build, a sufficient spread, a good brushability as well as a good yellowing and aging resistance.

D.e.h.™ 52 product card banner

Olin Corporation

D.E.H.™ 52

Function: Curing & Hardening Agent

Chemical Family: Polyamines

End Uses: Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Adhesive & Sealant

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Epoxies (EP)

D.E.H.52 Epoxy Curing Agent is a viscous aliphatic polyamine epoxy adduct curing agent. D.E.H. 52 Epoxy Curing Agent combines polyamine properties such as short pot life and rapid cure at room temperature with those of typical polyamide curing agents including easy handling, convenient viscosity and mixing rates with liquid epoxy resins, However D.E.H. 52 Curing Agent is much less hygroscopic than standard polyamines. D.E.H. 52 Epoxy Curing Agent is extremely reactive with liquid epoxy resins at room temperature and is used in the maintenance paints, in two-pack adhesives, civil engineering, castings and hand lay-up laminates. D.E.H. 52 Curing Agent is particularly suitable for colorless coatings or adhesive systems.

Beckosol Aq® 205 product card banner



Chemical Family: Alkyds (Medium Oil)

Features: High Gloss

BECKOSOL AQ 205 is a medium oil alkyd latex based on bio-renewable oils that combines good through-cure speed with positive tack-free surface dry. BECKOSOL AQ 205 requires no coalescing solvent for film formation and produces AIM compliant coatings that develop the performance of traditional solvent-borne products. BECKOSOL AQ 205 does not contain alkyl phenol ethoxylates.

Prizmalite P2453bta product card banner


Prizmalite P2453BTA

Function: Filler & Extender

Chemical Family: Glass Beads & Fibers

P2453BTA is hemispherically aluminum coated barium titanate glass microspheres with an average diameter of 40 to 50 microns.

D.e.h.™ 4147 product card banner

Olin Corporation

D.E.H.™ 4147

Function: Curing & Hardening Agent

Offer very good UV-stability with only a low tendency to yellowing. Especially suitable for color quartz and paints

Esacure Tzt product card banner

IGM Resins

Esacure TZT

Function: Photoinitator

Chemical Family: Benzophenones

End Uses: Radiation Curable Ink, Radiation Curable Adhesive & Sealant, Other Ink Types, Radiation Curable Coating

Esacure TZT is particularly indicated for the photo polymerisation of UV curable systems when high reactivity, low curing odour and low yellowing are required. The radical generation occurs via hydrogen abstraction by the action of a co-initiator such as tertiary amines.

Puregraph™ 20 product card banner

First Graphene

PureGRAPH™ 20

Chemical Family: Graphene & Graphites

End Uses: Waterborne Coating, Solventborne Coating, Solventborne Ink, Waterborne Ink, Other Ink Types

Labeling Claims: Heavy Metal-free

Features: Conductive, Flame Retardant

PureGRAPH™ 20 is characterised by their large platelet size, high aspect ratio and low defect levels. The powders are readily dispersed in a range of solvent and polymer media. Batch to batch consistency is ensured through leading edge quality control testing.

Pat-add Da 501 product card banner

Patcham FZC

Pat-Add DA 501

Function: Dispersant & Wetting Agent, Surfactant

End Uses: Waterborne Coating

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Epoxies (EP), Acrylics, Polyesters

Labeling Claims: APEO-free, Solvent-free, Other Labeling Claims

Physical Form: Liquid

PAT-ADD DA 501 is an APEO-free polymeric wetting and dispersing agent for use in industrial paints and tinters. PAT-ADD DA 501 is most effective for organic pigments.

Tolonate™ Idt 70 B product card banner


Tolonate™ IDT 70 B

Chemical Family: Isocyanates, Aliphatics

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Polyurethanes (PU), Polyesters

End Uses: Other Ink Types, Solventborne Adhesive & Sealant, Solventborne Coating

Function: Crosslinking Agent, Intermediate

Tolonate™ IDT 70 B is an aliphatic polyisocyanate, supplied at 70% solids in butyl acetate (it does not contain any aromatic solvent).

Ethacure® 100-lc product card banner

Albemarle Corp

Ethacure® 100-LC

Function: Curing, Crosslinking & Hardening, Chain Extender

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Polyurethanes (PU), Polyureas, Epoxies (EP)

Processing Methods: Injection Molding

ETHACURE 100-LC curative is a low-color curing agent for polyurethanes and epoxy resins. It may also be used as a chain extender for polyurethane and polyurea elastomers, particularly in reaction injection molding and spray applications.

Pineclear 4306 product card banner


Pineclear 4306

Chemical Family: Rosins, Esters

Features: Excellent Adhesion

Pineclear 4306 is used in Specialty coatings and Thermoplastic applications. Very low color, stabilized rosin for enhanced heat stability. It provides excellent adhesion and high bio-renewable content.

Tint-ayd® Wd 2018 product card banner

Chromaflo Technologies

Tint-Ayd® WD 2018

Color: White

Pigment Type: Toners

End Uses: Waterborne Coating, Solventborne Coating, Toner

Tint-Ayd® WD 2018 work to enhance the appearance of final coatings that require a clean, pure shade of White. The Tint-Ayd® Toners range, made up of three toners, can be used to Reduce Yellowness or increase hiding power, depending on the desiRed effect on the White product. The toners are suitable for either universal, alkyd-based or waterborne coating systems.

Luba-print® 436 (Nd) product card banner


LUBA-print® 436 (ND)

Function: Anti-Marring Agent, Dispersant & Wetting Agent

Chemical Family: Waxes

End Uses: Solventborne Coating, Coil Coating

Features: Slip Resistance, Scratch Resistance

LUBA-print® 436 (ND) is a wax dispersion / wachsdispersion product.Can-and Coil-Coating applications. Our high quality wax emulsions and dispersions are a necessity for all customers who prefer working with ready-made emulsions or dispersions in contrast to a dry wax. The ease of incorporation is the key benefit of liquid products.

Dynoadd® F-200 product card banner


Dynoadd® F-200

Function: Defoamer, Leveling Agent, Flow Promoter

Chemical Family: Acrylics, Acrylates & Methacrylates

End Uses: Coil Coating, Solventborne Coating

Solid Content: 92.0 - 92.0 %

Dynoadd® F-200 is Flow and levelling additive for solvent borne coatings,Enhances flow and levelling Prevents surface defects, Effective foam control.