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Andisil® 78 Silane product card banner

AB Specialty Silicones

Andisil® 78 Silane

Function: Coupling Agent, Adhesion Promoter

Chemical Family: Silicones, Epoxy & Epoxy Derivatives, Silanes

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Polyesters, Phenolic Resins, Polycarbonates (PC), Polyurethanes (PU), Polysulfide Rubber, Epoxies (EP), Polyamides, Acrylics, Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)

Epoxy functional silane used used to improve dry and wet strength in cured composites reinforced with glass fiber rovings. Silanes are used in a variety of industrial applications. Organofunctional Silanes have an organic functional end group and an alkoxy functional end group which allow the silane to act as a bridge between organic materials and inorganic substrates. The organic functional group is matched to the resin system while the alkoxy group provides the reactive site for crosslinking. These materials are useful as adhesion promoters, crosslinking agents, surface modifiers and hydrophobizing agents.

Phenodur® Pr 516/60b product card banner



Function: Crosslinking Agent

PHENODUR® PR 516/60B is a curable, unplasticized phenolic resin. It has excellent adhesion, hardness and flexibility. It has very good resistance against chemicals, mineral oils and food, and is used for interior coating of metal packaging goods.

Acure™ 510-170 product card banner


ACURE™ 510-170

Chemical Family: Polyesters

End Uses: Solventborne Coating, Top Coat

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Wood, Metal

ACURE™ 510-170 is an extremely fast drying topcoat for use in Marine and Protective and various premium, non-isocyanate topcoat systems. ACURE™ topcoats feature excellent hardness development coupled with excellent outdoor durability, high cross-link densities, and outstanding chemical resistance. ACURE™ paints exhibit long pot lives and tuneable open times. The succinimide in ACURE™ 510-170 is compositionally the same as ACURE™ 510-100. As succinimide is quite difficult to dissolve, ACURE™ 510-170 provides a production-friendly manner of incorporation of succinimide into ACURE™ paints.

Ebecryl® P115 product card banner



Function: Photoinitiator, Amine Synergist

Labeling Claims: VOC-free, Bisphenol A-free, Solvent-free, Low Carbon Footprint

EBECRYL® P115 is a copolymerizable amine used as a hydrogen donor, or photoactivator, in ultraviolet light (UV) curable coatings and inks. When used in formulations in combination with a photosensitizer (e.g. ADDITOL® BP), EBECRYL® P115 provides rapid UV cure response in air by mitigating the effects of oxygen inhibition at the coating or ink surface. It has recommended levels are from 5 to 15% based on the total formulation, usually combined with 3-5% photosensitizer.

Additol® Xw 6591 product card banner



Function: Grinding Aid

ADDITOL® XW 6591 is a water dilutable, modified polyester-acrylate polymer. It can be used for color- and shading pigment pastes. It is compatible with waterborne air-drying and stoving alkyds, waterborne acrylic resins, UV- curing systems, PU- dispersions and plastic dispersions.

Additol® Xl 180 product card banner



Function: Coupling Agent, Adhesion Promoter

Labeling Claims: APEO-free, Monomer-free

Features: High Pigment Loading, Corrosion Resistance, Improved Chemical Resistance, Good Metal Flake Orientation, High Temperature-Curing, High Reactivity

Additol® XL 180 enhances intercoat adhesion of stoving paints and fast drying air-drying paints on electrodeposition primers, white electrodeposition paints and primers.

Ucecoat® 7674 product card banner



Chemical Family: Polyurethanes (PU), Acrylics & Acrylates, Alkyds

End Uses: Primer, Waterborne Coating, Radiation Curable Coating

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Wood

Features: Improved Hardness, Faster Cycle Time, Low Temperature-Curing, Low Energy Consumption, Improved Flexibility, Long Potlife

UUCECOAT 7674 is an acrylated polyurethane dispersion in water designed for waterborne UV/EB curable coatings. UCECOAT 7674 is anionic in nature, making it compatible with water without any external emulsifier. Due to the presence of these ionic groups, it is not stable under acidic conditions. UCECOAT 7674 contains no co-solvent. UCECOAT 7674 exhibits outstanding wetting of wood surfaces, imparting warmth and richness to the appearance of the wood. UCECOAT 7674 provides hardness in the polymerized coating along with good stain and chemical resistance.

Setaqua® 6718 product card banner



Chemical Family: Acrylics & Acrylates

SETAQUA 6718 is a self-crosslinking surfactant-free acrylic dispersion for interior durable industrial finishes, belonging to our ECOWISETM CHOICE product range for Industrial Wood. Varnishes based on SETAQUA 6718 have good in-can and dry-film clarity due to its fine particle size. Coatings formulated with SETAQUA 6718 exhibit excellent hardness, fast drying and good sandability and exception water and chemical resistance.

Setaqua® 6782 product card banner



Chemical Family: Acrylics & Acrylates

End Uses: Waterborne Coating

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Wood

Features: Outdoor Durability, Good Balance of Properties, Water Resistance

SETAQUA® 6782 contains dual self crosslinking mechanisms for improved adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance, blocking, fast drying and outdoor durability.

Additol® Vxw 4940 N product card banner



Function: Drying Agent

Labeling Claims: Tin-free, Formaldehyde-free, NMP-free, Monomer-free

Features: Improved Hardness, High Reactivity

ADDITOL® VXW 4940 N is a lead-free combination drier, water-dilutable. It can be used as drier for all water-dilutable, oxidatively drying alkyd resin paints. It can also be used for acryl-alkyd hybrid systems.

Beckopox™ Ep 384w/53wamp product card banner



Chemical Family: Epoxy & Epoxy Derivatives

End Uses: Epoxy Coating, Solventborne Coating, Waterborne Coating

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal

Features: Multi-Substrate Adhesion, Corrosion Resistance, Improved Chemical Resistance

BECKOPOX™ EP 309/50MPAC is a solid, high-molecular unmodified epoxy resin mainly used in combination with phenolic resins for stoving systems, e.g. Can coatings. Combinations yield high-deformable coatings with excellent resistance against chemicals and foodstuff.

Additol® Xl 480 product card banner



Function: Leveling Agent

End Uses: Clearcoat

Labeling Claims: Monomer-free, NMP-free, APEO-free, Tin-free

Features: Overbake Resistance, Improved Edge Coverage, Low Migration, High Gloss, Improved Dullness, Low Reactivity, High Temperature-Curing, Wet-On-Wet Properties, Improved Flexibility

Additol® XL 480 is a leveling agent without addition of silicone, amine resin modified acrylic copolymer. It may be used with any type of paint material, e.g. On the basis of alkyd/melamine systems, acrylics, polyurethane systems, oil-free polyesters, etc. It also prevents surface defects of paint films.

Beckopox™ Em 2120w/45wa product card banner



Function: Binder, Corrosion Inhibitor

Chemical Family: Epoxy-Amine Adduct, Epoxy & Epoxy Derivatives

Labeling Claims: APEO-free, Formaldehyde-free, VOC-free

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal, Wood

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Epoxies (EP)

BECKOPOX™ EM 2120w/45WA is an epoxy-amine-adduct dispersion in water, containing very small amounts of organic co-solvent. BECKOPOX™ EM 2120w/45WA is suited to formulate water borne 1 pack anticorrosive primers and 1 pack single coats with good anticorrosive properties, especially on smooth steel.

Additol® Xw 330 product card banner



Function: Wetting Agent, Dispersant

Labeling Claims: Solvent-free, APEO-free, Tin-free

Additol® XW 330 is a wetting agent and dispersing agent suitable for both inorganic pigments and extenders in aqueous systems where it can be used to stabilize emulsion paints.

Additol® Vxw 6394 product card banner



Function: Wetting Agent, Dispersant

End Uses: Screen Printing Ink, Inkjet Ink, Waterborne Coating, Flexography Ink, Gravure Ink, Primer

Labeling Claims: APEO-free, Tin-free

ADDITOL® VXW 6394 is a wetting and dispersing agent for aqueous resin-free pigment concentrates.

Jubithione® Cupt (Copper Pyrithione Powder) product card banner

Jubilant Ingrevia Limited

Jubithione® CuPT (Copper Pyrithione Powder)

Chemical Name: Bis(1-hydroxy-1H-pyridine-2-thionato-O,S)copper

Function: Anti-Fouling Agent, Anti-Microbial Agent, Fungicide, Biocide

Copper pyrithione is Pyridinethione derivative, and it belong to a class of cyclic sulfur organo products containing sulfur atom (S) and often oxygen (O), nitrogen (N), hydrogen (H), as well as other elements, can find application for making biologically active agents such as antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal agents. Copper pyrithione is effective biocide used to control algae, fungi and bacteria. It is used in anti microbial formulation for antifouling paints and as biocide and preservator for textiles, rubber, leather and fiber

Jubithione® Napt Sodium Pyrithione (Sodium Pyrithione Solution) product card banner

Jubilant Ingrevia Limited

Jubithione® NaPT Sodium Pyrithione (Sodium Pyrithione Solution)

Chemical Name: Pyridine-2-thiol 1-oxide, sodium salt

Function: Anti-Fouling Agent, Anti-Microbial Agent, Fungicide, Biocide

Jubilant’s Jubithione® NaPT is amber color, clear, 40% aqueous solution of Sodium Pyrithione. Metalworking fluids are breeding grounds for microorganisms, particularly bacteria and fungi. It degrades fluid performance and damages all associated work pieces, tool etc, while can also cause allergies and skin problems in workers. Jubithione NaPT is an effective anti-microbial solution to these problems.

Gp Ck-2103 product card banner

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals

GP CK-2103

Chemical Family: Phenol & Cresol Epoxy Resins (Novolac), Epoxy & Epoxy Derivatives

GP® CK-2103 resin is a novolac resin modifier for alkyd and epoxy air dry coatings designed to improve water resistance, hardness, gloss and adhesion. Coatings made with GP CK-2103 resin dry faster than those made with GP CK-2432 resin and will darken on drying.

Gp Bkua-2370 product card banner

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals

GP BKUA-2370

Function: Crosslinking Agent, Coupling Agent, Adhesion Promoter

GP® BKUA-2370 resin dispersion is in a solvent of water and butyl Cellosolve® (ethylene glycol monobutyl ether). It is an effective crosslinker for adhesion of latex and phenoxy polymers and is formulated to improve chemical resistance.

Gp 4003 product card banner

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals

GP 4003

Chemical Family: Phenols, Phenols & Phenolics

End Uses: Waterborne Coating

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal

GP® 4003 is a second-generation waterborne phenolic resin developed by Georgia-Pacific Chemicals. It is an opaque, white liquid dispersion that incorporates a non-ionic protective colloid. GP 4003 is a heat reactive resin that is intended to replace solvent-based phenolic resins where low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions are desired. Compound (VOC) emissions are desired.

Okamoto Glass Co. Ltd. Og461 product card banner

Okamoto Glass Co. Ltd.

Okamoto Glass Co. Ltd. OG461

Function: Curing Agent

End Uses: Screen Printing Ink

Features: Temperature Resistance

OG461 is a curing agent which find its applications in screenprinting where a good thermal resistance is required.

Gp Bkr-2620 product card banner

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals

GP BKR-2620

Chemical Family: Phenols & Phenolics

End Uses: Primer

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal

GP® BKR-2620 coating resin is a solid, heat-reactive, modified phenolic resin. It can be used with a wide selection of solvents and is compatible with plasticizers and polyvinyl butyral resins. Films made with unplasticized GP BKR-2620 resin have greater flexibility than those made with other unmodified phenolic resin baking solutions.

Kamin® 2000c product card banner


KaMin® 2000C

Function: Filler

Chemical Family: Kaolins, Carbonates, Calcium Salts

Particle Size: 1.5 - 1.5 microns

Oil Absorption: 65.0 - 65.0 g/100 g

Highest brightness, smallest particle size, calcined kaolin clay, more cost -effective Ti02 extender than KaMin® 70C.

Kamin® 70c product card banner


KaMin® 70C

Function: Filler

Chemical Family: Cellulose & Cellulosics, Kaolins

End Uses: Top Coat, Solventborne Sealant, Waterborne Coating, Solventborne Adhesive, Solventborne Coating, Gelcoat

Particle Size: 3.2 - 3.2 microns

Oil Absorption: 54.0 - 54.0 g/100 g

High brightness, work-horse calcined kaolin clay, extremely low crystalline silica content.

Heubach Gmbh Zinc Phosphate Zp 10 product card banner

Heubach GmbH

Heubach GmbH Zinc Phosphate ZP 10

Function: Corrosion Inhibitor, Colorant

Chemical Family: Orthophosphates

Pigment Type: Inorganic Pigments

Color: White

Zinc Phosphate ZP 10 is a white anti-corrosive pigment for the application in Protective Coatings.

Rezimac® 62-6260 product card banner

Polynt Group

Rezimac® 62-6260

Chemical Family: Alkyds (Modified)

Features: Good Color Stability, Improved Flexibility, High Gloss

End Uses: Solventborne Coating

Rezimac® 62-6260 is a silicone modified, soya-based alkyd exhibiting excellent color and gloss retention that lengthens time to repaint. Enamels formulated with this resin meet the requirements of specifications TT-E-490E and TT-E-1593B. Manufactured in North America. All components of this product are listed on the DSL.

Kraton™ D1161 J product card banner


Kraton™ D1161 J

Polymer Name: Styrene Isoprene Styrene (SIS)

Chemical Family: Styrenic Block Copolymers, Styrenics

Processing Methods: Compounding

Kraton D1161 J is a clear linear block copolymer based on styrene and isoprene with bound styrene of 15% mass. It is supplied from Japan in the physical form(s) identified below in the grade nomenclature. Kraton D1161 JSP - supplied as dusted dense pellets Kraton D1161 JS - supplied as dusted crumb Kraton D1161 JU - supplied as undusted crumb Kraton D1161 J is used as an ingredient in formulating adhesives, sealants and coatings. It may also find use as a modifier of bitumen and polymers.

Parmetol® N 20 product card banner

Vink Chemicals

parmetol® N 20

Function: Anti-Microbial Agent, Biocide

Labeling Claims: Formaldehyde-free

parmetol® N 20 is in-can preservative without chloromethylisothiazolone and without N-/ O-formals, Suitable for fungicidal and bactericidal preservation of a broad range of water based products.

Parmetol® Psg product card banner

Vink Chemicals

parmetol® PSG

Function: Anti-Microbial Agent, Biocide

Chemical Family: Potassium Salts, Sodium Salts, Benzoates

Labeling Claims: VOC-free, Solvent-free, Formaldehyde-free

parmetol® PSG is a preservative for technical products, Sodium benzoate, Potassium (E,E)-hexa-2,4-dienoate (Potassium Sorbate).

Nusil™ R-3930 product card banner

NuSil Technology

NuSil™ R-3930

Chemical Family: Fluorosilicones

Ready to Use Product Type: Coating

Application Method: Dip Coating

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Film

NuSil™ R-3930 is a RTV fluorosilicone dispersion.

Metolat® 780 product card banner



Function: Wetting Agent

End Uses: Waterborne Ink, Waterborne Adhesive, Waterborne Coating

Labeling Claims: APEO-free

MÜNZING’s METOLAT 700 series are APEO-free wetting agents with excellent equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction for a wide range of coating and ink applications. The METOLAT 700 wetting agent product range has varying HLBs specifically designed to provide optimal performance based on the customer’s system chemistry and application requirements.

Touch Otal 2030 product card banner

Touch Chem

Touch OTAL 2030

Function: Binder

Chemical Family: Blends & Combinations

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Nitrocellulose, Polyurethanes (PU), Polyesters, Acrylics

Touch OTAL 2030 is an acrylic based polymer that have high efficiency metal pigment affinity group to prevent seeding and re-agglomeration of aluminum pigment upon storage. Touch OTAL 2030 with it high affinity to the metal surface, can wet and prevent those small to medium size aluminum to re-agglomerate after storage. Touch OTAL 2030 also proven in aluminum paste manufacturing process that by incorporating Touch OTAL 2030, the yield of the desire particles size is 20% higher. During the manufacturing process of the aluminum, Touch OTAL 2030 immediately stabilize the grinded aluminum to prevent them to re-agglomeration and this improve the yield of desire particles tremendously.

Ricon® 153 product card banner

Cray Valley

Ricon® 153

Function: Processing Aid

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Polyolefins

Features: High Reactivity, Water Resistance, Improved Hardness

Ricon® 153 is a low molecular weight, liquid polybutadiene resin with high vinyl functionality for high reactivity, exceptional hydrophobicity and excellent processing characteristics. It has a polymeric structure giving it excellent compatibility in saturated and unsaturated elastomers. Ricon 153 is a Type II coagent giving excellent crosslink densities without affecting the rate of cure. Ricon 153 is recommended in extrusions and moldings.

Ceretan® Me 0825 Wd product card banner



Function: Flattener, Dispersant

Chemical Family: Polyolefins, Polyethylenes, Waxes, Polyethylene Waxes

End Uses: Offset Ink, Coil Coating, Screen Printing Ink, Waterborne Coating, Flexography Ink, Solventborne Coating, Gravure Ink

Features: Slip Resistance, Improved Hardness, Abrasion Resistance, Excellent Scratch Resistance

Solid Content: 98.0 - 100.0 %

CERETAN® ME 0825 WD is a spherical, micronized, surface-modified Polyethylene wax and have uses in Paints and coatings and Printing Inks. This product have very good scratch- and abrasion resistance properties.CERETAN ® micronized waxes are predominantly produced using our highly advanced spraying technology leading to spherical particles. The spherical shape and the particles’ even surface help the dispersing process, reduce wax usage as well as dust formation. We guarantee D99 values to minimize oversized particles in your formulation.

Ricon® 156 product card banner

Cray Valley

Ricon® 156

Function: Processing Aid

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Polyolefins

Features: High Reactivity, Improves Adhesion, Water Resistance, Improved Hardness

Ricon® 156 is a very low molecular weight, liquid polybutadiene resin with a moderately high vinyl functionality for good reactivity, exceptional hydrophobicity and excellent processing characteristics. It has excellent compatibility in saturated and unsaturated elastomers. Ricon 156 is a Type II, coagent giving good crosslink densities without affecting the rate of cure. Ricon 156 is recommended in extrusions and moldings where higher crosslink density is desired and processing may be a problem.

Visicryl 7557 product card banner

Visen Industries Ltd


Chemical Family: Styrene-Acrylic Copolymer

Features: Provides Good Texture

Visicryl 7557 is used for high viscosity for textured finishes and paints