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561 brands found in Elastomers



Applications: Equipment & Parts, Other Semiconductor Applications, Other Oil, Gas & Mining Applications

Product Families: Parts & Shapes

Chemical Family: Fluoropolymers

Polymer Name: Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

End Uses: Pump Parts, Semiconductor Applications, Aircraft Applications

From aerospace and chemical processing to chip manufacturing and oil and gas applications, DuPont™ Kalrez® elastomers are engineered to provide more stability, more resistance, and more effective sealing. Period. While DuPont didn't invent o-rings or specialty sealants, it has a 40-year track record of innovation and development, creating sealants that stand up to the most challenging operating environments. Aside from its cleanliness and purity, Kalrez® polymer chains are engineered to be one of the most inert polymer structures available, standing up to more than 1,800 different chemicals while offering high-temperature stability. Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Every part has documented traceability, and these parts provide one of the longest, most predictable lifespans in industry. The long-term, proven performance of Kalrez® parts can mean less frequent seal changes, repairs, and inspections, increasing process and equipment uptime for greater productivity and yield.



Applications: Applicators & Accessories, Cosmetic Packaging, Cleaning Accessories

Product Families: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomers (TPE-E)

Chemical Family: Polyesters

Polymer Name: Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomer (TPC-ET)

End Uses: Appliances, Sporting Goods, Office Automation Equipment

DuPont™ Hytrel® TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomer combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength and processability of thermoplastics. Manufacturers prefer parts made with Hytrel® for their resilience, heat and chemical resistance, as well as their strength and durability. Hytrel® drives innovative design, enabling the development of unique parts with multiple performance characteristics. This versatile thermoplastic elastomer resin can flex in multiple directions, cycle after cycle, long after rubber would break. Its durability has made it an essential ingredient in automotive components such as the Constant Velocity Joint (CVJ) boot, which must endure an average of 150,000 miles of pounding over a wide range of temperatures. DuPont™ Hytrel® RS delivers all of the benefits of Hytrel®, yet it contains up to 60 percent renewably sourced materials from biomass, making it an excellent product for applications demanding renewably sourced options


CARIFLEX™ Isoprene Rubber

Applications: Other Medical & Pharma Packaging, Other Consumer Goods Applications, Food Films & Packaging

Product Families: Isoprene Rubbers (IR)

Chemical Family: Polyisoprenes

Polymer Name: Polyisoprene (IR)

End Uses: Film, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Pacifiers

Cariflex™ isoprene rubbers (IR) are high molecular weight, anionically polymerized polyisoprene that can be processed in the same way as a natural rubber, including vulcanization. They combine the key qualities of natural rubber such as good mechanical properties and hysteresis with superior features such as high purity, excellent clarity, good flow, low gel content, no nitrosamines, and no natural rubber proteins. Cariflex IR polymers are available as bales of rubber or as a latex. Use of IR polymers is beneficial for the production of gloves, medical products, adhesives, tackifiers, paints, coatings, and photoresistors.

LG Chem


Applications: Sports & Recreation, Other Consumer Goods Applications, Other Automotive Applications

Product Families: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomers (TPE-E)

Chemical Family: Polyesters

Polymer Name: Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomer (TPC-ET)

End Uses: General Purpose, Sporting Goods, Automotive Applications

KEYFLEX-BT is a thermoplastic elastomer that LG Chem developed based on its plastic compounding technology and synthetic rubber polymerization technology. It maintains outstanding mechanical strength and flexibility even at low temperature. It also has heat resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance. KEYFLEX-TO is a thermoplastic elastomer containing olefin resin as the main ingredient. It performs properties similar to those of rubber and excellent process-ability and is used to manufacture automotive parts and electric/electronic components.

Wacker Chemie AG


Applications: Tooling & Moldmaking

Product Families: Silicone Elastomers

Chemical Family: Silicones

Polymer Name: Silicone Elastomer

End Uses: Mold Making, Prototyping

CENUSIL® silicone rubber grades are extremely reliable, high performance products that make it easy to achieve consistent production quality and enable infinite productivity. They are the result of years of experience and R&D, mature technology and the high standards that are synonymous with WACKER SILICONES.



Applications: Appliances & Electronics, Pipes & Hoses, Other Medical Applications

Product Families: Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV)

Chemical Family: Silicones

Polymer Name: Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV), Thermoplastic Silicone Vulcanizate (TPSiV)

End Uses: Consumer Applications, Electrical/Electronic Applications, Medical/Healthcare Applications

When you combine the strength, toughness, and abrasion resistance of a thermoplastic elastomer with the soft silkiness, UV and chemical resistance, and colorability of silicone, you get DuPont TPSiV®. TPSiV® products incorporate vulcanized silicone modules in a thermoplastic matrix. But unlike traditional thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs), they can be recycled and reused in your manufacturing processes. This makes them remarkably versatile and reliable for a range of applications. Durable, yet both silky and non-tacky (dirt resistant), TPSiV® Thermoplastic Elastomers deliver exceptional performance and aesthetics in products ranging from consumer electronics to plumbing supplies.

Dynasol Elastomers


Applications: Textile Manufacturing, Pavement, Highways, Roads & Bridges, Construction Adhesives

Product Families: Functional Additives, Other Resins & Binders, Styrene Butadiene Rubbers (SBR)

Chemical Family: Styrenics, Styrene Copolymers

Polymer Name: Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SSBR), Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS)

End Uses: Asphalt Modification, Footwear, Hot-Melt Adhesive



Applications: Equipment & Parts, Other Industrial Applications, Pumps, Turbines & Compressors

Product Families: Parts & Shapes

Chemical Family: Polyimides (PI)

Polymer Name: Polyimide (PI), Thermoplastic Polyimide (TPI)

End Uses: Pump Parts, Semiconductor Applications, Industrial Applications

Temperature extremes, high friction, and heavy loads? Vespel® has outperformed other engineering materials under the most severe conditions since 1965. Highly demanding applications like aerospace components, semiconductor processing, automotive manufacturing, and energy production rely on Vespel® parts to keep their equipment running. Vespel® polyimide materials provide continuous operation at cryogenic to high temperatures; low wear and low friction at high PV in lubricated or unlubricated environments; outstanding creep, strength, and impact resistance; exceptional dimensional stability; low thermal expansion; and easy machinability. Vespel® makes lighter weight parts not only practical, but, in many cases, better than standard metal, ceramics, and other engineering polymers such as PEEK (polyether ether ketone) and PAI (polyamide-imide). With design centers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, DuPont technicians collaborate with customers to combine materials science with design to produce high-performance parts and keep production running smoothly. Vespel® parts and shapes, both custom and stock, have been tested and proven effective in highly demanding applications around the globe. They are available in sheet, rod, tube, plaque, bar, disk, ring, ball, and custom machined parts.


Dytek® Intermediates

Applications: Decorative Paints, Other Electrical & Electronics Applications, Exploration & Upstream

Product Families: Functional Additives, Performance Additives, Surface Protective Additives

Chemical Family: Diamines, Imines

End Uses: Epoxy Coating, Hot-Melt Adhesive, Tanks

Dytek® Specialty Intermediates are a family of multifunctional amine and nitrile chemical intermediates developed to inspire R&D chemists and formulators/product developers. With Dytek® Specialty Intermediates, chemists can introduce new and differentiated products, discover new routes in organic synthesis, and advance new chemistry.

Dynasol Elastomers


Applications: Medical Devices & Assemblies, Other Devices & Assemblies, Pharmaceutical Processing

Product Families: Nitrile Rubbers, Other Resins & Binders

Chemical Family: Nitrile Rubbers

Polymer Name: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)

End Uses: Footwear, Hoses, Automotive Applications

Paracril NBR grades are produced by cold and hot polymerization process. The cold process yields linear polymers with good processing characteristics and solubility in polar solvents. The hot polymerization process leads to more branching. Branching in the hot Paracril grades is more developed in the higher viscosity grades. The hot polymers offer improved green strength. &rosslinNed 3aracril N%5 grades are unique in processing and function.

Sumitomo Chemical


Product Families: EP Rubbers (EPDM)

Chemical Family: Ethylene-Propylene Copolymers (EPR), Polyolefins

Polymer Name: Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM)

Momentive Performance Materials

Silopren™ Liquid Silicone Rubber

Applications: Other Textile Applications, Other Consumer Goods Applications

Product Families: Silicone Elastomers

Chemical Family: Silicones

Polymer Name: Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), Silicone Elastomer

End Uses: Textile Applications, General Purpose

Silopren* Liquid Silicone Rubber - Momentive’s extensive Silopren liquid silicone rubber is a portfolio of platinum catalyzed materials designed to cure rapidly by heating in standard injection molding equipment. This versatile family of elastomers can deliver solutions to a wide range of applications across multiple industries ranging from automotive to energy and consumer goods to health care.

ZEON Corporation


Applications: Equipment & Parts, Tires, Powertrain & UTH

Product Families: Isoprene Rubbers (IR), Butadiene Rubbers (BR), Nitrile Rubbers

Chemical Family: Polyisoprenes, Polybutadienes, Nitrile Rubbers

Polymer Name: Polyisoprene (IR), Polybutadiene Rubber (BR), NBR Latex

End Uses: Footwear, Tires, Conveyor Parts

Nipol® nitrile (NBR) elastomers offer a good balance of performance and cost-effectiveness for applications needing fluid resistance, moderate heat resistance, and durability. We offer the broadest portfolio of NBR elastomers of anyone in the industry. Nipol NBR is classified as a BG-BK polymer according to SAE J200 / ASTM D2000.

Chi Mei Corporation


Applications: Sports & Recreation

Product Families: Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-S), Other Thermoplastic Elastomers

Polymer Name: Styrene Butadiene Block Copolymer, Thermoplastic Elastomer (unspecified)

End Uses: Sporting Goods

KIBITON® is a copolymer of styrene and butadiene. It shows some of the characteristics of thermoset rubber such as elasticity and low temperature performance with the advantages of a thermoplastic such as melt processibility. Its segmented and radial molecular structure allows it to have the same flexible and physical properties of general rubber without the vulcanization process. Its middle segment is similar to rubber and has excellent elastic restoring force, processing flowability, weather resistance, and can be injection molded similar to that of thermoplastics. It can be widely applied for shoe soles, toys, asphalt modifications, mechanical products, plastic modification agents, and adhesive agents.

Wacker Chemie AG


Applications: Other Devices & Assemblies, Jacketing & Insulation

Product Families: Silicone Elastomers

Chemical Family: Silicones

Polymer Name: Silicone Elastomer

End Uses: Electrical/Electronic Applications, High Voltage Insulation, Medium Voltage Insulation

The POWERSIL® brand portfolio describes special WACKER silicones for applications in the transmission and distribution industry. The range also covers silicone fluids, e.g. for transformers, and special silicone pastes. All POWERSIL® products combine the product safety, quality and reliability essential for these applications, and are characterized by outstanding property profiles. POWERSIL® rubber grades, with their long-lasting hydrophobic properties, tracking and arc resistance, and good low-temperature flexibility, offer special advantages for use under severe climatic conditions, for example in coastal areas or desert climates. They are ready to process and already tailored to the customer's processing techniques as supplied. POWERSIL® silicone rubbers and POWERSIL® insulator coatings are 1 or 2-component silicone rubber grades. Depending on the processing technology, the rubber grades are cured at room temperature or high temperatures. They are processed by standard methods, such as spraying (silicone coatings), press curing, injection molding, LPMF (low-pressure mold filling) or extrusion. POWERSIL® transformer fluid is a high-purity fluid with excellent dielectric properties, very good long-term thermal stability and high ignition temperature. POWERSIL® Paste AP combines the outstanding dielectric properties of a silicone paste with excellent lubrication properties; swelling of silicone elastomers in contact with the paste is also very low. POWERSIL®products are used to manufacture insulators, surge arresters and bushings, as well as for coupling sleeves, cable terminations and plugs. The coatings are used for coating porcelain insulators. POWERSIL® Fluid is used as a coolant and insulating fluid in transformers, while the paste is used as a lubricant for push-fitting cable accessories.

Adeka Corporation


Applications: Color Cosmetics

Product Families: Epoxies, Rheology Modifiers, Conditioners & Emollients

Chemical Family: Epoxy & Epoxy Derivatives

INCI Name: Aqua, Butylene Glycol, PEG-240/HDI Copolymer Bis-Decyltetradeceth-20 Ether

Polymer Name: Epoxy Resins & Compounds



Applications: Offset & Lithographic Printing, Industrial Coatings, Chemical Building Blocks & Intermediates

Product Families: Other Resins & Binders, Surface Modifiers, Functional Additives

Chemical Family: Waxes, Fischer Tropsch Waxes

End Uses: Solventborne Ink, Offset & Lithographic Ink, Ink Manufacturing

LG Chem


Applications: Footwear, Other Consumer Goods Applications

Product Families: Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-S), Acrylates & Methacrylates, Vinyl Polymers

Chemical Family: Acrylics, Acrylates & Methacrylates, Vinyls, Vinylics & Vinyl Derivatives

Polymer Name: Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer (EVA)

End Uses: Footwear, General Purpose

Jubilant Ingrevia Limited


Applications: Bath & Shower, Skin Care, Treatment Products

Product Families: Antioxidants & Preservatives, Hair Actives, Microbial Control

INCI Name: Zinc Pyrithione

End Uses: Anti-Dandruff Products, Body Creams & Lotions, Antiperspirants & Deodorants

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd


Applications: Jacketing & Insulation, Other Automotive Applications

Product Families: Fluoroelastomers

Chemical Family: Fluoropolymers

Polymer Name: Fluoroelastomer (FKM)

End Uses: Wire & Cable Applications, Automotive Applications

AFLAS® is unique fluoroelastomer and has superior base resistance and electrical insulation than conventional fluoroelastomer. AFLAS® will meet the applications where higher reliability is required.

Versalis - A subsidiary of Eni S.p.A


Applications: Other Industrial Applications, Pipes & Plumbing, Fuel Systems

Product Families: Styrene Butadiene Rubbers (SBR), Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-S)

Polymer Name: Emulsion Styrene Butadiene Rubber (ESBR), Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS)

End Uses: Footwear, Flooring, Hoses



Applications: Industrial Manufacturing, Medical Tapes & Adhesives, Adhesives & Sealants

Product Families: Other Resins & Binders, Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-S)

Chemical Family: Styrenics, Styrene Copolymers

Polymer Name: Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene (SEBS), Styrene Ethylene Propylene Styrene (SEPS)

End Uses: Footwear, Asphalt Modification

Wacker Chemie AG

ELASTOSIL® Silicone Rubbers

Applications: Tooling & Moldmaking, Packaging & Assembly Materials, Other Devices & Assemblies

Product Families: Silicone Elastomers

Chemical Family: Silicones

Polymer Name: Silicone Elastomer

End Uses: Prototyping, Mold Making, Electrical/Electronic Applications

ELASTOSIL® R solid silicone rubbers cure by peroxide. They can be processed by conventional methods, such as extrusion, calendering, compression and transfer molding, or injection molding. They cure under heat and pressure and are ideal for manufacturing a variety of silicone rubber articles

Idemitsu Chemicals


Applications: Displays, Housings & Enclosures, Appliances & Electronics

Product Families: Polycarbonates

Chemical Family: Polycarbonate (PC)

Polymer Name: Polycarbonate (PC)

End Uses: LCD Applications, Printer Parts, Plugs

TARFLON (PC) is an amorphous engineering plastics. TARFLON was the first polycarbonate product to be manufactured on a commercialized production line that was based on our continuous solvent process developed in 1969. Since then, this outstanding technological development has been licensed around the world. Thanks to its high impact resistance, good transparency, superb heat resistance, excellent dimensional precision, and electrical properties, Idemitsu Polycarbonate is highly evaluated in many fields. In addition to line-up of high quality natural grades, various grades (such as alloy, glass fiber reinforced, flame-retardant, optics and PC-PDMS copolymer etc.) are also available depending on the need of customers. In order to respond to diversifying industrial needs, Idemitsu is active in R&D into new functions and applications through the development of new polymer designs as well as alloys, blends, and composites. Idemitsu continues its lead by supplying the most advanced new materials.


Kuraray Poval™

Applications: Labels, Other Packaging & Paper Applications, Stationery & Office Supplies

Product Families: Vinyl Polymers, Functional Additives, Other Resins & Binders

Chemical Family: Vinyls, Vinylics & Vinyl Derivatives, Polyvinyl Alcohols & Esters

Polymer Name: Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH)

End Uses: Stamps, Emulsion Polymerization, Remoistenable Adhesives

KURARAY POVAL™ is the brand name of Kuraray’s globally produced polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). KURARAY POVAL™ features an extremely wide-ranging field of applications. The main uses are in the paper, adhesive, textile and construction industries, as well as in ceramics, packaging and electronics. The physical and chemical properties make PVOH very versatile. It features water-solubility, excellent film forming characteristics, high tensile strength and elasticity, as well as resistance against organic solvents and dispersing power. Reactivity of numerous hydroxyl groups with substances such as aldehydes and other reactive compounds expand the range even wider.

NuSil Technology


Applications: Aerospace & Aviation, Other Medical Applications

Product Families: Silicone Elastomers

Chemical Family: Silicones

Polymer Name: Silicone Elastomer

End Uses: Aerospace Applications, Medical/Healthcare Applications

High-purity silicone adhesives offer efficiencies in manufacturing by maximizing throughput. From biocompatible adhesives to high-temperature space-grade adhesives, NuSil® high-performance silicones from Avantor® are formulated to provide the strongest bond for a wide range of substrates in the most demanding environments.



Applications: Excipients & Coatings, API Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Processing

Product Families: Formulation & Processing Aids, Medical Grade Lubricants

Chemical Family: Silicones

End Uses: Medical Devices

Inspired by the terms "live" and "to be alive," Liveo™ reflects our drive to create innovative next-generation solutions that can help patients live life to the fullest. Built on a strong foundation and unmatched heritage from Dow Corning, Liveo™ medical-grade silicone solutions provide safety and patient benefits and help customers address a wide range of healthcare challenges. The broad Liveo™ product portfolio of performance materials is supported by DuPont Healthcare’s legendary expertise, transformational science and competencies in connected solutions.

Precision Polymer Engineering


Applications: Pipes & Hoses, Cooling & Climate, Fuel Systems

Product Families: Fluoroelastomers

Chemical Family: Fluoropolymers

Polymer Name: Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

End Uses: Valve Parts, Valves, Fittings

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) is the most chemically resistant elastomer available and is effectively a rubber form of PTFE. Perlast® perfluoroelastomer grades provide other properties which prove most valuable in critical sealing applications where purity, high temperatures and retention of sealing force are paramount. The Perlast® range of perfluoroelastomer materials are at the leading edge of polymer technology. They have been developed to offer superior sealing solutions with enhanced performance and improved functionality, which is proven in the field (see case studies).

Wacker Chemie AG


Product Families: Silicone Elastomers

Chemical Family: Silicones

Polymer Name: Silicone Elastomer

Geniomer® is the name of a new generation of thermoplastic silicone elastomers from the Wacker Group. These novel hybrid materials offer a property profile previously unseen in either thermoplastics or silicones. Applications range from process aids for the plastics industry to innovative uses in medical technology.

Wacker Chemie AG

LUMISIL® Silicone Solutions For Le Ds

Applications: Other Building Materials, Displays, Lighting

Product Families: Silicone Elastomers

Chemical Family: Silicones

Polymer Name: Silicone Elastomer

End Uses: Lighting Applications, Lenses, Lighting Diffusers

The LUMISIL® product line comprises high-performance optical-grade silicones for LED manufacturers with high requirements. All LUMISIL® products provide impressive product properties: They enable very efficient, cost-effective production and exhibit optimized flow and crosslinking characteristics, as well as high photostability. As an encapsulant, they effectively protect the LED chip against environmental influences that would shorten the chip's service life. Moreover, they show extreme thermal resistance during lead-free soldering of LEDs. Depending on the application, the refractive index is decisive for the choice of the lens-system's material. LUMISIL® is available for both HRI and NRI refractive index variants. LUMISIL® silicones for HRI combine high luminous intensity with low gas permeability, which protects the LED interior against corrosion. This makes them particularly suitable for high-end applications in TVs and car headlights. LUMISIL® HRI silicones are based on a technology developed and patented by WACKER. For NRI, WACKER offers a series of silicones that are especially efficient to process. LUMISIL® grades with a normal refractive index are ideal for high-performance LEDs, since they can withstand intense radiation and heat. A further field of application is general lighting, where the cost aspect and thus processing efficiency play a key role. Depending on the lens geometry required, WACKER LUMISIL ® offers two processing techniques: dispensing/jetting and molding. To directly encapsulate the LED chips, LUMISIL® silicones can either be dispensed or applied in a contact-free jet process. These processes enable very short cycle times and are thus predestined for mass production. Certain LUMISIL® grades are suitable for a special process that make it possible to generate optimal lenses via one-step mold-free dispensing on the semiconductor. The molding processing method is always preferred when a lens system must be mounted on the LED using precisely formed geometry, usually with a pronounced arch.



Applications: Cooling & Climate, Appliances & Electronics, Fuel Systems

Product Families: Thermoplastic Urethanes (TPU)

Chemical Family: Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU), Polyurethanes (PU)

Polymer Name: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (unspecified)

End Uses: Surgical Instruments, Medical/Healthcare Applications, Body Implants

Our Quadrathane™ family of polycarbonate-based thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are available in aliphatic and aromatic hard segments. Quadrathane™ offers superior biocompatibility, chemical resistance, and oxidative stability when compared to other TPUs. It is naturally clear and can be supplied in a wide range of durometers, colors, and radiopacifiers. Quadrathane™ is typically used in long-term implantation applications such as: Vascular Access Devices Orthopedics Pacemakers Wound Care Hemodialysis



Applications: Other Automotive Applications

Product Families: Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-S)

Chemical Family: Styrenics

Polymer Name: Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomer

End Uses: Automotive Applications

MULTIFLEX® thermoplastic elastomers from DuPont are excellent replacements for thermoset rubber in highly demanding automotive applications. They help reduce costs through streamlined processing and combine design freedom with recyclability. From interior features such as cup holders and mat bins to airbag covers and exterior weather seals, MULTIFLEX® offers the industry exceptionally high performance in a wide range of applications. In addition to exceptional colorability and resistance to color degradation, it is resistant to alcohols, acids, aqueous solutions, bases, and detergents. Plus, it has high thermal and electrical properties.


ECDEL™ Elastomers

Applications: Cooling & Climate, Appliances & Electronics, Fuel Systems

Product Families: Other Thermoplastic Elastomers

Polymer Name: Thermoplastic Elastomer (unspecified)

End Uses: Pharmaceutical Packaging, Medical Packaging, Film

Ecdel™ elastomers are plasticizer free copolyester elastomers (COPE). They offer the clarity; toughness; flexibility; and chemical and heat resistance needed in a variety of flexible packaging applications including medical and pharmaceutical packaging. Ecdel may be processed on standard injection molding, extrusion blow molding, profile extrusion, extrusion coating, or film extrusion equipment. Ecdel may be extrusion blow molded directly into bags or extruded into film for later fabrication into bags. Ecdel elastomers are radiation, electron beam, ethylene oxide, and autoclave sterilization stable. Medical Applications: Flexible packaging IV Containers Tubing

Wacker Chemie AG


Applications: Other Devices & Assemblies, Electrical & Electronic Systems

Product Families: Silicone Elastomers

Chemical Family: Silicones

Polymer Name: Silicone Elastomer

End Uses: Electrical/Electronic Applications, Automotive Electronics

SEMICOSIL® is the name of WACKER's highly specialized silicone rubber grades for use in various electronics applications. SEMICOSIL®products effectively protect electronic components against external effects. SEMICOSIL® products are customized to the individual requirements of electronic parts, circuit boards and hybrid elements, and the associated manufacturing processes. They can be fully automatically processed in mixing and metering units, and are thus ideal for cost-effective mass production. The product range covers a wide selection of room-temperature and high-temperature vulcanizing 1 and 2-part silicone rubber grades. SEMICOSIL®products, thanks to their wide range of properties, are ideal for processing by conventional methods. When used for encapsulation, SEMICOSIL® reduces thermal stressing of the fragile components and is characterized by extremely low stress values. Coating or protective varnishing of circuit boards or hybrid components with SEMICOSIL® reliably protects components against mechanical and chemical effects. Selected thermally conductive SEMICOSIL®adhesives and sealant grades, by dampening vibrations and thanks to the uniform stress distribution between different materials, are also able to dissipate the heat generated during operation of the component.

Versalis - A subsidiary of Eni S.p.A


Applications: Jacketing & Insulation, Other Automotive Applications, Other Consumer Goods Applications

Product Families: EP Rubbers (EPDM)

Chemical Family: Ethylene-Propylene Copolymers (EPR), Polyolefins

Polymer Name: Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM)

End Uses: Wire & Cable Applications, Automotive Applications, General Purpose


HYDROCEROL® Chemical Foaming

Applications: Sports & Recreation, Structural Components, Interior

Product Families: Processing Aids, Performance Additives, Additive Masterbatches

End Uses: Sporting Goods, Construction Applications, Luggage

With HYDROCEROL® chemical foaming and nucleating agents, Clariant customers enjoy the benefits of weight reduction, raw material savings, improved thermal and acoustic insulation, increased wall stiffness and enhance surface textures. Warpage and sink marks are minimized as well. HYDROCEROL CFAs have been used successfully in packaging and consumer goods, as well as specialty applications like automotive, to reduce product weight and resin consumption.