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Brands: 25

Products: 116

HQ: United States

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Sappi Symbio

Brands: 0

Products: 6

HQ: Netherlands

Sappi is a global diversified woodfiber group, focused on dissolving pulp, paper-based solutions and high quality functional biomaterials. Our long-term vision is to provide bio-based materials fully derived from wood, that offer attractive alternatives to fossil based plastics and composites. Sappi Symbio is a biocomposite combining the best qualities of wood with the designability of plastic materials for improved haptics, looks and performance.

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Brands: 8

Products: 80

HQ: United States

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Desert King International

Brands: 3

Products: 15


A worldwide leader in the manufacturing and supply of purified saponins from Quillaja saponaria and Yucca schidigera. Desert King International, with offices in San Diego, California, Mexico and Chile, has a workforce of over 200 and clients in all corners of the world. We supply Quillaja and Yucca to industries including Personal Care & Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Animal Health, Agriculture and Mining. Quillaja saponaria is a 100% natural plant-derived ingredient being used in Personal Care & Cosmetic applications. It's an active as well as a functional Ingredient: Anti-Irritant - Anti-Microbial - Foaming Agent - Co-emulsifier - Dispersing Agent – Cleanser - Vegan – Organic – Non-GMO - Halal – Kosher – Food Grade (GRAS) – Sustainable - Biodegradable Quillaja is a great alternative for formulations requiring clean ingredients. For more information please contact Lauren Williams at

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Brands: 9

Products: 34

HQ: United States

AGRANA is an internationally oriented Austrian company which adds value to agricultural commodities to produce a wide range of industrial products for the processing sector. With around 8,600 personnel based at 55 production facilities located around the world, AGRANA maintains a global presence and generates consolidated revenues of almost € 2,6 billion. AGRANA has been listed in the Prime Market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1991.

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Brands: 53

Products: 127

HQ: United States

Royal DSM is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. By connecting its unique competences in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences DSM is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances to create sustainable value for all stakeholders simultaneously. DSM delivers innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance in global markets such as food and dietary supplements, personal care, feed, medical devices, automotive, paints, electrical and electronics, life protection, alternative energy and bio-based materials

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SternEnzym GmbH & Co. KG

Brands: 5

Products: 23

HQ: Germany

Established in 1988, SternEnzym specialises in designing enzymes and enzyme complexes, in particular for the food industry. Its main applications are bread and pastry goods, sugar as well as dairy, fish and meat products. A member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe consisting of 11 specialist companies, SternEnzym benefits from various synergies.

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CLR Berlin GmbH

Brands: 24

Products: 34

HQ: Germany

CLR - Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter - is an independent German company based in Berlin, which develops biologically active cosmetic ingredients with superior levels of in-vitro and in-vivo claim substantiation. Our strength lies in creating innovative and efficient cosmetic concepts for skin and hair care to help Personal Care marketers and formulators address the latest trends with confidence in the effectiveness of their brands. CLR's highly active cosmetic ingredients fill the diverse requirements of skin and hair, such as protection, stimulation, toning, regeneration, soothing, moisturization and nutrition. Our integrated management system combines quality, environmental and social responsibility aspects in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EFfCI GMP and SA8000 standards.

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Brands: 87

Products: 344

HQ: Brazil

Since 1925 we have been the name behind the high performance ingredients and technologies in some of the biggest, most successful brands in the world: creating, making and selling speciality chemicals that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere. We are a FTSE 250 company with more than 4,200 employees working together globally as one team across manufacturing sites and offices in 36 countries. Our flexible structure allows us to focus on developing and delivering innovative, sustainable ingredients that our customers can build on in: Personal Care, Health Care, Crop Care, Polymer Additives, Lubricants, Coatings & Polymers, Geo Tech, Home Care and Industrial Specialities.

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Givaudan - Naturex

Brands: 34

Products: 384

HQ: France

Naturex is the global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients. Through its dedicated business units, the Group addresses the specific needs of 3 strategic markets: Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health, and Personal Care. The company offers its customers a full array of high quality ingredients, responsibly sourced from nature for food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.

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Kaneka North America

Brands: 2

Products: 12

HQ: United States

Founded in 1982 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kaneka Corporation, the plant is located southeast of Houston in the Bayport Industry District at 6161 Underwood Road, Pasadena, TX. Kaneka North America started manufacturing operations in 1984 making impact modifier, Kane Ace B, for the plastic industry. Major additions to this plant occurred in 1987 and 1993, making it the largest modifier plant in the world. In 1990 production of polyimide film began at this site. In 2008 Kaneka North America began manufacturing CPVC resin and in 2009 the MS Polymer facility began producing the first liquid polymer products at this site. Kaneka developed a large collection of Silyl Modified Liquid Polymers to meet your various needs. Since the commercial introduction of KANEKA MS POLYMER® in 1978 in Japan, successful new generations of liquid polymers continue to be innovated for industries, applicators, and consumers across numerous markets. Kaneka liquid polymers are widely recognized as the premium choice of base resins for producing sealants, adhesives, and coatings. Their unique properties enable KANEKA MS POLYMER® based products to deliver outstanding performance for a broad variety of markets including: construction, Industrial, transportation, flooring, waterproofing, DIY, and specialty markets. Kaneka’s continuous pursuit of innovation is reflected in our broad product portfolio covering these various applications.

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SABIC's Specialties Business

Brands: 38

Products: 1860

HQ: Saudi Arabia

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Brands: 4

Products: 162

HQ: United States

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Mitsubishi Chemical

Brands: 12

Products: 49

HQ: Japan

The word "chemistry" has a secondary meaning, referring to the relationships and interconnection between people. By assembling a variety of Good Chemistry, we believe it will lead to the sustainable development of people, society and the Earth, which is the basis for realizing KAITEKI.

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Sinerga S.p.A.

Brands: 48

Products: 48

HQ: Italy

Since 1978, Sinerga is a uniqueness in the skincare industry. A multitasking team of experts, industrial modern equipment and innovative approach able to offer a complete range of solutions: • Cosmetic Specialties: actives, sensorial emulsifiers, functional ingredients, mild surfactants, preservative solutions; • R&D and Innovation Lab: high quality and customized formulations; • Contract manufacturing: specialized in dermo-cosmetic and personal care products, medical devices classes I, IIA, IIB, III, active make up treatments; • Product Marketing Support: internal regulatory, packaging and graphic services. Our knowledge of the personal care industry is on a global basis; we collaborate with dermatologists, cosmetic and chemistry experts and trend forecasting observatory in order to keep us constantly updated on consumers needs and to be innovative and proactive.

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Perstorp AB

Brands: 14

Products: 67

HQ: Sweden

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Musim Mas Group

Brands: 11

Products: 108

HQ: Singapore

Dedicated to providing high quality palm oil products and derivatives in an environmentally, socially, and economically viable way, Musim Mas Group offers dozens of innovative RSPO MB-certified solutions for use in a wide variety of applications. As one of the most prominent players in the industry with a presence in strategic locations around the world, Singapore-based Musim Mas is fully integrated across the entire spectrum of the palm oil supply chain. Search, sample and chat with experts from our commercial team at Inter-Continental Oils and Fats (ICOF), a member of Musim Mas Group, today.

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Jarchem Innovative Ingredients LLC

Brands: 18

Products: 140

HQ: United States

Jarchem is a certified ISO 9001:2015 global manufacturer and supplier of nature-based innovative ingredients. We have created a worldwide reputation for high quality, particularly in the areas of: Specialty Butters & Oils, Sulfate-free Surfactants, Natural Actives, Oleochemicals, Inorganic Salts, Monomers and Polymers.

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Brands: 4

Products: 6

HQ: France

Greenpharma is a CRO SME of 12 people, specialised in natural compound studies for cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. Built around an innovative technological platform, Greenpharma succeeded to gather expertise in wide and complementary fields such as chemoinformatic, pharmacognosy, medicinal & analytical chemistry, pilot scale extraction and formulation. This has led to a unique know-how in natural compound & extract selection, extract purification, metabolite measurement, homology modelling, virtual screening (e.g. Selnergy™), lead optimisation, ADMET prediction and database building. Greenpharma approach has led to several patents on bioactive (natural or synthetic) molecules and extracts

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Brands: 87

Products: 128

HQ: United States

Present in 100 countries through its subsidiaries and its network of distributors, SEPPIC employs 700 people worldwide, including 100 employees dedicated to innovation. Prized for its proximity and reliability, SEPPIC inspires its customers worldwide with a unique combination of scientific expertise in the fields of chemistry, formulation and objectification. This covers polymers, surfactants and emulsion technologies, biology, immunology, transformation of natural products. As a subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare, SEPPIC contributes to the continuum of care by advancing prevention and well-being through sustainable innovation.

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Kobo Products

Brands: 12

Products: 1039

HQ: United States

Since 1987 Kobo has provided innovative, technology-based raw materials to the cosmetic industry. The product range includes Surface Treated Pigments, Microspheres, Suncare and Color Dispersions, Silicone Fluids, Specialties, Natural Ingredients, Effect Pigments, Boron Nitride and Delivery Systems. Kobo has five locations, USA (Corporate Headquarters), France, Japan, Brazil and UK and is represented globally by independent agents.

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Brands: 0

Products: 101

HQ: United States

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Sabinsa Cosmetics

Brands: 26

Products: 73

HQ: United States

Sabinsa's mission is to provide alternative and complementary natural products for human nutrition and well-being,Over the past 26 years, With portfolio of 90+ national and international patents Sabinsa has brought to market more than 100 standardized botanical extracts and privately funded several clinical studies with prestigious institutions in support of these products. With more than 100 full time scientists conducting ongoing research in India and the United States

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Brands: 36

Products: 196

HQ: United States

Arxada is a global specialty chemicals business with leading positions in Microbial Control Solutions (MCS) and Specialty Products Solutions (SPS). MCS is a world leader addressing six target markets: hygiene, home & personal care, paints and coatings, crop protection, material protection and wood protection. MCS offers industry-leading regulatory expertise, a comprehensive portfolio together with a broad range of registrations, which are critical to maintaining the integrity of its customers’ products.

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Brands: 2

Products: 12

HQ: Poland

Nanoxo is a chemical company with an experience in designing and manufacturing of various functional materials with broad potential applications. It is represented by a research team highly skilled in chemical research and development. The goal of the company is to use scientific expertise in order to rationally design, analyze and finally provide solutions and products for various industries and applications. Systematic improvements to any chemical process or product are only possible based on thorough understanding as well as proper validation of designed ideas, and that defines operational strategy of the company. Current key technology of Nanoxo is synthesis of heavy metals free Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots - unique nanoparticles having unprecedented characteristics in comparison to the products currently available on the market. Having deep background in organometallic chemistry Nanoxo plans to develop and introduce a range of other materials highly demanded by emerging industries.

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Brands: 7

Products: 90

HQ: Korea

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Dow North America

Brands: 19

Products: 46

HQ: United States

The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) is as an integrated science and technology company. The Company is a diversified, manufacturer and supplier of products used primarily as raw materials in the manufacture of customer products and services across the world. The Company operates in five segments: Agricultural Sciences, Consumer Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions, Performance Materials & Chemicals and Performance Plastics. The Company serves various industries, such as appliance, automotive, agricultural, building and construction, chemical processing, electronics, furniture, housewares, oil and gas, packaging, paints, coatings and adhesives, personal care, pharmaceutical, processed foods, pulp and paper, textile and carpet, utilities and water treatment.

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Helios Resins

Brands: 6

Products: 258

HQ: Slovenia

Helios Resins is a separate business unit of KANSAI HELIOS, now part of Kansai Paint, one of the world’s leading paint and coatings producers. Helios Resins produces around 60,000 tons of liquid resins annually, including coating resins, composite resins, and polyester polyols for PU flexible foams. Our coating resin brands - DOMOPOL, DOMACRYL, DOMALKYD, DOMEMUL and DOMOPUR - have achieved a strong market position and are trusted for their quality and performance. By developing advanced, green and long-lasting materials, Helios Resins has managed to reduce emissions of hazardous organic solvents, create a potential for energy savings, and incorporate bio-renewable raw materials. All this while maintaining high-quality products aligned with the requirements of our most demanding customers. We currently serve more than 50 countries worldwide.

Dupont Tate And Lyle Bioproducts producer card banner

DuPont Tate and Lyle BioProducts

Brands: 1

Products: 1

HQ: United States

DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts LLC is a joint venture of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and Tate & Lyle plc.Our innovative industrial biotechnology enables today’s manufacturers find ways to create products that offer better performance, quality and sustainability across a wide range of end uses. Our global headquarters and world-class manufacturing facility is located in Loudon, Tennessee, USA. We are the largest global producer of bio-based 1,3-propanediol. Our global marketing and sales office is located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, with a global distribution network. Our mission is to provide customers with a competitive advantage by offering improved, higher-performing ingredients from a petroleum-free, sustainable and renewable source.

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Brands: 2

Products: 43

HQ: United Kingdom

We are Stephenson, one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of speciality soap bases. Working with some of the biggest industry names and having won two queens awards to industry, our reputation for excellence throughout every stage of the process is second to none. Experts in their own fields, our team (30% focusing on chemistry or lab areas) understand and continue to challenge themselves to meet the ever-changing demands of our global customers. From our dedicated facility in Horsforth, West Yorkshire, we manage our R&D, manufacturing, sales customer marketing and distribution services, ensuring complete control and continuity of our products and services. We are Innovators We have over 150 years of technical experience that empowers our team to create solutions and challenge expectations to find solutions for tomorrow’s Personal Care world We are Partners At the heart of our business is every customer, in every market, in every continent…and together, we innovate, create products and drive brands, for personal care markets. Strategically, this means our team can work with our customers not just on solving their product challenges but provide new market opportunities and solutions. We create Products From base formulations for solid soap and shampoo bars to creams and lotions, our range of soap bases and speciality ingredients covers a wide range of personal care applications • Extruded (Inc. Syndopal) • Melt & Pour • Liquids • Cosmetics • Ingredients (Inc. Durosoft) We are Responsible We actively drive innovation within our markets from procurement of raw materials to finished products. We are committed to responsible sourcing across our supply chain. We deliver Quality Each batch is carefully checked before dispatch. We are dedicated to international quality and environmental standards. Our multinational team are here to support you and your customers as we work to develop the Personal Care market for the future. We are Stephenson

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Brands: 2

Products: 27

HQ: Belgium

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Berjé Inc

Brands: 0

Products: 31


Berjé is a family-owned business that has been in operation for six decades. The company’s strength lies in a profound understanding of the supply and the quality of the diverse raw materials consumed by the flavor and fragrance industries. Our full list of Essential Oils, Aromatic Chemicals and Organics is available on

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Brands: 2

Products: 11

HQ: United States

With leading brands including LYCRA®, COOLMAX®, CORDURA®, STAINMASTER® and ANTRON®, INVISTA is one of the worlds largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers. The companys advantaged technologies for nylon, spandex and polyester are used to produce clothing, carpet, car parts and countless other everyday products. Headquartered in the United States, INVISTA operates in more than 20 countries and has about 10,000 employees. We are an equal opportunity employer. Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran.

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Colonial Chemical

Brands: 4

Products: 225

HQ: United States

For almost thirty years, Colonial Chemical has pushed the boundaries and explored revolutionary processes for making extraordinarily mild, environmentally safe and high-performing chemicals from all-natural and renewable ingredients. Colonial manufactures cosmetic and industrial surfactants, performance additives and other key building-block ingredients for use in personal care, household and industrial, lubrication and oilfield applications. We are a global supplier of surfactants and other chemistries to all of continental North America as well as over 25 countries internationally.

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Brands: 30

Products: 89

HQ: United States

Solvay, an international chemical group, offers a broad range of products that enhance performance in Home & Personal care products. Solvay delivers creative solutions to deliver new product innovations that maximize consumer benefits. Solvay Novecare is an industry leader in natural, naturally-derived and synthetic polymers, and specialty surfactants, delivering high-performance solutions to diversified markets, including health care, personal care and home care. With a worldwide industrial footprint and global R&D and tech support network, Solvay Novecare has developed the expertise to answer a variety of needs in surface modification, rheology, active delivery, and improvement of formulations and processes while committed to sustainable development.

Daikin Industries, Ltd. producer card banner

Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Brands: 10

Products: 274

HQ: United States

Daikin has been a world leader in the development, manufacture and sales of fluoropolymers and chemistry since 1924. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Daikin is renowned for innovation, quality and commitment. As the world changes, Daikin is meeting the challenges with technology that makes a difference. We have been in the forefront of the fluorocarbon industry not just with constant innovation in the products we develop, but the service and support behind them.