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PA5051 Brand
Supplier:  A&B Ingredients
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A&B Ingredients’ plant-based probiotic is based on P.Acidilactici. Harvested from switchgrass, our PA5051 plant-based probiotic supplement has the tools to survive in nature as well as through the digestive system. Since it is extremely robust and stable our plant-based probiotic provides many important and beneficial functions in the host such as aiding in digestion and maintaining the proper balance of good vs. bad bacteria. Our plant-based probiotic also helps to support the immune system. PA5051 is manufactured in the US and is protected by a number of patents. Our hearty plant-based probiotic is based on P.Acidilactici and has the tools to survive in nature as well as through the digestive system.

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Identification & Functionality

Ingredient Origin
Natural Origin,Non-Animal Origin,Plant Origin
Food Ingredients
Product Families
Nutrition & Fortification,
Prebiotics, Probiotics & Postbiotics,
Food Ingredients Functions

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
Allergen-free,Kosher,Natural,Naturally Derived,Non-GMO,Plant-Based,Vegan

Applications & Uses

Agriculture & Feed,Food & Nutrition
Animal Health & Nutrition,
Sports Drinks,Juice & Juice Drinks,Oenology,
Other Food Applications,Bakery,Cereals & Snacks,Confectionery,Dairy,
Nutrition & Well Being,
Nutraceuticals & Supplements,
Animal Species
Food & Nutrition Applications
Cereals & Breakfast Foods,Chocolates,Confectionery Products,Dietary Supplements,Dry Mixes,Juices,Sports Drinks,Wine,Yogurt