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Cytoguard® OX-OST

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Ingredient Name: Jasmine
Function: Antioxidant
Ingredient Origin: Natural Origin
Labeling Claims: Kosher, Naturally Derived, Solvent-free, Natural, Clean Label, Non-GMO
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Identification & Functionality

Ingredient Name
Ingredient Origin
Natural Origin
Food Ingredients Functions
Food Ingredients
  • Natural flavor
  • Natural tea extract
  • Jasmine Tea Extract
  • Spice

Cytoguard® OX-OST Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits


  • High antioxidant activity
  • Oil-soluble liquid or Water-soluble powder
  • Non-GMO
  • Solvent-free extraction process
  • Clean/Neutral taste
  • Heat stable (180 °C/365 °F)
  • Health enhancing nutraceutical



  • Natural Antioxidant
  • Ensures quality, extends shelf life
  • Natural / plant-based ingredients
  • Shelf-stable oil
  • Preserves the flavor
  • Preserves the color
  • Clean Label / Label-Friendly
  • Higher efficiency compared to other popular antioxidant blends
  • May be used to replace chemical preservatives and synthetic antioxidants (BHA, BHT, Propyl gallate, TBHQ)
Product Highlights

Cytoguard Natural Antioxidants Product Line

  • Water and Oil-soluble versions of:
  1. 0regano Extract (natural flavor)
  2. Jasmine Tea Extract (natural flavor)
  3. Mediterranean Spice Extract (natural flavor)


Use Natural Antioxidants To Replace Synthetic Preservatives

  • Our natural antioxidants play an ever-increasing role in the food industry as the industry continues its rapid shift away from the probable carcinogens BHA and BHT. And, while there is an overabundance of antioxidant choices, A&B Ingredients has centered its focus on a line of natural, plant-based antioxidants with clean label options.
  • CytoGuard natural antioxidants are produced through a solvent-free extraction of the phenolic compounds naturally present in select plants. CytoGuard natural antioxidants have a clean flavor profile and have minimal impact on the organoleptic properties of food products at typical usage levels.


Clean Label Solution For Food Oxidation

  • A&B's line of natural antioxidants provides a clean label solution that addresses the problems of oxidation in food manufacturing. For instance, rancidity in certain foods results from lipid material (fat) undergoing oxidation reactions that produce aldehydes, ketones, keta acids and other compounds responsible for odor and off-flavors. Not only does this cause flavor and quality loss, but it also affects the nutritional quality of your food product, not to mention the health risks. CytoGuard water-soluble antioxidants can help reduce oxidation at the lipid/water interface. CytoGuard oil-soluble antioxidants can help extend the shelf life of the oils and the shelf life of the fried foods.

Applications & Uses

Applications and Uses


  • CytoGuard OX-OST is a powerful antioxidant designed for use in fats, oils and food products with lower water content
  • In food – frying oils, fats and oils
  • In nutraceuticals and cosmetics – cosmetic oils and fish oil
  • Typical Usage Rates – 0.1-0.3%
  • Pre-dissolve in oil phase, cloudiness will disappear at 100-150°C



CytoGuard antioxidants are formulated to be highly effective in reducing oxidation in:

  • Animal and vegetable fats and oils
  • Meat, poultry and seafood
  • Prepared foods and beverages
  • Nutritional bars, pet foods and baked and fried snacks
  • Food colorants
  • Cosmetics
  • Nutraceutical products


Light brown Liquid
Extra mild flavor
Soluble in
Microbiological Values
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Escherichia ColiAbsentper 1g-
SalmonellaAbsentper 25g-
Total Plate Countmax. 3000cfu/g-
Yeasts and Moldsmax. 100cfu/g-

Regulatory & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance
  • In compliance with ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP (Codex Alimenatrius DS 3027)
  • Kosher
  • Pareve
  • Halal
  • Non-GMO

Technical Details & Test Data

  • Our research has found that CytoGuard natural antioxidants are among the most powerful plant-based antioxidants with demonstrated high antioxidant activity and performance levels beyond the traditional rosemary extracts. They are also a natural alternative to synthetic BHT and TBHQ.


Different antioxidants tested at equal dosages of 200ppm in Linocelic Acid Emulsion at 60°C after 17days

Strong Antioxidant Activity

Cytoguard® OX-OST - Research

Recommended Usage Foods
  • Pre-dissolve in oil phase – will clarify at 80°C
  • Always add at the earliest stage of processing


Delaying Oxidation of Sunflower Oil by Cytoguard® OX-OST
Cytoguard® OX-OST - Recommended Usage Foods


Delaying Oxidation of Canola Oil by Cytoguard® OX-OST
Cytoguard® OX-OST - Recommended Usage Foods - 1

Delaying Oxidation of Sunflower Oil Measured by Rancimat at 120°C
Cytoguard® OX-OST - Recommended Usage Foods - 2


Delaying Oxidation of Canola Oil Measured by Rancimat at 120°C
Cytoguard® OX-OST - Recommended Usage Foods - 3

Packaging & Availability

Country Availability

Regional Availability

Packaging Information

10kg plastic container

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
2 years
Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool, at ambient temperatures

Shelf Life : 2 years when stored unopened according to recommended storage conditions, in original sealed packaging

Cytoguard® OX-OST
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