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AdvanSix Brand
Supplier:  AdvanSix
Products:  29

Brand Summary

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Identification & Functionality

Additives Included
Heat Stabilizer,Lubricant (Unspecified),Nucleating Agent,Plasticizer (Unspecified)
Chemical Family
Polymer Name
Co-Polyamide,Polyamide (unspecified),Polyamide 6 (PA 6),Polyamide 6/66 (PA 6/66)
Product Families
Engineering & Specialty Polymers
Plastics & Elastomers Functions

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
Food Contact Acceptable

Applications & Uses

Automotive & Transportation,Building & Construction,Consumer Goods,Electrical & Electronics,Industrial,Printing & Packaging
Apparel,Carpet & Upholstery,Footwear,Lawn & Garden,Other Consumer Goods Applications,Sports & Recreation,Stationery, Art & Office Supplies
Flooring & Surfaces
Artificial Turf,Carpet
Wire & Cable
Jacketing & Insulation,Building Wires & Power Cables
Paper & Pulp
Coated Paper & Paperboard
Textiles & Nonwovens
Technical Fabrics,Other Textile Applications
Food & Beverage Packaging,Industrial & Transport Packaging
Decorative Materials & Finishes
Artificial Turf,Carpet
Leather & Textiles
Technical Fabrics,Textile Manufacturing
Devices & Assemblies
Automotive Electronics,Consumer Electronics,Lighting,Other Devices & Assemblies
Chemical & Industrial Manufacturing
Equipment & Parts
Flexible Packaging
Food Films & Packaging
Interior,Automotive Lighting,Powertrain & UTH,Safety Systems,Tires,Electrical & Electronic Systems,Aftermarket Parts & Components
Plastics & Elastomers End Uses
Airbags,Appliance Wire Jacketing,Automotive Applications,BCF Multifilament,Balloons,Biaxially Oriented Film,Book Covers,Bottles,Building Wire Insulation,Building Wire Jacketing,Cables,Carpet Fiber,Cast Films,Cooling Hoses,Door Profiles,Electrical/Electronic Applications,Fans,Film,Flexible Packaging,Food Packaging,Form Fill Seal Packaging,Front Spoiler,Gears,High Strength Fiber,Industrial Applications,Industrial Fiber Applications,Industrial Film Applications,Levers,Monofilament Trimmer Lines,Monofilaments,Netting,Oriented Film,Paper Coating,Paper Machine Clothing,Plenum Cable Jacketing,Pouches Flexible Packaging,Profiles,Radiator,Retort Pouches,Rigid Food Packaging,Seat Belts,Seat Webbing,Shrink Wrap,Shrouds,Side Spoiler,Stretch Films,Textile Applications,Tire Cord,Transportation Wire Insulation,Transportation Wire Jacketing,Tubing,Turf Applications,Wire Jacketing,Wires
Composites End Use
Plastics & Elastomers Processing Methods
Blow Molding,Blown Film Extrusion,Cast Film Extrusion,Compounding,Extrusion,Extrusion Coating,Fiber Spinning,Film Extrusion,Injection Molding,Profile Extrusion,Thermoforming

Brand Highlights

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Brand Highlights

Widely used to manufacture vacuum bags, casings and pouches for packaging, Aegis® resins deliver outstanding performance that is valued by film producers and their customers. The strength and barrier qualities of Aegis® resins help maintain everything from the aroma of fine ground coffees to the freshness of high-value steaks, and the integrity of life-saving medical devices. These resins offer outstanding performance that provides improved protection and extended shelf life for food and other products in consumer and industrial markets. They also help maintain the aroma and taste of foods. Good flexibility and performance over a wide range of temperatures makes them a material of choice for many applications.


Aegis® resins are specifically engineered for packaging applications, and are available in low, medium and high viscosity grades with a variety of additive options. Excellent processability during extrusion and consistent quality ensures optimal process performance and end product quality. They are suitable for fabricating film through nonoriented and biaxially-oriented (BOPA) cast film extrusion, as well as multilayer blown film extrusion. These films can be coextruded or laminated with other materials or films, such as polyethylene or ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), to achieve the required optimal packaging properties.

Key Nylon Film Benefits

Tear and puncture resistance Superior aroma and gas barrier
Flex crack and retort resistance Superior thermoformability
Oil, fat and grease resistance Superior flexibility and toughness
Excellent transparency Heat resistance for hot filling