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Chemical Name: 2-Pentanone Oxime

Function: Intermediate, Oxygen Scavenger, Corrosion Inhibitor, Blocking Agent, Antioxidant, Anti-Skinning Agent

CAS Number: 623-40-5

Labeling Claims: Low Toxicity, High Purity, Water-free

Synonyms: Methyl n-propyl ketoxime, Methyl propyl ketone oxime, Methyl propyl ketoxime, NSC 73149

EZ-Blox® optimizes the performance of alkyd-based paint and coating formulations by preventing surface skin formation due to contact with atmospheric oxygen when, between uses, such formulations sit in containers. EZ-Blox® is a breakthrough product that offers a safe, cost-effective replacement for MEKO, typically with equal efficacy and compatibility with other components in such formulations. With EU-REACH certification and low-toxicity, EZ-Blox® is ideal for paints and coatings producers looking to reformulate high-performance alkyd-based systems post ECHA’s reclassification of MEKO as a Carcinogen 1B substance on March 1, 2022.