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AdvanSix Acetaldehyde Oxime (AAO)

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Acetaldehyde oxime (AAO) is an essential chemical intermediate for Agriculture & Feed markets. It is used as a crop protection chemical to prevent fungus and insect infestation. AAO is also used as an additive in zinc phosphate coating formulations for corrosion resistance applications.

Chemical Name: Acetaldehyde Oxime (AAO)
CAS Number: 107-29-9
Labeling Claims: High Purity
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Identification & Functionality

Base Chemicals Functions

AdvanSix Acetaldehyde Oxime (AAO) Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Miscible in
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Acetaldehyde Contentmax. 0.10%QAAAO-0012
Acetaldehyde Oxime Content49-51%QAAAO-0001, QAAAO-0010
Acetonitrile Contentmax. 0.10%QAAAO-0012
Alkalinity (as NH3)max. 0.1%QAAAO-0004
Iron Contentmax. 1ppmQAAAO-0008
Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime Contentmax. 0.50%QAAAO-0012
Physico-Chemical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Boiling Point107 (224.6)°C (°F)-
Boiling Point Mixture 50:50 (wt%/wt%)approx. 95.5 (203.9)°C (°F)-
Density (at 20°C (68°F))0.98g/mL-
Flash Point 50:50 (wt/wt%)56 (132.8)°C (°F)-
Melting Point (α-Types)46.5 (115.7)°C (°F)-
Melting Point (β-Types)12 (53.6)°C (°F)-
Molecular Weight (Mixture)38.55g/mol-
pH8 - 9--
Vapor Pressure (at 20°C)20.2mmHg-
Viscosity (at 20°C)0.64cP-
AAO Solution, 50% Weight in Water
Chemical Name CAS No. Concentration Formula MW
Acetaldehyde Oxime 107-29-9 49.0 - 51.0 Wt. % CH3CHNOH 59.07
Water 7732-18-5 49.0 - 51.0 Wt. % H2O 18.02
Acetaldehyde 75-07-0 < or = 0.10 Wt. % CH3CHO 44.05

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