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Capran® PIR MT1200 Film

Sold by AdvanSix
Polymer Name: BOPA (Nylon) Film
Physical Form: Film
Labeling Claims: Sustainable, Recycled, Contains PIR Resin
Features: Corona Treated, Enhanced Physical Properties, Excellent Strength, High Performance, Good Abrasion Resistance, Good Processability, Good Flex Crack Resistance, Gas Barrier, High Burst Strength, Glossy Surface Aspects
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Capran® PIR MT1200 Film

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Technical Data Sheet
Capran® PIR MT1200 Technical Data Sheet
Capran® PIR MT1200 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
Polymer Name
Plastics & Elastomers Functions

Capran® PIR MT1200 Film Features & Benefits

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Average Thickness (Target, 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)12micronsAdvanSix Method
Average Thickness (Tolerance, 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)± 5%AdvanSix Method
Basis Weight (at 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)13.94g/sq.mAdvanSix Method
Coefficient of Friction - Kinetic (Film to Film, 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)0.6 - 0.8--
Coefficient of Friction - Kinetic (Film to Metal, 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)0.2 - 0.3--
Dimensional Stability - MD (at 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)max. 3.0%-
Dimensional Stability - TD (at 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)max. 2.5%-
Elmendorf Tear (Propagated) (at 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)5 - 8gms/layerASTM D-1922
Elongation at Break - MD (73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)70 - 105%ASTM D-882
Elongation at Break - TD (73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)70 - 105%ASTM D-882
Modulus Secant MD (at 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)1,724 - 2,413MPaASTM D-882
Modulus Secant TD (at 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)1,724 - 2,413MPaASTM D-882
Optical Density (at 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)min. 2.2--
Oxygen Transmission Rate (at 77ºF (25ºC), 0% RH)0.47 - 1.09cc/m²/day-
Surface Tension Non-Metallized Side (at 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)min. 50dynes/cm-
Tear Strength Graves (at 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)600 - 1,000gf/milASTM D-1004
Tensile Strength at Break - MD (73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)234 - 310MPaASTM D-882
Tensile Strength at Break - TD (73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)234 - 310MPaASTM D-882
Water Vapor Transmission Rate (at 100ºF (37.7ºC), 100% RH)2.64gm/m²/day-
Yield (at 73°F (22.7°C), 50% RH)71.76sq.m/kgAdvanSix Method