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Amiporine® ER Purified Pomegranate Extract

Sold by Alban Muller
INCI Name: Punica Granatum Fruit Extract
Function: Firming Agent, Restoring Agent, Moisturizing Agent, Anti-Aging Agent, Protective Agent
Ingredient Origin: Plant Origin
Labeling Claims: Clean at Sephora, Organic
Certifications & Compliance: Organic Certified, ECOCERT, COSMOS
Benefit Claims: Anti-Aging, Healing, Replenishing, Conditioning, Highly Restructuring
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Amiporine Technical Guide
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Amiporine® ER Purified Pomegranate Extract Features & Benefits

Product Benefits

Containing active anti-aging and dual action moisturizing agents, the purified pomegranate extract contained in Amiporine® ER offers several care benefits:

  • Active anti-aging: Amiporine® ER is an anti-aging active ingredient to further densify, firm and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Moisturizing active ingredient: The stimulation of aquaporin (essential proteins for water circulation in the skin) synthesis provides optimal hydration benefits. 
  • Firming active ingredient: The properties of the purified pomegranate extract Amiporine® ER increase the production of collagen by reducing collagenases, responsible for skin tissue relaxation.

Applications & Uses

Personal Care
Application Format
Sun Care Applications
Use Level
2 – 5%

Amiporine® ER can be used in the following products:

  • Products for dry and dehydrated skin
  • Products for mature skin
  • Radiance skin care
  • After-sun products


Viscous liquid
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Aerobic Bacteriamax. 100CFU/g-
Flash Pointmax. 175°C-
Refractive Index1.467 - 1.477--

Regulatory & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance

Technical Details & Test Data

Efficacy Tests

Numerous tests have been carried out to validate the effectiveness of the purified pomegranate

Effect of Amiporine® increasing doses on aquaporins expression by keratinocytes

Analytical method

Keratinocytes used for these experiments are from HaCat cell line. One night after being cultured, the media is exchanged with a new one containing Amiporine®. After a 72-hour incubation, cultures are rinsed and fixed for immunostaining.

This experiment highlights the Amiporine® effect: aquaporins expression increases when the active concentration increases.

Alban Muller Amiporine ER Purified Pomegranate Extract Efficacy Tests - 1

Aquaporins expression observed on skin cells cultures: effect of a cream containing Amiporine®

Alban Muller Amiporine ER Purified Pomegranate Extract Efficacy Tests - 2

Aquaporins expression is widely stimulated in skin cells treated with the cream containing Amiporine®.

Consequences of Amiporine® activity on skin metabolism: communication between epidermis cells is optimal.

Re-establishing water flow in the epidermis allows the skin to restore its suppleness and beauty. This unequaled effect of Amiporine® is the result of a general improvement in cells metabolism. As an example, the communication between keratinocytes was studied.

Analytical method

The following test was performed using a specific fluorescent tracer: Lucifer Yellow, that penetrates in cells if they have first been artificially cut.

When entered in a cell, Lucifer Yellow can diffuse in neighboring cells using gap junctions. These are involved in the skin tissue organization and coherence since they favor cells communication.

The following pictures were taken using a fluorescent microscope. In this manner, the effect of Amiporine® on cell communication via gap junction was visualized.

By controlling water flow, Amiporine® favors cell communication: Amiporine® is an essential way to fight against aging.

Alban Muller Amiporine ER Purified Pomegranate Extract Efficacy Tests - 3

Amiporine® effect on collagen I and III and matrix collgenase synthesis by human dermal fibroblasts

Analytical method

In order to demonstrate the Amiporine® activity on human dermal fibroblasts via the epidermis, keratinocytes were previously incubated with different doses of the active. The medium obtained was then used for fibroblasts culture.

This experiment demonstrates that Amiporine® also acts on fibroblasts via the epidermis cells. The active stimulates collagen I and III synthesis and decreases collagenase synthesis. On the opposite of collagen that build the dermis matrix, collagenase damages it.

Keratinocytes treatment

Human keratinocytes were cultured and incubated overnight with a standard culture medium. Supernatants were then eliminated and replaced by a new medium (control) or medium containing Amiporine®.

After a 6-hour incubation, supernatants were eliminated, cells were rinced and again incubated with a new medium during 24 hours. After this period, supernatants were centrifuged and filtered for fibroblasts culture.

Fibroblasts treatment

Fibroblasts were cultured with keratinocytes supernatants.

After a 48 hours incubation, supernatants were filtered and freeze at -20°C. The measurement of collagenase using ELISA dosage was then performed.

The measurement of collagen I and III was performed by using a semi-quantitative method of fluorescent immuno-labeling : after the labeling of collagens I and III, cells were lysed and fluorescent supernatants were then quantified with a spectrofluorimeter (Fluoroscan).

Alban Muller Amiporine ER Purified Pomegranate Extract Efficacy Tests - 4

Amiporine® increases the collagen production and decreases the collagenase production, leading to a limitative effect of skin aging.

Hormonal variation and aquaporins

All their life long, women are subjected to several hormonal variations, particularly during menstrual cycle and on pregnancy

These changes widely alter cells behavior and can lead to a dysfunction affecting the general aspect of the skin.

Our research team performed a test which demonstrate that an increase in a sporadic hormonal concentration such as the estradiol, can alter aquaporins expression. This experiment was realized thanks to a flow spectrofluorimeter: this high-performance device allows to label the cells with a specific fluorescent antibody and to analyze cells precisely, one by one.

The results obtained prove that Amiporine® is able to reverse the estradiol effects on aquaporins expression and even to stimulate it despite the hormone presence.

Alban Muller Amiporine ER Purified Pomegranate Extract Efficacy Tests - 5


Entirely natural, without preservative and stabilized in glycerine, Amiporine® is the first moisturizing and restructuring active recommended in all cosmetic products. Shaking up traditional ideas on skin moisturizing, A.M.I. revolutionizes the cosmetic skin care world by stimulating the skin metabolism with the more essential life element: water.

Amiporine® acts on the biological and chemical foundations, by favoring water flow in the skin. Perfectly moisturized and boosted, the skin reveals its brightness and shows a young, sooth and restful aspect.

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Amiporine® ER Purified Pomegranate Extract
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