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ADDITOL® VXW 6387 is a versatile marvel that serves as a wetting agent, rheology modifier, and thickener. Notably, it proudly claims to be tin-free, bio-based, and APEO-free. Tailored for solventless and high-solids coating, solventborne coating, and waterborne coating formulations, its features include preventing pigment sedimentation, enhancing pigment-wetting during dispersion, reducing flow-off tendency, and improving edge coverage. Recommended for waterborne, solvent-based, and solvent-free paint systems, ADDITOL® VXW 6387 stands as an essential, ensuring optimal performance and stability across various coating applications.

Functions: Rheology Modifier, Thickener, Wetting Agent

Labeling Claims: APEO-free, Bio-based, Tin-free

End Uses: Solventborne Coating, Solventless & High Solids Coating, Waterborne Coating

Technical Data Sheet
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Identification & Functionality


Features & Benefits

Special Properties

Prevents the sedimentation of pigments in paints. Improves the pigment-wetting during dispersion. The tendency to flow off is reduced and the covering of edges is improved. Suggested for all waterborne, solvent based and solvent-free paint systems

Applications & Uses

Application Method
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Use Level
0.5 – 1.5 % total
Suggested Uses
  • Additol VXW 6387 is usually compatible with waterborne, solvent based and solvent-free binders. It prevents the sedimentation of pigments in paints. The rheological character of paints is improved. The tendency to flow on vertical surfaces is reduced. The edges of substrates are better covered in case of dipping application.
  • The drying of oxidatively drying systems is not influenced by Additol VXW 6387, if the appropriated dose is used. Also the efficiency of siccatives in paints, stored for a long time, is not reduced using Additol VXW 6387.
  • Considering anti-corrosive paints, there is no corrosion-resistance loss by using Additol VXW 6387. It is recommended to be used for the activating of organophile bentonites and it improves the effect of pyrogene silica.
Processing Information

Additol VXW 6387 can be added in any stage of the paint production. We especially recommend the addition during pigment dispersion. Amounts up to approx. 5 % on pigments and fillers may serve as a guide. These are standard values, the most effective dose must be found by experiments.



Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability
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Storage & Handling

Storage and Handling

At temperatures up to 25 °C storage stability packed in original containers amounts to at least 730 days. A slight turbidity of Additol VXW 6387 is possible, which however does not negatively influence the quality of the paints produced with Additol VXW 6387.