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allnex Fibretech-T Dove Grey

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Features & Benefits

Product Benefits
  • Easy to control film thickness
  • Minimal air entrapment
  • Improved part quality
  • Reduced potential for blisters/osmosis
  • Provides a more consistent film thickness
  • Increased tolerance to application variability
  • Improved article longevity
  • Superior appearance of article during its service life
  • Improved resilience which reduces the occurrences of cracking
Key Attributes
  • Excellent flow/levelling properties
  • Rapid air release
  • Highly resistant to pre-release
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Good sag resistance
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • High gloss retention
  • High degree of flexibility and general toughness

Applications & Uses

Composites End Use
Usage Guidelines
  • Temperature: 15 to 30°C
  • Catalyst Level (MEKP, 9% Active Oxygen): 2 %
  • Film Thickness: 18 – 28 thou
  • It is not recommended to exceed a catalyst level of 3.0% (v/w).
  • Spray Grade: spraying in 2 or 3 passes minimises porosity/ air entrapment. This results in better part quality and performance.
  • Application of this product must occur away from direct sunlight.
  • Commencement of application should not occur if there is threat of rain.
  • Pool should not be filled with water for minimum 4 days after topcoat has been applied.

Before pool is filled with water a Barcol Hardness Test and an Acetone Wipe Test should be carried out.


Typical Liquid Resin Properties - Roller Grade
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Brookfeild Viscosity (RVF 4/4, at 23°C)23000 - 27000cP
Cone and Plate Viscosity (at 23°C)670 - 750cP
Flash Point31°CSetaflash
Geltime (2% v/w MEKP NR20, at 23°C)27 - 35min
Specific Gravity (Base Resin Only)1.1 - 1.15g/cm³

Technical Details & Test Data

Additional Information

Swimming Pool Applications

During the development of FIBRETECH Tropical Pool Topcoat, the product was tested and qualified to meet the critical requirements of Australian Standard AS1838, indicating suitability for use as a surface finish in FRP swimming pool constructions, utilizing standard salt water chlorination systems. As part of this R&D program, well cured panels faced with FIBRETECH Tropical Pool Topcoat were also subjected to accelerated chlorine exposure tests. Based on the resulting performance data, these gelcoats are regarded as suitable for use in FRP swimming pool and spa constructions, fitted with standard chlorination filter systems, and operating at ambient temperatures.

FIBRETECH Tropical Pool Topcoats are not recommended for use in elevated temperature pool or spa applications where the surface finish will be subjected to continuous, long term exposures to treated pool water above 32°C. Irrespective of operating water temperature, the chlorine level should be maintained in the ideal range of 1.5 – 2.5 ppm, and a maximum level of 5 ppm should not be exceeded. pH must also be maintained in the ideal range of 7.2 – 7.4.

FIBRETECH Tropical Pool Topcoats have not been qualified for use in applications involving the use of alternative filtration and sanitiser systems such as ozone generators and the like.

Note: Over time, with increased exposure to climatic/chemical conditions, some lightening of colour and reduction in reflective properties of the cured Gelcoat – may occur

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Regional Availability
Packaging Information
  • Mild steel drums (225kg)
  • Mild steel pails (25kg)

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
4 months
Storage and Handling

To ensure maximum stability and maintain optimum resin handling properties, polyester resins & Gelcoats should be stored in closed containers, away from heat sources and sunlight. The resin should be stored away from all sources of ignition. Stored resin quantities should be kept to a reasonable minimum and used on a first in/first out stock rotation basis. Prolonged storage, or unfavourable storing conditions, may cause separation, and in these situations agitation of the resin before use is recommended.

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Fibertech Tropical Pool Topcoats Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet