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Function: Crosslinking Agent, Binder
Chemical Family: Phenols & Phenolics
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Technical Data Sheet
ALNOVOL® UF 410 RPC Technical Data Sheet (EN)
ALNOVOL® UF 410 RPC Technical Data Sheet (EN)
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

ALNOVOL® UF 410 RPC Features & Benefits

Applications & Uses

Special Properties and Uses

Plasticizing component and compatibility promoter for rubber compounds. Reactive thinner for Bead and Apex compounds.

Formulation Suggestions

ALNOVOL UF 410 RPC is compatible with most of the synthetic and natural rubbers. Due to the silica carrier in solvents no clear solution possible.

Recommended Uses & Known Applications

ALNOVOL UF 410 RPC has the properties of a plasticizer as well as that of a soft resin. It contains no organic solvents. It is light-fast and heat resistant and stable against hydrolysis.

ALNOVOL UF 410 RPC can be used as replacement of processing oils in tire compounds like Bead and/or Apex compounds. It generates similar mixing and processing properties, due to the reactive groups it can be crosslinked by the reinforcing resin hardener and increases hardness during vulcanisation. Due to the crosslinking ALNOVOL UF 410 RPC has no negative impact on heat build-up. In case of resorcinol compounds it increases the vulcanisation speed also.

ALNOVOL UF 410 RPC is able to be used in NBR compounds also. In this case it works like a plasticizer.

Processing Information

ALNOVOL UF 410 RPC can be added to the internal mixer together with carbon black directly, but a partly or full dosage at the final mixing step is possible due to its easy incoperation too. It efficiently reduces Mooney viscosity. Because of its viscosity effect extrusion works well and shape and surface is improved.

If ALNOVOL UF 410 RPC is used as a replacement of oil a partner to develop the positive effects in specific compounds is needed. These are especially ALNOVOL PN 320 (reinforcing resin), ALNOVOL PN 760 (adhesion promoter) or any kind of resorcinol structure. As soon as hardeners like CYREZ 964 or HMT are added to the compound processing temperature shouldn't stay too long above 125 °C because of starting the crosslinking reaction of the resins.


Physical Form
White powder
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Ash Content (1h, 800°C)31 - 35%-
Moisture Contentmax. 4%-
Free Formaldehyde Contentmax. 0.1%-
Particle Size (Wet Sieve Test - Through 80 Mesh)min. 99.7%-

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
1 Year
Storage and Handling

At temperatures up to 25 °C storage stability of ALNOVOL UF 410 RPC in its original pack is maximum 12 month.