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CYMEL® 1170 Resin

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Function: Crosslinking Agent
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Technical Data Sheet
CYMEL® 1170 Resin Technical Data Sheet - EN
CYMEL® 1170 Resin Technical Data Sheet - EN
Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
CYMEL® 1170 Resin Technical Data Sheet - RU
CYMEL® 1170 Resin Technical Data Sheet - RU
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

CYMEL® 1170 Resin Features & Benefits

  • High solids content
  • Excellent adhesion and intercoat adhesion
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent overbake resistance

Applications & Uses

Application Areas
  • High solids coatings
  • Coil coating enamels
  • Automotive primers
  • Appliance primers
Formulation Stability

The stability of formulated systems containing CYMEL 1170 resin can be enhanced by the addition of alcohols, amines or a combination of these. Low molecular weight primary alcohols such as methanol and n-butanol are most effective. Recommended amines are TEA, DMEA or 2-AMP at a concentration of 0.5-1.0% on total binder solids. Package stability can also be enhanced by the use of a blocked acid catalyst such as CYCAT 4045 catalyst.


Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Physical Form
Clear Liquid
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Colormax. 3Gardner-
Non-Volatile Content96-100%wt-
Free Formaldehyde Contentmax. 0.5%-
Viscosity (25°C)Z-Z2--




Aromatic hydrocarbons

Aliphatic hydrocarbons









Technical Details & Test Data


Acrylic resins

Alkyd resins

Polyester resins

Epoxy resins

Very good

Very good

Very good

Very good


Backbone Polymer Selection Cymel

1170 resin contains mainly butoxymethyl functional sites making it a very effective crosslinker for backbone polymer resins containing hydroxyl, amide or carboxyl functional groups, such as those found on alkyd, polyester and acrylic resins.

CYMEL 1170 resin is very good compatible with a wide range of backbone polymers and provide films with excellent flexibility, adhesion and humidity resistance properties. The effective equivalent weight of CYMEL 1170 resin typically ranges from 150-230, however, its optimum loading should be determined experimentally for each formulation with consideration of the performance properties to be optimized.


CYMEL 1170 resin reacts according to the specific acid catalysis mechanism, consequently will respond best to strong acid catalysts (pka value of <1) like CYCAT® 4040 catalyst. Generally 0.5 to 1.0% catalyst solution on total binder solids of the formulation is sufficient to provide good cure at baking schedules of 20 minutes at 125°C to 180°C.

The presence of weakly basic reacting compounds, such as melamine or urea resins or basic pigments can reduce the cure response of this glycoluril resin and higher concentrations of catalyst might be necessary to maintain good reactivity.

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
4 years
Storage Stabilty

CYMEL 1170 resin has a shelf life of 1440 days from the date of manufacture when stored at temperatures below 32°C. Although low temperatures are not detrimental to stability, its viscosity will increase, possibly making the resin difficult to pump or pour. The viscosity will reduce again on warming, but care should be taken to avoid excessive local heat as this can cause an irreversible increase in viscosity.

CYMEL® 1170 Resin