EBECRYL® 350, developed by CASE Ingredients, is a versatile radiation-curable liquid designed for the automotive and transportation, industrial, and paints and coatings markets. With labeling claims including bisphenol A-free, low-carbon footprint (PCF), solvent-free, and VOC-free, it meets stringent environmental standards. This cloudy liquid offers a range of application methods, such as curtain coating, dip coating, gravure coating, roller coating, and slot-die. Compatible with various substrates, including metal, paper, plastics, and wood, EBECRYL® 350 provides a clear and durable finish, making it suitable for automotive OEM coatings, wood finishes, and various specialty coatings.

Functions: Leveling Agent, Slip Agent, Wetting Agent

Labeling Claims: Bisphenol A-free, Low Carbon Footprint (PCF), Solvent-free, VOC-free

Features: Faster Cycle Time, Long Potlife, Low Energy Consumption, Low Temperature-Curing

End Uses: Clearcoat, Flexography Ink, Gravure Ink, Inkjet Ink, Radiation Curable Coating, Screen Printing Ink, Varnishes

Technical Data Sheet
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Identification & Functionality

CASE Ingredients Functions

Features & Benefits

Performance Highlights

EBECRYL 350 is characterized by:
• Low surface tension
• Low viscosity
• Good compatibility with other acrylates
• Non-migratory                                                                                                                   
UV/EB cured products based on EBECRYL 350 are characterized by the following
performance properties:
• Low COF, increased slip
• Resistance to blocking
• High gloss
• Good mar resistance                                                                                                            
The actual properties of UV/EB cured products also depend on the selection of
other formulation components such as reactive diluents, additives and photoinitiators.

Applications & Uses

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Cure Method
Use Level
0.5 - 2.0% by weight
Suggested Applications

Formulated UV/EB curable products containing EBECRYL 350 may be applied via
direct or reverse roll, offset gravure, metering rod, slot die, knife over roll, air
knife, immersion and spin coating methods as well as screen printing. EBECRYL
350 is recommended for use in:                                                                                                
• Overprint varnishes 
• Clear coatings on paper, plastics and metal
• Release coatings


Physical Form
Cloudy liquid
Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Density (25°C)1.05g/ml
Surface Tension21.6mN/m
Oligomer100% wt
Functionality Theoretical2
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Acid Valuemax. 7mgKOH/g
Colormax. 10Gardner
Viscosity (25°C)200-500cP/mPa·s

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability
  • Africa
  • China
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America

Storage & Handling

Storage and Handling

Care should be taken not to expose the product to high temperature conditions, direct sunlight, ignition sources, oxidizing agents, alkalis or acids. This might cause uncontrollable polymerization of the product with the generation of heat. Storage and handling should be in stainless steel, amber glass, amber polyethylene or baked phenolic lined containers. Procedures that remove or displace oxygen from the material should be avoided. Do not store this material under an oxygen free atmosphere. Dry air is recommended to displace material removed from the container. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep container tightly closed. Use with adequate ventilation.

EBECRYL 350 may exhibit crystallization if subjected to temperatures below
15°C. This crystallization can be removed by heating containers of EBECRYL 350
to a uniform temperature of 40°C. Ovens or hotboxes are recommended
methods of heating. Heating bands or blankets should not be used.