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Function: Photoinitiator, Amine Synergist
Labeling Claims: VOC-free, Low Carbon Footprint (PCF), Bisphenol A-free, Solvent-free
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Allnex Radcure Additives Brochure
Allnex Radcure Additives Brochure
Technical Data Sheet
EBECRYL® P115 Technical Data Sheet (EN)
EBECRYL® P115 Technical Data Sheet (EN)
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

EBECRYL® P115 Features & Benefits

Performance Highlights

EBECRYL P115 is characterized by:
• Light color
• Low viscosity
• Improved stability vs. conventional tertiary amines
• Low volatility

UV/EB cured products based on EBECRYL P115 are characterized by the
following performance properties:
• Excellent UV cure response
• Reduced odor
• No surface migration of amine
• High gloss

The final properties of UV/EB cured products also depend on the selection of
other formulation components such as reactive diluents, additives and

Applications & Uses

Suggested Applications

Formulated UV curable products containing EBECRYL P115 may be applied via
direct or reverse roll, offset gravure, metering rod, slot die, knife over roll, air knife, curtain and immersion and spin coating methods, as well as flexographic and screen printing.

EBECRYL P115 is recommended as a reactive co-initiator in the following applications:
• Overprint varnishes
• Screen and flexo inks
• Wood topcoats
• Clear coatings on paper and plastics
• Pigmented coatings


Physical Form
Clear liquid
Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Density (25°C)0.99g/ml-
Weight/amine Theoretical238--
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Colormax. 2Gardner-
Viscosity (25°C)15-25cP/mPa·s-

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability

Storage & Handling

Storage and Handling

Care should be taken not to expose the product to high temperature conditions, direct sunlight, ignition sources, oxidizing agents, alkalis or acids. This might cause uncontrollable polymerization of the product with the generation of heat. Storage and handling should be in stainless steel, amber glass, amber polyethylene or baked phenolic lined containers. Procedures that remove or displace oxygen from the material should be avoided. Do not store this material under an oxygen free atmosphere. Dry air is recommended to displace material removed from the container. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep container tightly closed. Use with adequate ventilation.