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MODAFLOW® Lambda is an APEO-free, tin-free, and VOC-free clearcoat technology designed for the automotive and transportation paints and coatings markets. This radiation-curable coating is applied in sectors such as automotive OEM coatings, marine coatings, vehicle refinish, wood coatings and finishes, industrial coatings, metal coatings, and other specialty coatings. With compatibility on metal and wood substrates, it offers a clear appearance and utilizes both solventborne, solventless, and high-solids coating methods.

Functions: Flow Promoter, Leveling Agent

End Uses: Clearcoat, Radiation Curable Coating, Solventborne Coating, Solventless & High Solids Coating, Top Coat

Labeling Claims: APEO-free, Tin-free, VOC-free

Features: Good Balance of Properties, High Gloss, Improved Dullness, Improved Long Wave Reduction, Improved Rheology, Improved Short Wave Reduction, Improved Substrate Wetting, Low Migration, Low Odor, Reduced Surface Preparation

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Identification & Functionality

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0.1- 0.5% total
Special Properties and Uses

MODAFLOW LAMBDA is a unique acryl-silicone polymer hybrid technology flow promoter combining individual efficiencies from high end acrylic as well as silicone leveling performance. It is highly compatible in all non-aqueous clear coat and topcoat formulations and outperforms surface characteristics such as

- gloss


- sharpness & brilliancy

- anti orange-peel effect.

It is efficient at low dosage levels and incorporates easily in many solvent borne resin types including high solids and ultra-high solids. Further it can be applied in solvent free and radiation curing systems.MODAFLOW LAMBDA demonstrates superior balance of compatibility and effectiveness compared to traditional silicone or acrylic flow and leveling additives in Automotive OEM, refinish as well as industrial coatings. Due to its high hydroxyl functionality, MODAFLOW LAMBDA may be co cross-linked in stoving or 2K systems and does not show a decrease in interlayer adhesion. In multiple layer systems the stoving temperature should not exceed 130 °C to ensure a good recoatability.

The recommended dosage level is 0.05 % calculated on total formulated coatings as a starting point and optimum dosage range is between 0.05 % - 0.3 %. In some cases the dosage could be increased up to 0,5 %.



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Storage and Handling

At temperatures up to 25 °C storage stability packed in original containers amounts to at least 1460 days.