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Anpario Salkil

Anpario Salkil

Producer:  Anpario
Salkil is the market leading Acid Based Eubiotic (ABE) developed for poultry, comprising of formic and propionic acids blended onto Anpario’s unique mineral carrier system.
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Salkil helps maintain the balance of the avian gut microbiota during the early stages of development. Additionally, aiding in the maintenance of an optimum eubiotic gut environment particularly during periods of stress, enabling birds to meet genetic potential in modern production systems.

  • Defends the integrity of the birds’ gastro-intestinal tract and promotes the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.
  • Promotes optimum gut function, assisting natural digestive processes and endogenous enzyme activity, leading to improved feed efficiency and enhanced mineral balance.
  • Helps maintain a healthy bird enabling it to achieve its genetic potential.

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