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Fosfital Extra

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FOSFITAL EXTRA is a biostimulant made out of Calcium phosphite which presents a double function over crops: on one hand it acts as a source of phosphorus and potassium. On the other hand, because of its contents in phosphorus in phosphite ion form, it stimulates the selfdefense mechanisms of the plants roots, neck, stems and fruits against pathogenic fungi. It is recommended to use FOSFITAL EXTRA when there is an increased consumption of these elements, like during formation of the root system, blooming, fruit formation, fattening and ripening. It prevents damping and rot diseases in horticultural crops.
Function: Bioenhancer, Plant Growth Regulators (PGR)
Chemical Family: Phosphates, Potassium Salts
Application Technique: Chemigation, Sprinklers
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Identification & Functionality

Applications & Uses

Agriculture & Feed
Application Technique
Crop & Plant Type
Apple,Apricot,Artichoke,Arugula,Asian Pear,Asparagus,Avocado,Baby Corn,Bamboo Shoots,Banana,Bean Sprouts,Beet,Beet Greens,Belgian Endive,Bell Pepper,Berries,Bitter Melon,Blood Orange,Blueberry,Bok Choy,Breadfruit,Broccoli,Brussels Sprouts,Burdock Root,Butterhead,Cabbage,Calabash,Capers,Carob,Carrot,Cassava,Cauliflower,Celery,Celtuce,Chayote,Cherry,Citron,Coconut,Collard Greens,Corn,Cucumber,Curly,Currant,Daikon Radish,Damson,Dandelion Greens,Date,Dragon Fruit,Durian,Edamame,Eggplant,Elephant Garlic,Endive,English Cucumber,Escarole,Fennel,Fiddlehead,Fig,Flowers,Galangal,Gherkin,Ginger,Grape,Grape Leaves,Grapefruit,Green Beans,Green Onions,Green Peas,Greens,Guava,Hearts of Palm,Horseradish,Iceberg,Jackfruit,Jujube,Jícama,Kale,Kiwi,Kohlrabi,Kohlrabi Greens,Kumquat,Lacinato,Leeks,Lemon,Lemongrass,Lettuce,Lime,Longan,Loquat,Lotus,Lucuma,Lychee,Mamey Sapote,Mandarin,Mango,Mangosteen,Melon,Mustard Greens,Nance,Napa Cabbage,Navel,Nectarine,Noni,Nopales,Okra,Olive,Onion,Orange,Papaya,Parsley,Parsley Root,Parsnip,Passion Fruit,Peach,Pear,Peas,Peppers,Persimmon,Pineapple,Plantain,Plum,Pomegranate,Pomelo,Potato,Prickly Pear,Prunes,Pumpkin,Purslane,Quince,Radicchio,Radish,Raisin,Rambutan,Rapini,Raspberry,Rhubarb,Romaine,Rutabaga,Scallions,Seville,Shallots,Shrubs,Snap Peas,Snow Peas,Spinach,Squash,Starfruit,Strawberry,String Bean,Sugar Snap Peas,Sunchoke,Sweet Potato,Swiss Chard,Tamarillo,Tamarind,Tangelo,Tangerine,Taro,Tomatillo,Tomato,Turnip,Turnip Greens,Valencia,Water Chestnut,Water Spinach,Watercress,Watermelon,Wax Beans,Winter Melon,Yams,Yucca,Zucchini

FOSFITAL EXTRA is recommended for all kinds of crops:

  • Fruit trees (pip and pit fruits)
  • Citrus
  • Horticulturals
  • Cereals
  • Ornamental crops.
Application and Dosage

Because of its totally assimilable formula, FOSFITAL EXTRA can be applicated by foliar or root feeding using any kind of irrigation system. Its application by foliar feeding is recommended for maximum efficiency. It can be used along with phytosanitary products. Avoid its use during high insolation hours.

General application dosages:

  • Foliar: 250-400cc/100 liters of water.
  • Root: 4-5 L/Hectare and applied until completion 15-25L/Hectare and cycle of crop.
CROP Root application Foliar application cc/100L NUMBER OF APPLICATIONS/ FREQUENCY
Horticultural Greenhouse 4-5 L/Hectare per application 200-250cc /100L 4 – 6 applications, since transplant and every 21 – 30 days.
Horticultural open field 4-5 L/Hectare per application 300-350cc /100L 4 – 6 applications, since transplant and every 21 – 30 days.
Citrus and subtropical crops 4-5 L/Hectare per application 300-400cc /100L 2 – 3 applications, sprouting, pre-blooming and fattening.
Fruit trees, olive trees and vines 4-5 L/Hectare per application 250-400cc /100L 2 – 3 applications, sprouting, pre-blooming and fattening.
Cereals and ornamentals 4-5 L/Hectare per application 200-300cc /100L 3 – 4 applications, since transplant and every 15 – 21 days.


Formulation Type

Technical Details & Test Data

Guaranteed Concentrations
  • Phosphorus (P205): 30.00% w/w = 42.00% w/v
  • Potassium (K20): 20.20% w/w = 28.00% w/v
  • Soluble Liquid (L.S.) Obtained from potassium phosphite

FOSFITAL EXTRA is compatible with most of the available fertilizers and phytosanitary products, eventhough it is advisable to perform a previous test. Do not mix with mineral oils, sulphur or products containing copper. In the latter case, after the application of a copper compound, wait at least 15 days before application

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