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Barrday Thermoplastic Systems

Barrday Thermoplastic Systems

Producer:  Barrday
Lightweight, cost competitive and ballistically superior, Barrday’s thermoplastic resin based products can be molded into complex 3D shapes and reshaped using high temperatures. Their excellent ballistics properties make thermoplastics ideal for a wide range of applications including stab resistant materials and composite armors. Ballistic panels made using these resins can be used as either as stand-alone structures or in combination with steel or ceramic in personal or vehicle armor.
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Identification & Functionality


Features & Benefits

Product Highlights
  • Performance: Barrday’s specially designed thermoplastic resins offer unsurpassed ballistic performance, on a per weight basis, versus ballistic thermosetting resins. They can be used stand-alone or behind steel or ceramic.
  • Shelf-life: thermoplastic resins do not require special storage or packaging and typically have a shelf life in excess of 3 years.
  • Processing: thermoplastic resins are easy to work with, do not off-gas, are environmentally friendly, and often can be molded at low or atmospheric pressures.
  • Customizable: thermoplastic resins are customizable to give properties such as high temperature resistance, rigidity or good adhesion to HMWPE.
  • Tough: these resins offer excellent impact resistance and typically have good environmental resistance and dura-bility.

Applications & Uses

  • Place parts in the mold at temperatures less than the melt temperature of the resin.
  • Apply pressure and heat based on manufacturing process.
  • Hold pressure and heat for recommended cure time at target cure temperature.
  • Cooling under pressure is highly recommended prior to removing parts from the mold.


Physical Form

Regulatory & Compliance

Chemical Inventories

Technical Details & Test Data

Process Information

The following guidelines are provided to assist with general recommendations for successful processing. These are meant for starting purposes only, final process parameters will be based on part geometry and manufacturing methods.

  Temperature Pressure (psi) Time (min) Shelf Life
Engineered Rubbers 250 – 280oF (121 – 138oC) 14 – 3000 30 – 60 1 year
Co-Polyamide 360 – 401oF (182 – 205oC) 14 – 3000 30 – 60 Approximately 3 years
Polyethylene 220 – 240oF (104 – 116oC) 150 – 350 20 – 60
Co-Polypropylene 350 – 380oF (176 – 194oC) 14 – 3000 30 – 60
Polyurethane Film 210 – 250oF (98 – 121oC) 150 – 350 30 – 60
CAF 285 – 320oF (140 – 160oC) 150 – 350 30 – 60
ARG 290 – 330oF (143 – 166oC) 150 – 3000 30 – 60


Packaging & Availability

Product Forms

Barrday’s Specialized Thermoplastic resins:

  • Are available in powder form, film form, as top coating, or as a prepreg. They are typically supplied as a top coated, double side coated or prepregged fabric.
  • Have typical resin contents that range from 10 to 30% on a dry prepreg per weight basis.
  • Can be purchased as cast or powder coated films in weights of 15 to 300 g/m2.
  • Typically come as a standard clear (unpigmented) resin, but colours can be added to certain resins upon request.

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