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At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. More than 111,000 employees in the BASF Group contribute to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio comprises six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions.

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BASF Care Creations Products Brochure
Products: Actiwhite® PW LS 9860, AH-CARE® G-60, AH-CARE® L-65, BASF Caffeine Powder, Cetiol® J 600, Cetiol® Ultimate, Cibafast® H Liquid, Cremophor® RH 60, Cutina® CP, Dehydol® LS 2 Deo N, Dehymuls® LE, Dehyquart® C 4046, Dehyquart® H 81, Emulgade® PL 68/50, Enameguard™, Equistat™, Eumulgin® B 2 Flex, Eumulgin® HPS, Eumulgin® S 2, Eumulgin® SML 20, Eutanol® G, Gluadin® Almond Benz, Hispagel® Oil LV, Inhiphase®, Jordapon® SCI, Jordapon® SCI Powder, Lameform® TGI, Lox-age®, Mimiskin™, Myritol® 318, Neutrol® TE, Rheocare® HSP 1180, Verdessence™ Xanthan, Texapon® SFA, Tinogard® TS, Verdessence™ Tara, BASF Vibracolor Ruby Red, Deliner™, Cosmedia® CTH (E), Luviquat® FC 370, Salcare® SC 81 UP, Actiwhite® LS 9808, Cetiol® 868, Cetiol® A, Cetiol® B, Cetiol® C 5C, Cetiol® C5, Cetiol® CC, Cetiol® E, Cetiol® HE, Cetiol® HE Flex, Cetiol® LC, Cetiol® LDO, Cetiol® MM, Cetiol® OE, Cetiol® PGL, Cetiol® RLF, Cetiol® SB 45, Cetiol® Sensoft, Cetiol® SN, Cetiol® SoftFeel, Cetiol® V, Cremophor® GS 32, Cremophor® RH 40, Cremophor® RH 410, Cutina® AGS, Cutina® EGMS, Cutina® FS 45, Cutina® GMS V, Cutina® GMS-SE, Cutina® HR Flakes, Cutina® HVG, Cutina® PES, Dehydol® LS 3 Deo N, Dehydol® LS 4 Deo N, Dehymuls® CO 7, Dehymuls® E, Dehymuls® PGPH, Dehyquart® A CA, Dehyquart® CC 6, Dehyquart® CC 7 BZ, Dehyquart® F 75 T, Dehyquart® GUAR HP, Dehyquart® GUAR N, Dehyquart® GUAR TC, Dehyquart® L 80 T, Dehyquart® S18 NA, Emulgade® 1000 NI, Emulgade® 1000 NI Flex, Emulgade® 165, Emulgade® A 6, Emulgade® CM, Emulgade® CPE, Emulgade® F, Emulgade® NLB, Emulgade® SE-PF, Eumulgin® B 1, Eumulgin® B 25 (NA), Eumulgin® B 25 Flex (NA), Eumulgin® B 3, Eumulgin® BA 10, Eumulgin® CO 40, Eumulgin® CO 455, Eumulgin® CO 60, Eumulgin® EO 33, Eumulgin® L, Eumulgin® O 10, Eumulgin® O 10 Flex, Eumulgin® O 30, Eumulgin® O 5, Eumulgin® Prisma, Eumulgin® S 20, Eumulgin® S 21, Eumulgin® SG, Eumulgin® VL 75, Euperlan® OP White, Euperlan® PCO, Euperlan® PK 1200 UP, Euperlan® PK 3000 AM, Euperlan® PK 3000 OK, Euperlan® PK 4000, Euperlan® PK 710 BENZ, Euperlan® PK 771, Euperlan® PK 771 BENZ, Euperlan® PK 810 US, Euperlan® PK 900 BENZ-W, Eutanol® G 16, Eutanol® G 16 S, Hispagel® 200 NS, Myritol® 312, Myritol® 331, Neutrol® MGDA, Rheocare® C Plus, Rheocare® TTA, Verdessence™ Alginate, Verdessence™ Glucomannan, Verdessence™ RiceTouch, Texapon® SFA UP Powder, Tinogard® Q, Tinogard® TL, Tinogard® TT, Cosmedia® A 91, Cosmedia® Ace, Cosmedia® DC, Cosmedia® Gel CC, Cosmedia® SP, Cosmedia® SPL, Cosmedia® Triple C, Cosmedia® Ultragel 300, Luviquat® Excellence, Luviquat® FC 550, Luviquat® HM 552, Luviquat® Hold AT 3, Luviquat® PQ 11 AT 1, Luviquat® Supreme AT 1, Luviquat® UltraCare AT 1, Pluracare® 1307, Pluracare® E 400, Pluracare® E 400 NF, Pluracare® E 400 NF PEG-FLEX, Pluracare® E 600, Pluracare® E 600 NF, Pluracare® E 600 NF PEG-FLEX, Pluracare® F 108 NF Prill, Pluracare® F 127 NF Prill, Pluracare® F 127 Prill, Pluracare® F127 NF Prill FLEX, Pluracare® L 1220, Pluracare® L 64 G, Salcare® SC 60, Salcare® SC 80 UP, Salcare® SC 95, Salcare® SC 96, Salcare® Super 7 AT 1, BETAPUR®, Ceramide Catiosphere®, Perlaura®, Phytokine®, RetiSTAR®, RNAge®, Sanicapyl®, Slim-Excess®, Z-COTE®, Biowhite™, Ciste'M BC10023™, Inolixir™, Marine Filling Spheres™, Osmogeline™, Scalposine™, Seamollient™, BASF 1,2-propylene glycol care, Luvimer® 100 P, Plantaren® 1200 N, Plantaren® 1200 N UP, Plantacare® 1200 UP, Sulfopon® 1216 G, Plantaren® 1300 N, Lanette® 14, Lanette® 16, Collalift® 18, Lanette® 18, Plantaren® 2000 N UP, Plantacare® 2000 UP, Lanette® 22, Luviset® 360, PeptAIde® 4.0, Plantasil® 4V, Plantacare® 810 UP, Plantaren® 810 UP, Plantacare® 818 UP, Plantaren® 818 UP, Monomuls® 90 O 18, Monomuls® 90-L12, Uvinul® A Plus B, PatcH2O® A00297, BASF A00321 Lys'Sun, TINOSORB® A2B, Dehyton® AB 30, Plantapon® ACG 50, Beta-hydroxyde® ACSD, Tinovis® ADE, Plantapon® AF, BASF AM 200 PF, BASF AM 600 PF, BASF AM 900 PF, BASF AMC Advanced Moisture Complex NP, Hydagen® Aquaporin, Lipofructyl® Argan BE LS 9779, Lipofructyl® Argan LS 9779, Edeta® B Powder, Lamesoft® Balance, Argassential® BC 9959, Speci'Men™ BC10001, Symbiocell® BC10015, Oligolin® BC10028, Nephoria™ BC10044, Bix'Activ™ BC10050, Rambuvital™ BC10059, Nephydrat™ BC10061, Replexium™ BC10091, Neurobiox® BC10097, Seanactiv™ BC10113, Edeta® BD, BASF Bisabolol rac, Mat-XS® Bright, Edeta® BS, Edeta® BX Powder, Linefactor® C, Cegesoft® C 24, Linked-Papain™ C-MPB, Ultra Filling Spheres® C00487, Hydagen® Cat, Luviset® Clear AT 3, Shadownyl® Clear BC10112, Luviset® Clear E, Mat-XS® Clinical, SanSurf® Cocoa Butter Plus, SanSurf® Cocoa Butter Plus PF, Elestab® CPN, Elestab® CPN Ultrapure, Lipofructyl® Cyperus LS 9892, Lanette® D, BASF D-Panthenol 50P, BASF D-Panthenol 75W, BASF D-Panthenol Care, BASF Dermagenist PW BC 10004, Collrepair® DG BC10036, BASF DL-alpha-Tocopherol Care, Lanette® E Granules, Luvigel® EM, Arlypon® F, Luvigel® Fit UP, Sebaryl® FL LS 9088, BASF Flavagrum PEG A00245, Hyalufix® GL, Hydrasensyl® Glucan Green, Tinovis® GTC UP, BASF HD-Eutanol V, BASF Heather Extract (AQ) w, Cegesoft® HF 52, Cegesoft® HF 62, Vegeseryl® HGP LS 9874, Elestab® HP 100, Hibiscin® HP LS 9198, Z-COTE® HP1, Z-COTE® HP1X, Nutrilan® I 50 BP, BASF Isopropyl Myristate, BASF Isopropyl Palmitate, BASF Isopropyl Stearate, Luviskol® K 17 Powder, Luviskol® K 30 powder, Luviskol® K 30 Super Solution, Luviskol® K90 AT 1 20% Solution, Gluadin® Kera-P LM, Nutrilan® Keratin LM, Nutrilan® Keratin W PP, Retinol Primasphere® L2 PF, BASF Lamepon S UP, Plantapon® LC 7, Plantapon® LGC Sorb, Plantapon® LGC Sorb NA, Luvitol® Lite, Almondermin® LS 3380, Osmhydran® LS 8453, Hyalurosmooth® LS 8998, Firmiderm® LS 9120, Anasensyl™ LS 9322, DN-Age® LS 9547, Litchiderm™ LS 9704, Dansonyl® LS 9715, Myoxinol® LS 9736, Skinasensyl® LS 9749, Pilisoft® LS 9760, Phytosoothe® LS 9766, Arganyl® LS 9781, Biophytex® LS 9832, Asebiol® LS 9853, Melhydran® LS 9876, Lipodermol® LS 9884, Irwinol® LS 9890, Sqisandryl® LS 9905, Elestan® LS 9913, Z-COTE® LSA, Z-COTE® LSA UC, TINOSORB® M, Dehyton® MC, Uvinul® MC 80, Plantasil® Micro, Lanette® N, Dermawhite® NF LS 9410, Lanette® O, Luviset® One, BASF P.A. Reviviscence LS 9562, Cegesoft® Peel, Cegesoft® PFO, BASF Phytofirm Biotic, Dehyton® PK 45, Luviskol® Plus, Lamesoft® PO 65, Vitacell® Powder LS 7979, Ultrahold® Power, Cegesoft® PS 6, Plantapon® PSC Benz, Luviset® PUR, Replexium™ PW BC10082, Dulcemin® PW BIO LS 9903, Hyalurosmooth® PW LS 8997, Eperuline® PW LS 9627, Arganyl® PW LS 9830, Purisoft® PW LS 9836, Dermican® PW LS 9838, Syniorage® PW LS 9847, Skinasensyl® PW LS 9852, Elestan® PW LS 9879, Vit-A-Like® PW LS 9898, Radianskin® PW LS 9918, Proteasyl® PW PSE LS 8951, Gluadin® R Benz, Generol™ RE 5, BASF Retinol 10 S, BASF Retinol 10 SU, BASF Retinol 15 D, BASF Retinol 50 C, Cylasphere® Retinol C00479, TINOSORB® S, Cegesoft® SBE, Plantapon® SF, Plantapon® SF NA, Cegesoft® SH, SanSurf® Shea Butter PF, Z-COTE® Sheer, Z-COTE® Simple, BASF Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Luviflex® Soft, Gluadin® Soy Benz, Dermican® SPB LS 9837, Sveltine® ST BC10032, Luvigel® Star AT3, Plantapon® SUS, Lanette® SX, Uvinul® T 150, Lamesoft® TM Benz, Arlypon® TT, Lys'Lastine® V, Luviskol® VA 37 E, Luviskol® VA 64 Powder, Luviskol® VA 64 W, Luviskol® VA 73 E, Luviskol® VA 73 W, Sphingoceryl® Veg LS 9948, Trichogen® Veg UL LS 9922, BASF Vibracolor Citrus Yellow, BASF Vibracolor Flame Orange, BASF Vibracolor Moonlight Blue, BASF Vitamin A-Palmitate Care (1.0 BHT), BASF Vitamin A-Palmitate Care (1.0 Tocopherol), BASF Vitamin A-Palmitate Care (1.7 Tocopherol), BASF Vitamin E-Acetate Care, Cegesoft® VP, Lanette® W, Gluadin® W 40 BP, Herbalis® W Rose Water BC10080, Dermawhite® WF C, Gluadin® WLM Benz, Gluadin® WP, Gluadin® WQ PP, Comperlan® 100
Lupasol® SK Formulation Technologies Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Lupasol® SK
Plantaren® 2000 N UP Product Information Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Plantaren® 2000 N UP
BASF Pharma Solutions Product Catalog
Products: Ibuprofen 25, Ibuprofen 38, Ibuprofen 50, Ibuprofen 70, Ibuprofen DC 85 W, Ibuprofen Sodium Dihydrate, Kollicoat® IR, Kollicoat® MAE 100-55, Kollicoat® Smartseal 100 P, Kollicoat® Smartseal 30 D, Kollicoat® SR 30 D, Kollicream® 3C, Kollicream® DO, Kollidon® CL, Kollidon® SR, Kollidon® VA 64, Kolliphor® CS 12, Kolliphor® ELP, Kolliphor® P 188 Bio, Kolliphor® PS 80, Kolliphor® SLS Fine, Kollisolv® MCT 70, Kollisolv® PEG 1000, Kollisolv® PEG 400 LA, Kollisolv® PEG 600 LA, Kolliwax® CSA 50, Kolliwax® S Fine, Kolliwax® SA, Novata® BC PH, Soluplus®, Kollitab™ DC 87 L, BASF CN 600 TG, Kolliphor® HS15, Kolliphor® P 188 Micro Geismar, Kolliphor® P 407 Micro Geismar, Ibuprofen Racemic Lysinate, Omega-3-acid ethyl esters (K85EE), Maxomega EPA 96 EE, PronovaPure® 360:240 EE, PronovaPure® 360:240 TG, PronovaPure® 500:200 EE, PronovaPure® 500:200 TG, PronovaPure® 46:38 EE
Lamesoft® PO 65 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Lamesoft® PO 65
Jordapon® SCI Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Jordapon® SCI
Emulgade® PL 68/50 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Emulgade® PL 68/50
Plantacare® 1200 UP Product Brochure
Products: Plantacare® 1200 UP, Plantacare® 2000 UP, Plantacare® 810 UP, Plantacare® 818 UP
Uvinul® MC 80 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Uvinul® MC 80
BASF Care Solutions Home Care and Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Solutions Brochure
Products: Texapon® K 30 UP, Sulfopon® 1216 G, Dehyton® PK 45
Plantacare® 2000 UP Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Plantacare® 2000 UP
Plantacare® 818 UP Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Plantacare® 818 UP

Most Viewed Formulations

Formulation Name
End Uses
(S)layed Edge Gel #HB-US-18-35513-32
End Uses: Pomade
Aligning Moisturizing Essence #SC-US-17-31208-77-1
End Uses: Skin Serums, Essence
Barely There Daily Wear SPF 15 #UV-US-22-36148-34
End Uses: Sunscreen Cream
Beach Bound SPF 50 #UV-US-21-36148-17
End Uses: After Sun Products
All Natural Body Wash #HB-US-20-36032-57
End Uses: Body Wash
Anti-Pollution Hair Mask #HB-US-17-34344-38
End Uses: Hair Masks
Balm2Oil Undereye Night Treatment #HB-US-17-34221-128
End Uses: Hair Treatment & Repair
Bare Canvas Priming Stick #HB-US-17-34344-30
End Uses: Primers
Balance the Biome Scalp Mask #HB-US-20-35887-139
End Uses: Hair Masks