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What's D'lite and how can we delight you?
In today's fast-paced beauty market, staying ahead of consumer trends and continuous differentiation is pivotal. BASF’s digital offering D’lite will support you in the complete product development process: from consumer understanding, market understanding, concept creation, market strategy development and formulation development. 
D’lite is a combination of Social Media Data, Consumer Product Data, Market Data and BASF data, a single powerful service platform for you. 

  • Find sustainable replacements for silicon and mineral oil 
  • Benchmark against standards and claims
  • Compare launches, retail pricing and packaging of top personal care
  • Compare ingredients and claims of various personal care products

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D’lite is through every step of the product development process.
In today’s highly fragmented and fast-moving beauty markets, keeping pace with consumer trends and wishes is challenging. Traditional market analysis and product development processes are no longer fast and flexible enough. 
Brand Analytics
Discover the the top players in the market. Analyze business statistics for thetest growing brands.
Consumer Products
Benchmark your development with products across all personal care marketing segments.
Formulation Design
Gain access to BASF’s trendsetting formulations for the growing personal care market.
Consumer Insights
Explore consumer insights from millions of comments across the web so you will always be up to date on the latest trends.
Market Insights
Gain a global perspective about the fastest growing beauty brands in the international market.
Concept Collection
Learn more about how our concepts address personal care industry trends and how they can help jumpstart R&D.
Emollient Jockey
Identify the right emollients, and places the whole array of sensory variants at their fingertips.
Emollient Maestro
Design the most suitable and sustainable emollient mixes in line with your brand.
Ingredient Selection
Identify the perfect personal care ingredient fitting your formulation requirements.
Surfactant Navigator
Replace your current surfactant combinations with natural surfactants, without compromising performance.
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