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As one of the world’s largest producer of polyolefins, it only made sense for Braskem to enter to world of 3D Printing. Braskem offers many solutions for 3D printing capabilities, such as FFF, SLS, and high-speed pellet extrusion technologies. Through our decades of expertise in material science and product development, our state of the art 3D labs, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders, we are committed to delivering new innovative products to the market. Regardless if you are a converter, compounder, or brand owner, reach out to us today to learn more about our product development pipeline, and how we collaborate with you on your next 3D printed solution.

Braskem 3D Materials

Our next generation filaments have been designed specifically for 3D printing, making them easy to print and set up. Our products are thoroughly quality tested for printability, repeatability, and reduced warpage. With the right bed preparation and print settings, anyone can do it. Contact us to learn more and come experience the Braskem difference today!

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3D Filaments

Braskem filaments are designed with the end user in mind; they are a great choice for prototyping, making molds, jigs, and fixtures, testing performance improvements for light weighting, geometry optimization, as well as a spare part design. Our filaments are available in both 1.75mm and 2.85 mm diameters to fit a wide range of printer applications.

  • FF100PP: FL100PP polypropylene filament provides a balance of strength and impact resistance while enabling the production of relatively high strength, lightweight and chemically resistant parts. This filament is great for general purpose applications and rapid prototyping
  • FF105PP: FL105PP is a next generation polypropylene (PP) filament designed to provide superior dimensional accuracy, inherently low density, high fatigue, and high moisture resistance. This filament is ideal for more complex designs and geometries.

Braskem 3D Filaments – How Polypropylene compared to PLA

With Braskem 3D Polypropylene can open up a whole new world of opportunities for 3D printing. Polypropylene offers a unique balance of strength and impact resistance, while achieving similar printability of more commonly used PLA materials. Polypropylene offers the additional material advantages over PLA such as lower density for light-weighting, higher melt temperature, as well as being naturally chemically resistant. Watch this video as we put our PP to the test!

Braskem 3D Filament – Product Video

Introducing Braskem 3D Polypropylene filaments, forget everything you thought you knew about 3D printing with polypropylene. Our new line of filaments are designed to be easy to print, have minimal warpage, are completely recyclable. Watch this video to see our PP filaments in actions!

Braskem 3D Filaments – Printer Setup

Braskem 3D polypropylene filaments are easy to setup and easy to print once you have the right settings. Polypropylene will require different print settings and bed preparations than more commonly used PLA filaments. Watch this video to see some quick tips on how you can get printing today!

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Braskem FL105PP Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
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Safety Data Sheet
Braskem FL100PP Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Braskem FL100PP Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet