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Applications: Industrial & Assembly Adhesives, Industrial Manufacturing, Resin Manufacturing

Product Families: Catalyst Ingredients, Inhibitors, Additives

Chemical Family: Sulfinic Acids & Derivatives, Sulfur-based Compounds

 Brug­golite®  is a sulfur-based redu­­cing agent.  Brug­golite®  is an envir­on­­ment­ally friendly grade of redu­­cing agents  In addi­­tion to Brug­golite® grades in solid form



Applications: Other Transportation Applications, Other Automotive Applications, Industrial & Transport Packaging

Product Families: Performance Additives, Antioxidants & Stabilizers, Polymer Additives

Chemical Family: Stearates, Copper Salts, Copper-based Compounds

End Uses: Film, Engine Covers, Stretch Films

Additives for polyamides and polyesters & Additives for recycling of polyolefins   Plastics that must meet high require­ments need support: Under the trade name BRUG­GOLEN® we offer special high-perform­ance addit­ives for tech­nical plastics with an emphasis on poly­amide (PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 12, and copoly­amide), including heat, processing, and light stabil­izers, processing aids, and modi­fiers. BRUG­GOLEN® polymer addit­ives can be used in injec­tion molding and extru­sion, as well as in the pack­aging industry and fiber industry. These polymer addit­ives ensure effi­cient processing as well as an improved service life for plastic parts, and they offer high quality on econom­ical terms. Our polymer addit­ives are readily avail­able as indi­vidual products or combin­a­tion products (One-Packs). One-Packs are ready-mixed compounds of two or more addit­ives and they are tailored to special solu­tions and applic­a­tions. One-Packs are avail­able as powder, compactate, or master batch, and in this regard help to save almost half of the additive raw mater­ials.