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Brueggemann Reducing Agent TP 1853

Sold by Brueggemann
Function: Reducing Agent
Applicable Processes: Emulsion Polymerization
Features: Alkali Resistant, Good Color Stability, High Process Robustness, High Reactivity
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Technical Data Sheet
Brueggemann Reducing Agent TP 1853 Technical Data Sheet
Brueggemann Reducing Agent TP 1853 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Brueggemann Reducing Agent TP 1853 Features & Benefits

  • Increased reactivity
  • Faster reactions
  • Higher safety due to reproducible performance
  • Decrease of VOC’s
  • Decrease of residual monomer content
  • Technical advantages in the polymerization process
  • Improved properties for end product polymers and latices
  • No discoloration of latex
  • No release of formaldehyde or any other VOC
  • Better filtration of emulsion polymer

Applications & Uses

Applicable Processes
Use Level
0.05 - 0.2% (on total formulation for post polymerization)
  • Reducing Agent TP 1853 can be used in redox systems in combination with all commonly used oxidizing agents.
  • Reducing Agent TP 1853 is typically applied in solution at a concentration of 3-5%.
  • Reducing Agent TP 1853 should be used at reaction temperatures between 50 and 80°C.
  • Reducing Agent TP 1853 is applicable over a pH range from 2 to 8.
Fields of Application

Reducing Agent TP 1853 shows excellent performance for the emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate based systems.


Physical Form
White powder
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Melting Point (decomposition)min. 150°C-
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Alkaline ResistanceGood--
Acid ResistanceDecomposition--
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Solubility in Water (at 20°C)approx. 150g/l-

Regulatory & Compliance

Food Contact Notification

Reducing Agent TP 1853 has FDA food contact notification with respect to the following chapters:

  • §175.105 “Adhesives”
  • §175.125 “Pressure Sensitive Adhesives”
  • §177.2600 “Rubber articles for repeated use”
  • §176.170 “Paper and board / aqueous and fatty food”
  • §176.180 “Paper and board / dry food”
  • §175.300 “Resinous and polymeric coatings”
  • §175.320 “Resinous and polymeric coatings for polyolefin films”

Safety & Health

Health and Safety Information
  • Reducing Agent TP 1853 is not classified as hazardous according to the valid CLP-Regulation. However, this does not exclude that the product is hazardous in its application of a hazardous material within the meaning of the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances.
  • Therefore, a risk assessment has to be carried out prior to commencing activities. In any case, the general rules for handling chemicals must be observed.

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Packaging Information

Reducing Agent TP 1853 is supplied in 25 kg PE bags. Standard delivery form is 20 bags/500 kg on a CP5 pallet.

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
12 Months
Storage and Stability Information
  • Reducing Agent TP 1853 has a significantly increased reactivity compared to other reducing agents resulting in a higher sensitivity to ambient moisture.
  • In unopened packaging Brüggemann guarantees a shelf life of at least 12 months if stored properly (25°C / dry).
  • Reducing Agent TP 1853 must not be stored together with oxidizing substances or acids.
  • Opened packaging, especially laboratory samples, should be closed tightly after use and stored under cool and dry conditions.
Brueggemann Reducing Agent TP 1853