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Bruggolen® H3386 product card banner



Function: Antioxidant, Heat Stabilizer, Stabilizer

BRUGGOLEN® H3386 is a mixture of copper-complex-based antioxidants and synergists. It is used for the retention of natural polyamide color after conditioning. This product is particularly suitable for the stabilization of polyamides against thermal aging, chemical attack, or aggressive weathering conditions. Powerful long-term stabilization/ natural colors Excellent UV stabilization Very effective dispersion

Bruggolen® M1417 product card banner



Function: Chain Stopper, Viscosity Modifier

BRUGGOLEN® M1417 is our modifier for both chain build-up and chain disintegration. For example, with its “chain shortener”, the molecular weight of highly viscous polyamide wastes can be transformed into high-performance injection molding types, whose mechanical properties correspond to those of off-the-shelf new injection molded types of the same viscosity. Cost advantages included. BRUGGOLEN® M1417 - Chain Breaking Agent for the recycling of High Viscous Polyamide Waste Controlled and reproducible reduction of molecular weight: Exact adjustment of the relative viscosity to specified target values Upcycling to injection molding grades Generating flow properties and mechanical performance comparable to that of prime material Allowing cost advantages through the usability of scrap and waste material due to the reuse of waste material enabling recycling of cast nylon waste

Bruggolen® H3336 product card banner



Function: Heat Stabilizer, Antioxidant, Stabilizer

BRUGGOLEN® H3336 is a mixture of copper complex-based antioxidants and synergists in powder form. BRUGGOLEN® H3336 provides highly efficient heat stabilization of polyamides up to 180°C, which leads to effective processing stabilization against polymer degradation. It gives a characteristic bluish discoloration after conditioning. Features:Cost-effectiveExcellent dispersionHigh extraction resistance, no plate-outSuited for E&E applicationsCharacteristic:Bluish discoloration after conditioning

Bruggolen® P1507 product card banner



Function: Melt Flow Agent, Viscosity Modifier

BRUGGOLEN® P1507 is an effective flow enhancer for polyamides in the form of polymeric granules. Improved flow and outstanding mechanical properties: Outstanding melt flow; significantly longer spiral-flow filling No influence on mechanical properties (modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, and impact strength is retained) Better processability of glass-fiber-reinforced polyamides Offers advantages for injection-mold processing, such as shorter cycle times, lower energy consumption, use of highly complex part designs Easy to dose and disperse

Bruggolen® Tp-h2062 product card banner



Function: Heat Stabilizer, Antioxidant, Stabilizer

BRUGGOLEN® TP-H2062 is a halogen and metal-free heat stabilizer for polyamides in the form of polymeric granules. In E&E applications, it provides:Improved retention of mechanical performance under heat compared to standard phosphite/phenolic-based stabilizersTensile strength retention >50% for 2500h at 150°CMaintains comparative tracking index (CTI) up to 600VAllows E&E applications at elevated temperaturesHalogen and metal-free heat stabilizer in granular product form