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Brueggemann Ethanol 96% (Pharma Quality) - Europe Grade

Function: Solvent

CAS Number: 64-17-5

Synonyms: 1-Hydroxyethane, Alcohol, Anhydrol, C2H5OH, Ethyl Alcohol, Ethyl Hydrate, Ethyl Hydroxide, EtOH, Hydroxyethane, Methylcarbinol

Brueggemann Ethanol 96% (Pharma Quality) is our undenatured ethanol produced and analyzed by following the European Pharmacopeia standard which is effective in the European Union. You will find a proper certificate of analysis enclosed in every delivery. The pharma quality of ethanol is suitable for the production of solutions, formulations, or pharmaceuticals, whereby ethanol is used as an excipient. Moreover, Ethanol 96%, Pharma Quality, undenatured is applied in different sectors such as disinfection or extraction. All ethanol pharma qualities are possible in GMP quality as well. For companies that use ethanol as an active ingredient, GMP ethanol is mandatory. If ethanol is used as an excipient, GMP ethanol is recommended. You will receive the ethanol in new disposable containers. Delivery costs and delivery times vary depending on the delivery location abroad. #CosmeticEthanol #Ethanoldenat #Ethanolipa #Ethanoldep #Ethanoltriethylcitrat #Alcohol