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The future of protein has arrived.

Chapul offers a revolutionary re-introduction to insect protein into Western cultures.

Insects are a timeless protein source that has been part of the human (and animal) diet for millennia and are now increasingly recognized as a premium option in terms of quality and sustainability.

Whether it's the nutty, earthy flavor of our cricket powder or the roasted, malty flavor of our BSFL, insects are full of flavor. Insect protein is full of nutrients and prebiotic fiber to improve gut and immune health. In addition to the delicious and nutritious benefits, insect protein is produced via sustainable, circular systems that require less land, water, and time to produce than other protein sources while emitting fewer greenhouse gasses.

In a changing world, our diets will dictate our destiny. Our world calls for action to unapologetically leave conventional on the shelf, and defiantly choose a better option. We invite you, dear friend, to join us in a good food revolution.

About us

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