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Chapul Cricket Powder

Ingredient Name: Cricket Protein Powder

Labeling Claims: Sugar-free, Sustainable, Allergen-free

Features: Uniform Texture, Free of Major Allergens, Consistent Taste, High Quality, Stimulates Immune System, High Protein Content, Rich in Vitamins, Prebiotic Effects, Balanced Amino Acids Profile, Fiber Enrichment, Promotes Healthy Gut Microflora, Consistent Color

End Uses: Protein Bars, Pasta, Smoothies

Cricket protein powder has a nutty, umami flavor. As a complete protein, cricket powder contains essential amino acids, vitamin B12, bioavailable iron, and prebiotic fiber which improves gut and immune health. Use Chapul Cricket Powder to boost the protein content in baked goods, pasta and so much more!

Chapul Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Bsfl) product card banner


Chapul Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)

Ingredient Name: Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Functions: Protein Source

Features: Improves Gut Function, Improves Feed Intake, Improve Feed Palatability , High Protein Content, Antibacterial, Improves Performance, Antimicrobial, Improves Body Weight Gain, Antifungal, Improves Immunity, Antioxidant Effect, Improves Growth Performance, Mineral Rich, Vitamin Rich, Improved Cognitive Function

Labeling Claims: Sustainable, Natural

The roasted, malty flavor of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) makes it a palatable addition to animal feed. BSFL improve gut and immune health while providing antioxidants, antipathogenic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. In addition to the delicious and nutritious benefits of BSFL, Insect protein is produced via fully sustainable, ci rcular systems that require less land, water , and time to produce than other protein sources while emitting fewer greenhouse gasses.