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Tri-Sorb  Odor And Gas Adsorbent
Producer:  Clariant
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Tri-Sorb molecular sieve desiccants are the most aggressive of Clariant’s desiccant options. Based on the synthetic zeolite (molecular sieve) types 3A, 4A and 13X, these zeolites exhibit crystalline structures with well-defined and uniform pores of 3Å, 4Å and 10Å diameters respectively. Tri-Sorb adsorbs water vapor and gas molecules that fit into the pores. The adsorption capacity of Tri-Sorb is relatively high at low humidity levels and remains almost constant as relative humidity increases. The adsorption rate is also high at high humidity levels, where Tri-Sorb accepts moisture much faster than Desi Pak, making handling more difficult. The adsorption capacity of Tri-Sorb as a function of temperature remains constant at constant relative humidity and absolute humidity between 20°C and 50°C (however the rate may vary).