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Mevopur® Medical Masterbatches product card banner


Mevopur® Medical Masterbatches

Brand: Mevopur

Applications: Bottles & Vials, Surgical Instruments & Trays, Medical Devices & Assemblies

Product Families: Processing Aids, Performance Additives, Microbial Control

End Uses: Medical Devices, Media Packaging, Surgical Instruments

Clariant offers MEVOPUR® Medical masterbatches and compounds for medical and pharmaceutical applicationsOur expertise and market understanding is based on numerous years of working in these highly-demanding sectors. The result: an ever-expanding portfolio of color and functional additive compounds and masterbatches, compatible with all thermoplastic processes utilized by the industry, which combines creativity with production efficiency for our customers.To meet preferred manufacturing processes, color is provided as color concentrate masterbatches for dilution into another polymer or as small lot pre-color compounds. Functional additives such as nucleants, clarifiers, lubricants, anti-microbial etc follow the same approach or can be added in combination with color as a ‘combi' solution. The effects are not only visual. Functional additives are being introduced to improve productivity.Our product solutions cover the wide range of polymers and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) used in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. These include PE, PP, COC cyclic olefins, ABS, SAN, polyester copolymers, PC/ABS, PC, PA6, 66 and 12, high performance polymers, and elastomers such as EVA. SEBS, TPU, Hytrel® and PEBA.

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Clariant CESA Additive Masterbatch

Applications: Jacketing & Insulation

Product Families: Flame Retardants, Additive Masterbatches

Clariant's comprehensive line of standard and specialty CESA® additive masterbatches offers today's processors a vast array of performance-enhancing features including, but not limited to, flame retardants, antimicrobials, antistatics, antiblock/slip agents, light stabilizers and purging compounds.CESA-light (UV Stabilizers):Light radiation and oxygen in the air trigger decomposition processes in plastics that not only affect their appearance, but also adversely affect their mechanical and physical properties.CESA-flam (Flame Retardants):Flame retardant additives make plastics safer by making them more difficult to ignite and by controlling their burning behavior.CESA-stat (Antistats):Antistatic agents prevent a buildup of static electricity on polymer surfaces, that can not only attract dust and dirt, but can also cause sheet or film to cling, stacked polystyrene cups to stick and powder to bridge.CESA-slip & CESA-block (Lubricants and Antiblocking):Antiblocking and slip agents modify the surface of polymeric sheet or film, making it rougher or more slippery.CESA-grip:Filled polyethylene heavy-duty bags have a tendency to slip and slide when stacked in layers, such as on pallets. The addition of antislip agents improves stackability by roughening the surface of the film, reducing it's slip properties.CESA-cor (Corrosion Inhibitors):Typically added to packaging film, corrosion inhibitors protect the appearance and extend the service life of metal parts and components.CESA-antimicro (Antimicrobials):Without antimicrobials, bacteria and spores can grow on the surface of plastics, resulting in staining, odor and other undesirable characteristics, including premature product failure.CESA-nox (Antioxidants):Antioxidants, often called heat stabilizers, are organic substances that inhibit or retard polymer oxidization and its degrading effects. These include discolorations, change in viscosity, loss of physical properties, loss of clarity, and surface crazing or cracking.CESA-process (Processing Aids):LLDPE, LLDPE-rich blends and metallocene resins are often extremely difficult to extrude due to severe problems with melt fracture during processing. Processing aids are designed to coat the inner surface of the extrusion die, reducing friction between the melt and the metal to facilitate processing.CESA-laser (Laser Marking):Although several laser sources are used to mark plastics, the most common is the Nd-YAG system. Extremely flexible, it works by scanning or tracing, resulting in an excellent fine and indelible print.

Hydrocerol® Additive Masterbatch product card banner


HYDROCEROL® Additive Masterbatch


Applications: Sports & Recreation, Structural Components, Interior

Product Families: Processing Aids, Performance Additives, Additive Masterbatches

End Uses: Sporting Goods, Construction Applications, Luggage

Clariant offers HYDROCEROL® chemical foaming and nucleating agents in masterbatch and powder form.HYDROCEROL® concentrates are specified worldwide to reduce weight, improve performance, and optimize costs in products.HYDROCEROL® masterbatches also result in special surface effects, rigidity and they allow the design of more functional complex parts.