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Mona™ PL-200

Brand: Mona

Product Families: Antimicrobials, Baby Care, Wipes, Tissue & Towel

Chemical Family: Lipids, Fats & Oils

End Uses: Baby Wipes, Tissues, Sanitary Pads

Mona™ PL-200 is a Biomimetic Phospholipid derived from coconut oil and designed to be compatible with natural lipds found in epidemis. It exhibits a broad range of properties, such as gentle cleansing, highly mild, substantive skin conditioning and broad spectrum anti-microbial properties. Its most common use is in anti-bacterial cleansing products, baby care products and wipes.

Mona™ At-1200 product card banner


Mona™ AT-1200

Brand: Mona

Product Families: Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Auto Care, Surface Care

End Uses: Industrial Cleaners, Acid Cleaners, Bowl Cleaners

Mona™ AT-1200 is a highly effective thickening agent, capable of providing viscosity build in both mineral and organic acids. In addition to thickening, Mona™ AT-1200 is high foaming, contributes to detergency and offers corrosion inhibition.