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Crosolv™ 50

Crosolv™ 50

Crosolv 50 is a low VOC environmentally friendly solvents. It is readily biodegradable, safe, VOC exempt solvent targeted for household and I&I aqueous cleaning formulations. Crosolv performs exceptionally well against greasy soils and is effective at low use rates of 0.3-3% when combined with non-ionic surfactants. Crosolv can also be used neat or as a dilutable concentrate with higher surfactant levels.

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Identification & Functionality


Features & Benefits

  • Readily biodegradable, safe, VOC exempt green solvents
  • Bio-based content of 40% - 80% depending on manufacturing site
  • Safe, green replacements for glycol ethers in aqueous cleaners
  • Effective at levels of 0.3 – 3% combined with NatSurf 265 or other surfactant
  • Used neat or as dilutable concentrate with higher surfactant levels

Applications & Uses

  • Household and I&I aqueous cleaning formulations
  • Safe replacements for traditional glycol ethers and d-limonene
  • Crosolv 50 - targeted at lighter duty cleaning of greasy/mixed soils

Technical Details & Test Data

Water Solubility and Formulating

Crosolv 50 have low solubility in pure water, <0.1% by weight, however, they are easily solubilised in surfactant solutions, especially using non-ionic cleaning surfactants such as NatSurf™ 265 or Brij™ L7.

Minimum ratio of surfactant/solvent to solubilise green solvent in water

Green solvent In formulation NatSurf 265 Brij L7
Crosolv 50 2 : 1 2 : 1

The NatSurf 265/Crosolv blend represents a powerful degreasing combination!

Performance Data – Crude Oil Soil

Additional crude oil soil testing was conducted with Crosolv 50 where it was post-added to three commercial cleaners (and the Green Cleaner) at 1%. All formulations were clear and stable. As shown in Figure 4, the addition of Crosolv 50 to all the commercial cleaners led to a significant enhancement of cleaning performance of oily soil compared to cleaner alone.

Croda Crosolv 50 Performance Data – Crude Oil SoilFigure 4: Performance enhancement of commercial cleaners by addition of 1% Crosolv 50

Performance Data – Competitive Products

A Sheen Scrub Test was conducted to compare the cleaning performance of Crosolv 50 and a competitor green solvent when added to the Green Cleaner formulation at 1%. Performance was also compared to propylene glycol n-butyl ether at 1% (a benchmark solvent widely used in aqueous cleaning formulations) and the Green Cleaner alone. Results are shown in Figure 8.

Croda Crosolv 50 Performance Data – Competitive ProductsFigure 8: A Green Cleaner with 1% Crosolv 50 demonstrated a slightly better cleaning result over a competitor green solvent replacement and significantly better cleaning than glycol ether or the Green Cleaner control.

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