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Crodafos™ T5A

Crodafos™ T5A is a phosphate ester based on tridecyl alcohol. This anionic surfactant can offer wetting, emulsifying, corrosion inhibition, and antistatic properties to a wide range of applications. Applications include hard surface cleaning, industrial and institutional cleaning, and vehicle care.

Brand: Crodafos (5 products)

Functions: Anti-Static Agent, Emulsifier, Surfactant, Surfactant (Anionic), Wetting Agent

Chemical Family: Organophosphates, Phosphate Esters, Phosphorous-based Compounds

pH: 1.8 - 2.5

Enhanced TDS

Enhanced TDS

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Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

HII Features
Vehicle Care

Functional ingredients for performance driven results

Croda offers a variety of speciality ingredients to give excellent cleaning and finishing of external and internal surfaces. Additives include surfactants and degreasers for effective removal of road soils, synthetic waxes ensure long lasting shine and low foaming surfactants with superior wetting to control foam where needed.

For inside the vehicle, Croda can offer speciality surfactants for carpet shampoos and upholstery cleaners, high performance ingredients to nourish leather and anti-static agents to reduce dust build up on interior plastics.

Function : Antistatic and fiber softening

Application : Intertior surfaces, upholstery cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Care

Natural ingredients for fiber care
Croda's niche surfactants and fiber care agents are recommended in the formulation of household carpet/shampoos, upholstered furniture cleaners, spotters and stain removers.

Consumer products in this category are usually marketed as concentrated or ready-to-use liquids, trigger sprays and aerosols. They are formulated to wet the pile or fabric surface and take up oily and greasy soils. Shampoos in particular provide a system that traps soil in suspension and dries to a solid residue. The brittle residue containing the soil particles is then removed by vacuuming. The addition of solvents such as isopropyl alcohol or glycol ethers can aid the removal of grease and dirt.

Window & Multisurface Cleaners

Functional ingredients for glass & multisurface care
Window, glass and multisurface cleaners are formulated to effectively remove grease and airborne particles from glass without smearing or streaking. Product types include trigger pack window cleaners and car screenwash products.

These products are clear solutions consisting of blends of solvents such as isopropyl alcohol and glycol ethers, which have excellent solvency and coupling properties. Croda offers a selection of additives to enhance the functional performance and market appeal of this product type.

Function Product Chemical identity
Surfactant (anionic) Crodafos range Alkyl ether phosphates

Crodafos alkyl ether phosphates are anionic surfactants stable in strongly alkaline systems which facilitate wetting and penetration as well as subsequent water rinsing. As a good foaming agent, Crodafos T5A in particular is useful in aerosol foam cleaners where it also imparts some anticorrosion protection.

Kitchen Cleaning

Forward thinking ingredients for modern kitchen cleaning
The kitchen has evolved to become a hub for activity and one of the most used rooms of a modern household. Constant utilization means kitchen surfaces need tough cleaning solutions to tackle the daily assault of dirt and grime.

Daily cleaning is a tedious task for any household so consumers look for quick and effective solutions.

Croda can bring a number of effective products for hard surfaces designed to wet and penetrate tough kitchen soils. Multifunctional ingredients from Croda have been developed to target stains, break them down and to suspend them in the wash mix until rinsed away.

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Partially Soluble in
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Color Value (Gardner)max. 2--
Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C349.9--
pH at 20°C (3% Solution)1.8-2.5--
Acid Value140-160mgKOH/g-
Phosphorous Content5.2--

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