ZINADOR™ 22L is a 100% bio-based odour neutraliser that has proven to be effective against a broad range of household and industrial odours. Independent testing by trained panellists has demonstrated the effectiveness of ZINADOR™ 22L against most common malodours. It requires no emulsifiers or chelators to formulate, making it cost effective and very easy-to-use. Developed and produced using Itaconix polymer technology.

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Features And Benefits
100% bio-based
Low foaming
Novel 100% bio-based polymer
Extremely effective against a wide range of odours
100% water soluble
Wide formulation compatibility
Effective odour neutraliser against a range of malodours
Readily soluble in aqueous formulations
Leaves no surface residues
Safe to use on stain-resistant carpets
Can be formulated with fragrances
Stable in hard water, from pH 2-11
Ingredient Claims
End Use Claims
Foam control
Cold processable
Regional Availability
Latin America
North America
Asia Pacific
Product Characteristics
Natural Origin
Physical Form
Clear to slightly hazy yellow liquid
Formulation Conditions
Use Level
Soluble in
Compatible with
Non-ionic surfactants
Anionic surfactants
Hydrogen peroxide
Application pH Range
Alkaline Stable
Acid Stable
Hard Water Stable
Typical Properties
Test Method
Specific Gravity
Average Molecular Weight
Solids Content
max. 100
Zinc Content

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Technical product information

Product Highlights
  • Effective odour neutraliser against a range of malodours.
  • 100% bio-based
  • Readily soluble in aqueous formulations.
  • Leaves no surface residues.
  • Safe to use on stain-resistant carpets.
  • Can be formulated with fragrances.
  • Stable in hard water, from pH 2-11
  • Low foaming
  • No restaining of treated surfaces
  • Fabric and upholstery refreshers and cleaners.
  • Air fresheners
  • Bathroom and surface cleaners.
  • Liquid laundry detergents (especially useful for sports-wear and industrial clothing)
  • Pet and urine odour removal.
  • Waste treatment and landfill facilities.
  • Animal and agriculture waste containment sites.
Performance Highlights
Odour Reduction Performance

Zinc complexes are widely used to neutralise odours caused by hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, thioethers, isovaleric acid and ammonia. Zinador 22L is a new technology that provides an easier-to-use, more costeffective approach to formulating zinc complexes into household and industrial products to give effective odour neutralisation.

Odour Neutraliser Performance on Ammonia

Ammonia is a common malodour that is most associated with urine. It is important that this odour can be counteracted especially in applications such as bathroom cleaners, sprays and laundry care. Two commercial zinc ricinoleate products were tested against Zinador 22L on a comparable inclusion level basis, in order to assess their odour neutralising performance against ammonia. The odour neutraliser to be tested was added to 25ml of a synthetic urine solution (0.125% ammonia in deionised water). The sample was then inverted once to mix the solution before peak ammonia level readings in ppm were taken using an MSA ammonia gas detector (Figure 1).

Figure 1: The setup used to detect the level of ammonia present in the air

Figure 2: Zinador 22L ammonia neutraliser performance against competitor products on a comparable inclusion level basis

As seen in Figure 2, it requires less than 1g of Zinador 22L to drop the concentration of ammonia below the odour detection threshold. Comparing this to the nearest competitors, it can be seen that they both require around 4g of product to reach the same level of odour neutralisation.

Comparison Against Commercial Off-the-shelf Products

Two commercially available odour neutraliser products were tested against Zinador 22L in order to assess their odour neutralising performance against ammonia. 2g of the odour neutraliser was added to 25ml of a synthetic urine solution (0.125% ammonia in deionised water). The sample was then inverted once before peak ammonia level readings in ppm were taken using an MSA ammonia gas detector.

Figure 3: Ammonia neutralisation effect of commercial products one minute after addition

As seen in Figure 3, Zinador 22L outperforms commercially available products in reducing the odour of ammonia.

Odour Reduction Panel Testing

Independent laboratory panel testing was used to prove the odour reduction performance that Zinador 22L can provide, compared to a generic zinc ricinoleate-based odour neutraliser. Cotton and polyester fabric swatches were impregnated with the following odours: body odour, cat urine and food odours. These swatches were then evaluated by trained panellists, who rated them out of 10 by comparing the treated fabrics to a reference odour fabric swatch. The lower the score, the less similar the swatch was to the reference odour and therefore the lower the perceived odour.

Figure 4: Odour reduction panel test results for Zinador 22L compared to zinc ricinoleate (0.05% active Zn)

The results in Figure 4 show that Zinador delivers excellent odour reduction performance across all of the odours tested, with equal to or better performance than the current market-leading zinc-based odour neutralisation technology.

Neutralisation of DEA Molecules

Diethylamine (DEA) is an unpleasant malodour associated with the scent of rotting fish. The capability of Zinador 22L to neutralise DEA was tested by the preparation of a solution containing a standard reference detergent and Zinador 22L at varying levels. The concentration and rate of DEA released was assessed using gas chromatography flame ionisation detector (GC-FID).

Figure 5: DEA odour reduction by Zinador 22L

Zinador 22L effectively removes a model odour molecule (DEA) from the gas phase and immobilises it in the water phase, thus making the odour no longer detectable/perceivable. The DEA binds to the zinc from Zinador 22L in a 1:1 molar ratio.

Zinador 22L in Laundry Detergent

A build-up of body soil during the wear-wash-wear cycle of fabrics can result in fatty organic residue causing malodour on the fabric. This is often seen on synthetic fabrics and is a particular problem on sportswear but is also present on other garments. CONSUMERTEC produce the Dingy MS Persistent Malodour, that has been designed to replicate this persistent body-like malodour. The standardised Dingy MS Persistent Malodour is supplied on a poly/cotton (65:35) swatch, as is used in clothes, sportswear and bed linen.

To prove the efficacy of Zinador 22L, two sets of standardised malodour swatches were washed in a frontloading washing machine on the cottons 40°C program. The first set was washed with 35ml of a commercially available fragrance-free laundry detergent and the second with the same detergent plus 3% Zinador 22L. A panel of untrained analysts were asked which swatch had less odour both before and after line drying.

Figure 6: Zinador 22L performance on washed swatches containing malodour both before and after line drying

The results in Figure 4 show that the majority of panellists found that swatches washed with detergent containing Zindaor 22L had less odour. This was evident when evaluated both wet and dry (70% and 90% respectively). Adding Zinador 22L to laundry detergent has been shown to significantly reduce persistent body odours on fabric both before and after drying, making Zinador 22L the ideal choice for odour control in laundry detergents.

Foaming in Odour Neutralisers

Two commercial zinc ricinoleate products were tested against Zinador 22L in order to assess the volume of foam produced when in solution. 1 g/L solutions of each product were made up and added to a SITA foam tester. Foam generation was measured at 25°C with an agitation speed of 1200rpm. The volume of foam produced was measured over a number of intervals and the results can be seen in Figure 7, below.

Figure 7: Comparison of foam levels in solutions containing Zinador 22L and competitor products

The results in Figure 7, show that Zinador 22L produces very little foam when in solution. This is extremely helpful to formulators as they will not need to worry about excess foam generation, unlike if competitor products were being used.

Figure 8 shows vials of 5% w/w solutions of commercial zinc ricinoleate (ZnR) odour neutralisers after 5 seconds shaking, showing that Zinador 22L is both low foam and easy to solubilise in water alone. By comparison, traditional ZnR-based odour neutralisers may require solubilisers, which can in turn lead to unwanted foam generation.

Figure 8: Comparison of foam generation after 5 seconds of shaking

Fabric Residue Comparative Performance

Four commercial zinc ricinoleate products were comparatively tested against Zinador 22L, in order to assess the residues left on fabric after use. One drop of neat product was mixed with 5 drops deionised water on a ceramic tile and a clean, dry swatch of polyester/cotton (65/35) applied to absorb the solution in its centre. Images of the fabric swatches after air drying can be seen in Figure 9.

Figure 9: Fabric residues testing results

Figure 9 shows that Zinador 22L leaves no residues on fabric, whereas all four ZnR-based competitors leave oily, waxy residues. This is important for both fabric appearance after use and in applications where re-staining can be caused by residues, for example in carpet care.

Wide Formulation Compatibility

Zinador 22L is a 100% bio-based product that delivers major new formulating and cost advantages over the current market-leading technologies. Formulating with Zinador 22L is easier and more effective than current leading zinc-based technology. Odour neutralisation claims and performance are easily achieved with Zinador 22L, without the need for adding:

  • Surfactants
  • Solvents
  • Emulsifiers
  • Chelators
  • Anti-foaming agents

Overall, formulations are simpler, work across broad pH and temperature ranges and do not leave problematic surface residues. Some further formulation development may be required when using Zinador 22L in liquid laundry detergents, due to high salt content. Usage in fabric conditioners with cationic surfactants is not recommended.

In order to demonstrate formulation compatibility, three common formulation ingredients (alkyl polyglucoside, ethoxylate and triethanolamine) were added to 3% Zinador 22L solutions and stability testing carried out at 25°C and 40°C. After 3 months, ammonia neutralisation performance was assessed and compared to initial performance. The results can be seen in Figure 10, below.

Figure 10: Ammonia neutralisation effect of 3% Zinador 22L in different solutions of common formulation ingredients, tested initially and after 3 months at 25°C and 40°C

The results in Figure 10, show that there is excellent formulation stability when using Zinador 22L and there is no loss in the odour neutralisation performance of the product, when used alongside these common formulation ingredients.

Product Stability

Zinador 22L is 100% water soluble, with excellent stability in very hard water conditions, over a broad pH range (2-11) and temperature range. Current leading zinc-based odour neutraliser technologies require different products for different pH ranges, as well as added chelators for protection against hard water conditions.

Zinador 22L is fully compatible with leading non-ionic and anionic surfactants, fragrances and hydrogen peroxide. It should be transported and stored below 40°C and is stable to freeze/thaw. In end-use formulations Zinador 22L is stable up to 60°C.

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