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Polawax™ NF

Markets: Bath & Shower, AP/Deo, Sun Care

Technologies: Catalysts & Initiators, Other Resins & Binders, Rheology Modifiers

Polawaxes are general purpose emulsifying waxes. They are stable in the presence of metal ions, heat (autoclavable) and over a wide pH range. Due to their versatility Polawaxes can be used in skin systems, producing emulsions with excellent texture and stability. In skin care products the formation of liquid crystals within the emulsion promotes ‘time release’ hydration, and also functions as a slow release delivery mechanism for actives. Recommended topical usage levels of 2-25%.



Synperonic™ T/904

Markets: Technical Cleaning

Technologies: Functional Additives, Dispersing & Wetting Additives, Emulsifiers & Demulsifiers

Synperonic T/904 is an ethylene oxide/propylene oxide copolymer based on ethylene diamine. This water soluble surfactant offers wetting, solubilisation and emulsifying properties to a variety of applications.