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Animal Species: Ducks, Geese & Game Birds, Turkey, Broilers
Features: Improves Body Weight Gain, High Protein Content, High Energy Content, Vitamin Rich, Prevents Dehydration
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Technical Data Sheet
GROGEL PLUS™ with DPP Product Sheet
GROGEL PLUS™ with DPP Product Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
GROGEL PLUS™ with DPP Product Specifications
GROGEL PLUS™ with DPP Product Specifications
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

GROGEL PLUS™ with DPP Features & Benefits

  • Storage and shipping: GROGELTM Plus DPP® comes as a dry powder, so it is very stable, easy to store and inexpensive to ship. No refrigeration or preservatives are required.
  • Mixing and preparation: All you need is cold water and a container. And it usually takes only 2-3 minutes to jell. No hot water or slicing is required.
  • High Water Content: 90%+ water means that chicks get the hydration that they need.
  • Consumption Rate: Research indicates that almost all chicks get some. GROGELTM Plus DPP® is usually eaten quickly with very little waste. Because it is shiny, green and tastes good, hatchlings really go for it. There are no bad tasting preservatives.
  • Versatility: Other ingredients (like beneficial bacteria, or vaccines), can be added to the dry powder, or to the water before mixing.
  • Administration: At the hatchery or on the farm. A single scoop in each quadrant of the shipping boxes or a larger scoop on a feed flat on the farm. It won't be scattered or lost in the boxes before it can be eaten.

Applications & Uses

Suggested Uses
  • For hatchlings to start off well they need prompt access to water and feed. The earlier access promotes more rapid development of the digestive tract and the immune system. In turn this results in improved livability and as much as 5% to 7% heavier bodyweights.
  • GroGel Plus provides an easy means by which just-hatched chicks and poults can receive immediate nutrition and hydration. A unique formulation, GroGel Plus is tailored specifically
  • for the limited amount a hatchling can eat, and for the immature nature of its digestive tract.
  • In a soft palatable gel, GroGel Plus supplies crucial nutrients in the most concentrated, digestible forms and beneficial bacteria to establish a healthy gut microflora.
Application Instructions
  • Each poult, chick, or duckling should get AT LEAST a dose of 1 ml (1 cc) of the mixed product (one liter, or approximately one quart of water per 1,000 doses). For maximum hydration up to 2x water can be added.
  • To Mix and Deliver:Slowly mix 70 grams dry product and 1 liter or quart of water to make each 1,000 doses. Stir continuously. Wear the rubber gloves to prevent green stains on hands. Make sure no lumps of dry material remain. More water can be added at any time; up to twice the recommended amount.
  • In The Hatchery: After mixing, dispense approximately 25 ml (1/8 cup) in a corner of each quadrant of each poult or chick box (100 ml (1/2 cup) total per each box). If extra water was used, increase the amount (up to 2 ml per chick or poult). Use a spoon or scoop or the plastic bag. Plastic bags with a corner cut out (like those used for pastry) work well for small batches.
  • OnTheFarm: After mixing, scoop about 1⁄2 cup (100 ml) onto a feed flat with the first feed or onto a piece of paper or cardboard before chicks are placed. It is not necessary to scatter; they will approach and peck at it. After 30-60 minutes under good lighting, the GroGel Plus DPP will be gone. Dim light will take longer.
  • Use warm salty water to remove unused GroGel Plus DPP® from containers or drains.


Physical Form
Guaranteed Analysis
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Crude Proteinmin. 9%-
Fatmin. 2%-
Fibermax. 19%-
Total Bacteria20x10⁶cfu/g-

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Available Sizes

Available in several easy to use & convenient package sizes:

  • 100 Doses
  • 2,000 Doses
  • 5,000 Doses
  • 10,000 Doses
  • 200,000 Doses

Storage & Handling


Store in a cool, dry area. For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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