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Devenish Nutrition ColfaPig

Devenish Nutrition ColfaPig

ColfaPig is a specific mix of encapsulated short and medium chain fatty acids that has shown numerous benefits on colostrum quality, and subsequent piglet performance.
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Colostrum - key to lifetime performance

Sows, like all other mums have the ability to pass on goodness and protection through their colostrum, so the ability to boost this “liquid gold” is key to maximising key performance parameters such as weaning weight, average daily gain and viability rate.

Analysis of the colostrum of sows fed ColfaPig showed an 11% increase in IgG, 16% in IgA and 29% increase in IgM over the control. Additionally, proteomics research showed that the immunoglobulin J chain was increased, allowing the immunoglobulins to carry out their protective role. As immunoglobulins are vital components of the immune system, these higher levels reflect an improved immunological status of the piglets, as shown by a 19% increase in IgG at 2 weeks of age that was maintained to 4 weeks of age in the piglets blood

  • Increased weaning weight by 500g
  • Increased 10 week weight by 800g
  • Improved viability

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